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Hope against hope
Meet our Maryknoll Lay Missioners
Class of 2019
Four new Maryknoll lay missioners have been preparing for mission in Kenya, Cambodia and Haiti. As they sign their covenants and are sent in this week's Joint Mission Sending Ceremony, this seven-minute video will introduce you to our four remarkable new missioners. Meet Julie Lawler, Brenda Seymour, Jillian Foster and Greg Garrity .
Ted's Talk

The late Jesuit Daniel Berrigan wrote in his poem Advent Credo , “So let us enter Advent in hope, even hope against hope. Let us see visions of love and peace and justice.”

Why do any of us commit to mission, especially when the world so often seems to be working against any good news and vision of justice? I have been asking that question as our new lay missioners prepared for this week of covenant and sending. Our conversations and shared reflections often reminded me that there is an urgent desire among us to birth a different world.

It seems we know something of God’s dream for us, God’s promise, through the longing of our hearts and through graced encounters with each other. As with Mary and her “yes,” God transforms our hearts and calls us to a vision of love and justice and peace until it permeates everything we do.

We believe in a God of unconditional and transforming love, who has given us covenant and promise as words to live by that we might make the promise manifest through our lives.

In this second week of Advent, we invite you to join us in celebrating our new lay missioners . I encourage you to listen to the reflections of Brenda, Gary, Jill and Julie , who trust in the slow, patient process of allowing God’s presence to form us. As they covenant their commitment and we send them to Kenya, Haiti and Cambodia, may we open our whole selves to the prophets’ words inviting all of us to carry God’s promise wherever we go.

And in our collective yes, perhaps we can indeed hope against hope that one day we will live into God’s vision of love and peace and justice.

Advent Blessings,
Ted Miles
Executive Director
Join us this Saturday in person or online for the

2019 Joint Mission Sending Ceremony  

of Maryknoll Lay Missioners
and the Maryknoll Sisters 
The Class of 2019, from left: Greg Garrity; Julie Lawler;
Sister Rolande Kahindo, MM; Brenda Seymour; and Jillian Foster  

Where: Annunciation Chapel, Maryknoll Sisters
10 Pinesbridge Road, Ossining, NY 10562

    When: Saturday, December 14, 2019 
2:30 pm Light reception to follow

All are cordially invited.

At 2:30 pm (Eastern), tune into our LIVESTREAM at
Chickens for change!
Maryknoll lay missioners are there for the long haul

Real change takes time, an understanding of local context and culture, and relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

That’s where we come in. Maryknoll Lay Missioners is not in the business of disaster relief. We are there for the long haul. We stay.

Inspired by the life of Jesus and grounded in Catholic Social Teaching, our missioners do the hard work of learning the local culture and language and working side by side with local partners to find culturally appropriate solutions to local problems.

The accompaniment we provide contributes to long-term solutions. One example is Maryknoll lay missioner Sami Scott 's work of helping to bring 1,000 hens to a small town in northern Haiti. The eggs they are now laying are generating security and income for local women as well as providing more stable, economic and safe nutrition.

Friends Across Borders
Immersion Program

Our next immersion trip to Tanzania
is scheduled for March 10-22, 2020
Maryknoll lay missioner Angelica Ruppe with students in Musoma
Join us on this encounter with our missioners and Tanzanian partner communities in Mwanza and Musoma (both on Lake Victoria) and experience the unforgettable Serengeti.

Deadline for signing up: Jan. 11, 2020 

For more information on the Tanzania trip, visit our website here.

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