December 2019
What a Year!
Over 60 interviews shot on location
Premiered 5 original programs
Created video for NFP's and Tourism


EDC Power Breakfast
Glens Falls

Where's Andrew 12/16/19

Look This Week Open V1

2020 Bail Reform
Part I

Criminal Justice Reform Interview 2019 Part 1

A controversial bill is about to go into law concerning bail reform and discovery of evidence. Warren County D.A. Jason Carusone discusses the pros and cons of this legislation in an exclusive 2-part interview.

Helps with H.E.A.R.T.

Southern Adirondack Independent Living Interview 2019

Jocelyn Blanchard, Chief of Operations for SAIL discusses multiple ways the organization helps to navigate a storm in your life. Through the Navigator Program, you can learn about health benefits and what services you qualify for.  H.E.A.R.T. assists with Health, Equipment, Advocacy, Resources and Transitions.  Throughout Saratoga, Warren and Essex counties, SAIL can have an important impact on your life - everyday.

Universal Preservation Hall
Grand Opening 2/29/20
UPH Interview 2019

Teddy Foster, Campaign Director for UPH discusses the transformation of the 150 year old church into a year round, world class performing arts space. The 'theater in the round' provides the audience with an intimate connection to the artists. The experience is enhanced by technological advances in sound, lighting and audio capabilities. A shout out to community partners for fundraising, planning and embracing the entire project.

You make it REAL - February 29, 2020!

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LOOK Media launches
Episode 1
This video series highlights the issues many of our Veterans face - as they transition from the Military to Private Sector


LOOK Media launches
Episode 1 

This series follows BOCES Grads into the field demonstratinthe "real" world application of a BOCES education.


A new video series focused on the impact Warren County Tourism has on the economic development and well-being of our local communities.

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Sail Interview Comments

Our interview with SAIL reached almost 3000 people on Facebook and reactions were great!

"I believed in the mission of SAIL during the many years I worked there.  I have myself benefited from SAIL'S services since leaving employment there, including borrowing some temporarily needed equipment and getting health insurance counseling.  It is with a full heart that I watched this interview and can say I am so proud of Jocelyn for her role at SAIL and thankful for all of the staff who work at SAIL."  Joy from Harrisville

 "Great job ...we need more people like you in our communities"  
Peggy from Saratoga  Springs  

"Great interview! It should be a great HELP for people to understand what is available and how to access it.  Again, nice job."    Bill from Saratoga Springs

Viewer Comments

"Love viewing LOOK TV...Happy New Year & wishing you all the best!"    Nan from Ballston Spa

"Keep up the great work, y'all."  Herman from Glens Falls

"You guys are awesome!"  Scott from Lake George  

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