December Greetings!
Hello All --

Wow. This will be the last Ambassador e-newsletter of 2020. Kinda hard to believe!

This is a photo of (most of) our staff team. This is what "normal" has looked like this year-- connecting via screens, or, if we do get to be in person, with masks and at a safe distance. Our team has been flexible, focused, and incredibly dedicated. We're really proud of them and of each youth and family, who has navigated the pandemic and experiences of homelessness. So far all our staff and youth have stayed healthy. We are truly grateful for this.

I've felt odd wishing joy and cheer at the end of such a challenging year, but, really, we need to hold to those emotions now more than ever. I'm thankful for the passion you each share and hope you stay safe, and feeling connected in our "new normal" ways this month. Our community is strong and kind -- thank you for being a part of it! With Gratitude, from many --Hannah

P.S. Here are links to past e-news from October and November.
December 9 Meet & Munch
We have been meeting quarterly during 2020 and hope you can join us for our final gathering tomorrow on Zoom! We'll check in, network, and hear program updates & stories from staff. 

Interested friends are welcome!
Join us tomorrow!

Wednesday, Dec 9th
12:00 - 1:00PM on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 863 1044 4602
Passcode: Ambassador
Program Highlight: New Next Steps House!
Our Next Steps Program provides housing and guidance to older youth (ages 18-20) who would otherwise be homeless. These youth are developing the skills that all young adults need to succeed in life. We now have 19 beds at confidential sites in Corvallis and Albany!!

This summer, the newest Next Step site was announced in partnership with First Christian Church in Corvallis. Here is the original newspaper article about this program growth. Our first residents have now moved in and we're officially piloting our Tiered Housing plan! If you know anyone in need of housing, here's more information about our process and program:

Tiered Housing Model Basics: There are three possible "tiers" that youth can enter, depending on skills and need. This model will allow youth to gradually become more and more independent, with self-sufficiency being the ultimate goal.
  • Tier 1: Traditional Next Steps Housing participants will engage in weekly mental health, skills training, and case management programs; "rent" paid is a savings program, which is returned in full to the youth at the time of exit.
  • Tier 2: Next Level Housing participants will attend some skills training and case management to ensure future success and have access to mental health; begins paying partial rent.
  • Tier 3: Rental Housing young adults will have access to case management, skills training and mental health opportunities without obligations; will pay full (regionally inexpensive) rent.

Participation: All residents of this collaborative housing model will agree to
  • Complete or continue education
  • Obtain or be seeking employment
  • Household chores and yard maintenance
  • Monthly Resident House Meeting (facilitated by staff)

Screening/Application: This is not an emergency shelter program. Youth between the ages of 18-22 who are currently homeless or at risk of being homeless can find our Next Steps Housing application on our website to begin the process, which includes interviews, team reviews, and signing paperwork.
The Holidays at Jackson Street
There are so many ways to get involved during this season to support local youth in need in our community. Thank you for remembering and caring for each of them!
Thanksgiving & Christmas Day Meals are served at both shelters, as well as to-go meals. This year meals are being sponsored by Town & Country Realty, Ollerenshaw Wealth Management, Healing Motion Physical Therapy, and the Oregon National Guard. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Thank you, Holiday Meal Sponsors!!!
Youth Holiday Wishlists will be collected starting after Thanksgiving. We allow each youth who is active in our programs to choose up to 3 items (valued at up to $50 each) and community members adopt, purchase, wrap, and deliver (us to) at least one of the items.
Community Fundraisers collect items for our programs. Much of what we use all year comes in during this season! If you are a part of a religious, social, or work group interested in collecting needed items, here are some much needed items!
Annual Financial Contribution means youth will continue to find safety, stability, well-being and positive connections. If you haven't already received Sav's letter in the mail, please let Hannah know! We're so proud of him and the many youth in our community who are working hard and finding help at Jackson Street to end their experiences of homelessness.
Community Fundraisers & Drives
There's a special community fundraiser happening now at Broadley Vineyards! Purchase a $20 raffle for a yummy bottle; all proceeds come to us! Could be a win-win for all of us :) Ends Dec 14th.
NEW ongoing community fundraiser by ROOTED KIN

A portion of **all sales, all the time** comes to Jackson Street Youth Services! Support this new business :)

Thanks to Jenny and Kela for spearheading this fundraiser, and to the many of you who pre-ordered a t-shirt and bought an extra (or few) so that staff could also have one!

We still have shirts available for sale -- $25 per shirt and proceeds benefit our programs. Contact Elijah for available sizes, payment, and delivery plans.
Last Tuesday was a National Day of Giving that broke records for us at Jackson Street. Thank you to those of you who helped begin our giving season so brightly!
[listed in alphabetical order by last name]
Becky Asebedo
Eric Aguinaga, Board Member
Jennifer Beaumont
Hannah Blicher
Tasha Brandon
Marlene Brown
Glen Burnett
Ellen Carlson
Kate Conolly, Board Member
Brandy Cordeiro
Robbie Cox
Allyson Dean
Sarah Devine
Linda Douglas
Larry Eby
Lynn Egli, Board Member
Roberta Egli
Peter Epp
Sandee Ferguson
Jan Filley
Catherine Fisher, Board Member
Kate Fountain
Ken Galardi
Shanna Grimes
Gabe Gurule
Mica Habarad
Greg Hamann
Rita Hamann, Board Member
Heather Hayes
Faith Heidtman
Alan Helfen +
Andrea Holmquist
Amy Johnson
Laura Kadelbach
Parnell Kelley
Graham Kislingbury
Darlene Kolb
Kevin Kryger
Dave Kullowatz
Gary Lasater, Board Member
Connie Lenderman
Ed Lenderman
Dina Lindquist
Kela Lynn, Board Member
Torri Lynn
Royce Markley
Joy Massey
Melissa McNulty +
Dena Minato
Alicia Moselle
Karen Nibler
Jacob Oliver
Laura Palma
Sami Pulver
Don Rea, late honorary member
Joel Rea
Cliff Roberson
Larry Roper
Bobby Samai
Jenny Scheele
Matt Shumski
Elizabeth Sonstegaard
Amy Spangler, Board Member
Tina Springer
Sarah Steen
Ed Sweet
Felicia Sweet
Carrie Thompson
Christine Webb
Bill Whitley
Jo Zimmer

+ = joined within the past 60 days
working directly with youth
[listed in alphabetical order by last name]
Thane Ashcraft
Brianna Beene
Jonathan Boro
Lisa Cardamone
Jonathan Champney +
Sherrie Day
Caleb Daniel +
Allen Dean +
Stacey Doerner
Geoffery Dunn
Emrys Golden
Rebecca Golden
Amy Goodwin
Matthew Gordon
Angel Harris
John Havercroft
Emily Herb +
Steve Herb +
Jen Hernandez
Seymour House
Russa Kittredge +
Kelly Kraemer
Collin Korthauer
Graham Kislingbury
Jim Luebke
John Marchel
Joy Massey
Jennifer Mattson
Scott Newsham
James Pannunzio +
Finn Peck +
Deanna Perez
Janele Piercy +
Will Putnam
Adrian Ramirez
Steven Ramsing +
Paul Regan +
Lynn Scott
Rebecca Simmons
Alden Sosnovske +
Katy Trautman
John Tietjen
David Wills
Jacquelyn Ziegler

+ = joined in the last 60 days
You help make it possible - thanks!
Our Team is here for you! Reach out with questions or to get involved!

Hannah Miller, Development Director
541-360-0867 (office)

Bruce Piercy, Volunteer Coordinator
541-360-0868 (office)

Elijah Stucki, Communications Coordinator
541-360-0862 (office)