Research Spotlight

There has been a huge focus on the ties between cognition and hearing loss in 2020. But, one concern I have, is not enough focus on the science of cognition, hearing and communication, evidence based screening, and how this integrates into communication and functional needs assessments and their resulting comprehensive care plans. It cannot be about hearing aid sales.

It is important that, as we market the impact of treatment of hearing loss on cognition and as we have discussions with patients, that we are aware of the available literature on the topic. The Johns Hopkins Cochlear Centerthe Brain and Behavior Laboratory at the University of Colorado, and the Hearing Aid Laboratory at Northwestern, among others, are doing great work in the US. There is also a new study from Larry Humes, PhD at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers) that compares screening tools in an audiology practice.

It is also important to read the clinical data available from cognition screening vendors, such as Cognivue .

There is also great research in this space being done abroad. Here is but a sampling of the research on hearing and cognition: