December  2019
We made it to December Families! The count down begins till the end of the semester. On behalf of New Student Transitions and Family Engagement we want to wish you Happy Holidays! 

All the best,
FAU New Student Transitions and Family Engagement 
Family Helpline: 1-888-328-8411
Family Care Tips
On-Campus Stress Resources

The holidays can be a great time to feel connected to our loved ones. Many of us have time off to share great food and experiences with each other. However, this is often a time when issues about body image, weight, food, and other insecurities can come up. We often want to ask about our student's lives, note how they have changed, and be generally involved. But the way we say things, even if we do it with the best of intentions, can provoke feelings of embarrassment and guilt. Click below for some tips for talking with your child over the holiday season

This information has been adapted from the Body Positive Toolkit for Parents from the University of Virginia. 
Congratulations Grads! 
The Office of New Student Transitions and Family Engagement we would like to say congratulations to the graduates  on their graduation and best wishes for them on their next adventure!

University Advising Corner

Spring Academic Preparation!
As your students are preparing to start the spring semester after the Holiday Break, you may want to keep in mind the following information to assist them:
  • Spring semester classes officially begins the week of January 11th-17th. University Advising Services will be open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 11.
  • Students will be able to drop and add courses to their fall schedules through Friday, January 17.
  • It is best for students not to begin classes too late within the first week, because the courses would already be in progress during that week. Students should not miss the critical information during the start of classes that can help them be successful in the course. Please refer students to meet with an advisor for verification and to discuss any changes they may want to make to their spring schedules.
  • The last day to pay tuition and fees without a late fee is Tuesday, January 21.
Families can get prepared along with their students!
  • As students return to/start the spring semester, please keep your student in the loop of what's going on at home, and find creative ways to do so throughout the semester. Remember that you know your students, and ways that they may appreciate updates.
  • Think of new ways to stay connected to your students this semester. Some suggestions could be: sending letters from each person in the family at different times throughout the semester, having surprise packages delivered that may include students' favorites (snacks, gift card, random items that can be useful but also may make them smile), and sharing insight about yourself when you were your students' age that they may not know about you.
Marsha Saddler, University Advising Services Liaison to Families |   | 561-297-3064

 Other Important Dates in December
Here are some events to encourage your students to participate in and dates to keep in mind:  
  • Monday, December 2: Reading Days 
  • Wednesday, December 4: Reading Days Ends 
  • Thursday, December 5: Final Exam Begins 
  • Wednesday, December 11: Final Exams End 
  • Thursday, December 12: Fall 2019 Commencement 
  • Friday, December 13: Fall 2019 Commencement 
  • Friday, December 13: Semester Ends 
  • Tuesday, December 24-Wednesday, January 1 2020: Winter Holiday 
Greetings Owl Families!
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