December Edition
The Mothers' Club of Grosse Pointe South

A Parent Organization enhancing the South student body by supporting student scholarships, teacher enrichment and preservation programs.

General Membership Meetings
begin at 7:00 PM
September 9, 2020
October 14, 2020
November 11, 2020
January 13, 2021
February 10, 2021
March 10, 2021
April 14, 2021
May 12, 2021
Check our website, Facebook or Twitter page for location or Zoom link.
General Membership meetings are open to all.
Important Dates
December 2 - 1/2 day (Teacher Prof. Dev.)
December 23 - 1st day of Winter Break
January 4, 2021 - Return to School
January 18 - No School Martin Luther King Day
January 26 - PSAT
Mothers' Club Monthly Highlight
This month we are highlighting our final support pillar, Preservation.

The Preservation Committee has been instrumental in maintaining the high school building's historic integrity while supporting modern building upgrades. Through the generosity of our members, alumni, and donors, we have refurbished the Auditorium and Student Commons, built the John and Marlene Boll Athletic Center, erected the new gate at the Grosse Pointe Boulevard entrance, restored the windows and doors in Cleminson Hall, and installed a conference room and the secure vestibule.

We rely on your support to maintain the architectural integrity of South’s historic campus. There are three ways to contribute to the Preservation of South:

1.) Purchase an auditorium chair in someone's honor or memory

2.) Purchase a Fisher plaza bench

3.) Make a donation to Preservation which will be used for future restoration projects

For more information contact Jen Bingaman at [email protected].

Additional historical information about South High School's buildings and a couple pictures.

South’s Georgian colonial style building, was designed by George Haas, opened in 1928 and is featured on Michigan’s Register of Historic Sites.

Its soaring 133 foot tower and classic facade are iconic in the hearts of Grosse Pointers, and have taken the stage in films and architectural forums for decades.
Scholarship Update: Class of 2021 be on the lookout for scholarship details coming in January.

Have questions, please contact Amy VanOsdol at [email protected].

Enrichment Update: Enrichment grants of $2,850 were approved at the November meeting and the committee has notified recipients. Thank you to all the teachers who submitted requests! Information for the Winter Cycle will be announced in early 2021!!

Have questions or want to know more about our Enrichment Committee, please reach out to Karen Houting at [email protected].
So Many Shopping Options . . . .
With the Holidays right around the corner, NOW is the time to pick up a great gift or stocking stuffer for your South family! 

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Remember, 100% of the profits go directly back to the students!! Please visit the School Store for your holiday shopping needs.

Happy Holidays
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Holiday Shopping Night is back!
Date: Thursday, December 8th
Open until 8:00 p.m.
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Link to the online store. Check back as items are added periodically.  

Curbside pickup available on all items purchased at the online store.

All South merchandise online or in-store is included, please mention the Mothers' Club or that you're a South parent when purchasing.

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School District Calendar Highlights
2020 - 2021 Grosse Pointe South Calendar
December 2020 Counselors' Corner

Happy Holidays! 

I honestly think parents, students, and staff should get ‘a major award' for getting through 2020. (Cue the holiday movie) My goodness, it has been a challenging year. While we are not free of the virus yet, there is certainly hope on the horizon. We know many are struggling with social/emotional wellness and our students are not immune. Often this impacts academics as well. On the school homepage, we have links to Academic Support and Mental Health Resouces that we hope are helpful. Also, counselors are happy to meet with students and families as helpful.  Contact info is here.

Wellness Wednesdays: we post for students each week on schoology.  They have some great talking points to connect with kids on AngerRemote School & Mental Health, Safety Languages and Feeling Overwhelmed

Students and staff have also been working together to build additional mental health and wellness outreach opportunities. One outcome is our new Instagram page Check it out!

Senior Parents

As college admissions are trickling in for the early birds, many students (especially in the arts communities) are just getting their college applications sent out.  Other students may still be unsure about where to apply or what steps to take next. Remember that we are always happy to help!  Just send your student to see us and we will be more than happy to talk post-high school options. 

As we move into the second semester, we begin to shift our senior focus from admissions to financing college.  Click here for the counseling center’s slide deck on Understanding Different Sources of Financial Aid. If you would prefer to hear my presentation on this click here.

We strongly encourage parents to apply for federal student aid via FAFSA.  Some schools may require the CSS Financial Aid Profile.    Parents can only apply for the FAFSA onlineFAFSA worksheets are available online to print in PDF form to prepare. In order to apply for financial aid, you must go online to  Step one is to apply for your financial aid ID (FSA ID) now at the website. Once you get your FSA ID, you will be able to fill out the application immediately. If you are not sure that the FAFSA will be fruitful, we recommend that you complete it anyway as an opportunity to trigger institutional aid offers that you may not otherwise receive.  Colleges will start awarding money as soon as they receive your information from the federal processing center, so don’t delay.  Some schools may require the CSS Financial Profile.  Click here to see the list of schools on the profile. 

Tips on Applying for Financial Aid
  1. If you are in doubt as to whether or not to apply for aid…apply.
  2. Students will need their social security number.
  3. Secure the necessary forms.  Check which form is needed by each college.
  4. Always read the entire form carefully.
  5. Download the FAFSA Worksheets and use them as a rough draft.
  6. Use the FAFSA Chatbot for help
  7. Double-check that proper school code numbers are used.  PROOFREAD!
  8. Keep a copy of everything you send (electronically or via mail).
  9. Do not send a copy of your taxes with the FAFSA or Profile.
  10. Investigate possible outside sources of aid.
  11. Read carefully any responses you get and respond.
  12. Call the college’s financial aid office for help with forms or problems.
  13. Develop a personal calendar.
  14. Meet all required deadlines.
  15. Do not get distracted by frauds that guarantee aid in return for an enrollment fee.

Junior Parents

Junior Meetings!  Each year we attempt to meet individually with each Junior (and parents if they would like to join us) to have an in-depth, personalized discussion about college searching, applying, and financing.  In efforts to meet with more students, we have moved these meetings up from Spring to Winter.  So make your appointments now!  We are anxious to get started.

Students should register now for the ACT and/or SAT tests that will be given in the second semester. Keep in mind dates for AP testing and final exams.  Remember, that your child will take a free SAT at South in April as a part of the state tests. This score is official and may be used for college applications. Taking an April or June ACT is a great idea since students will have addressed the entire Algebra II math curriculum required for the test.
You can go directly to the testing companies’ websites ( and ) to register and to obtain more information about the tests. 

We recommend that you register early to secure a spot at your preferred testing center. Please pay attention to deadlines; there are financial penalties for late registration. When you register, you will need to use the Grosse Pointe South school code: 231-802.  

Freshmen Parents

Counselors are working to meet individually with each of the freshmen so we can get to know each other better.  If your freshman hasn’t met with his or her counselor yet please encourage them to get in touch.

Wishing Health, Peace, and Joy to you
and your family this holiday season!

Class of 2021 - Seniors
Roaring 2021

Instagram: GPSouth2021

Class Advisor: Kendra Caralis
Class of 2022 - Juniors
Journey Juniors

Instagram: GPSouth.22

Class Advisor: Meg Pierce
Class of 2023 - Sophomores
Circus Sophomores

Instagram: GPSouth.2023

Class Advisor: Katie Parent
Class of 2024 - Freshman
Florida Freshman

Instagram: GPSouth2024

Class Advisor: Shannon Sugamele
Band & Orchestra Booster Fundraiser

Dates: Friday, November 20th through December 9th

Program: National Discount Card Program

Cost: $25.00 per card

The fundraiser is a National Discount Card that can be used nationwide at over 300 businesses including stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Lowes, AppleBees & Old Navy - just to name a few.

Cards are purchased on-line.

Your favorite band or orchestra member has the link to purchase the discount card.

Don't know a band or orchestra member, no problem! Contact Cheryl Maraldo at [email protected] and she will get you set up or answer any questions.

All profits from this fundraiser will be used for band and orchestra clinicians, instruments, uniforms & travel expenses.
Final thoughts . . . . .
The Mothers' Club is dedicated to continuing to enhance and support the students and teachers at South. Alumni, parents, grand parents and guardians are all welcome to lend their support by joining the Mothers' Club.

If you have all ready joined, thank you!

If you are still considering joining, please help us make this school year memorable, uphold as many traditions as possible, and find new ways to support our students and teachers.
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