December 2020 | Issue 03
Franklin Elementary School - Gr. K-4
During the week of November 9, furniture samples were delivered to the Eveleth campus. 
Students and staff participated in a "sit test" and chose their favorite pieces. Here are some students from Mrs. Carey's 2nd grade class and Mrs. Streier's 1st grade class getting comfortable...or not!
Thumbs down for the red "tongue" and
thumbs up for the mossy "stump"!
Mrs. Pellinen’s class had a HOOT
making these adorable owls!
Thank you to our teachers and paras for all of your dedication and hard work! Not only are they teaching their students digitally, but they are making take home packets for them as well! Our district is so fortunate to have such amazing staff!
Parkview Learning Center - Gr. PreK-2
The children in Mrs Tyminski’s Class had a scavenger hunt for the letter N. Each child shared their item virtually with the class. They also tell their friends in the class “good job” by doing the finger wave. We love seeing each other and sharing. 
The 2nd graders that are in childcare at Parkview during distance learning are rocking out their work and Zooming with their teachers every day! The paraprofessionals that are with them are a huge help and are even getting some art in!
Gilbert Campus - Gr. PreK & 5-8
Rock Ridge students from the Nelle Shean Elementary School in Gilbert "Make the Cut" for Respect in November. These students were nominated as demonstrating the character trait Respect. Three of the nominee's are then randomly selected to come up and "make the cut" on one of Principal Griepentrog's ties. This year we added a COVID twist and made the ceremony socially distanced. Congratulations to these 5th and 6th graders: Nolan Lehman (5th), Kaelynn Gruis (5th), Natasha Newberg (5th), Lahna Gelo (6th), Kyra Misquadace-Schemmer (6th), and Erin Hughes (6th).
The 5th grade group with Mr. Griepentrog.
The 6th grade group who "made the cut".
Social distancing is making us all a little crazy!
Roosevelt Elementary School - Gr. 3-6
When Rock Ridge Public Schools decided to go to distance learning,
everyone tried to do everything they could with our students as long as we were still together!
Even a mask couldn't hide the big smile knowing this third grader was having a blast learning math by using clothespins.
Indian Education Department gave out "We Will Miss You Bags" to both Parkview and Roosevelt Indian Ed students! The bag contained school supplies and treats.
Ms. Kure did some fun, giggly, messy art project to send with kids.
Mr. Negen’s 6th Grade class was the winner of the Minnesota state flag coloring / puzzle contest. Each student was given a piece of the flag to color and then the class put the puzzle together. Discussing the difference designs and symbols on the state flag.
Ms Zadnikar's class was able to visit the Veterans Memorial in the beginning of November to create a historical timeline, journal about what it must have been like to serve, and math calculations / ratios.
Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High - Gr. 9-12
Eveleth Gilbert High School’s Youth in Action club ran a food drive in November to collect donations for the Quad Cities Food Shelf. They were able to collect $610 and 245 items to donate on November 24. Because of the outpouring of donations, there will be 226 five-foot lengths of duct tape used to attach science teacher Mr. Ufford to the gym wall later this year, ideally once students are able to return to school. The taping will be Zoomed to anyone who wishes to watch. Senior Addison Johnson, pictured below with the donated food, led the food drive efforts, and high school secretary, Laura Tassoni, also pictured below, led a valiant effort at collecting money for the food shelf. Mr Strasser, science teacher at Eveleth Gilbert High School, is the advisor for Youth in Action.
Virginia High School - Gr. 7-12
HGTV at VHS? Yes! Housing and Interior Design students in Mrs. Andrie's class recently showed their skills by designing their dream homes from the ground up. Students began by drawing a floor plan to scale using an architect scale, paper, and pencil. They spiced up their initial drawings by adding dimension. Through Homestyler, a housing and interior design website, students began building their floor plan with walls, windows, and doors. Finally, they dazzled even the best designers by selecting flooring materials, wall colors, lighting, and furniture.
Senior Morgan Harvey's
dream kitchen!
Scan this QR code to take a virtual tour of Morgan's dream home!
The blueprint of Junior Anna Fink's dream home.

One of the best things students can do when preparing for college is to tour all of the colleges you are interested in, but traveling to different universities can be difficult. Another option is take virtual college tours and email admissions officers for information. Use this this QR code to take you to the YouVisit website to find the right college for you.
From all of us at RRPS, have a wonderful holiday season!