December 2020

As we recently announced, Delta Dental of Colorado will be completing a system upgrade that will enhance the service experience for our members, providers, employers, and brokers targeted for spring 2021

We're continuing to work through all the details of the upgrade and we'll keep you informed on any changes that will affect our daily business interactions as we work toward the completion of this upgrade. You should expect to hear more detailed information mid-January 2021.
We are also creating a robust, easy-to-access resource library with everything you will need to know. Important information and updates will be posted on our website and on the secure employer portal, so if you do not have a secure employer account yet, go to deltadentalco.comunder employer information to download the website access form. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager.

The State of Colorado recently released the COVID-19 distribution plan with positive news for dental providers. 

The three-phase plan outlines the details on who will be eligible to receive the vaccine with approximate timelines. Dental providers and their staff will be eligible to receive the vaccine after people who have direct contact with COVID-19 patients such as emergency room workers, and staff at long-term care facilities. They will be included in the first-phase along with additional health care workers, hospice workers, and other first responders.

"Delta Dental of Colorado is very encouraged to see dentists and dental teams be prioritized in the early 1B phase of vaccinations," said Dr. Brad Guyton, chief dental officer at Delta Dental of Colorado. "This will benefit patients in three ways. First, dental teams have been on the front line during this pandemic and patients can know that their dentist and dental teams will continue to be accessible to them as vaccinations begin. Second, patients will be reassured that if their health care providers trust the safety and efficacy of the vaccines for themselves, that patients might be more apt to be vaccinated. Last, while provider-to-patient transmission has not been an issue during the pandemic, it will put patients minds even more at ease that with dental team vaccinations, there is even less risk of transmission inside the dental office setting. At Delta Dental, we are hopeful that widespread vaccination in the first half of 2021 and beyond will improve the access to and delivery of oral health care that is so essential to the health and well-being of all Coloradans."
Delta Dental of Colorado