A Welcoming Community Of Faith
December 2020
A Note from Pastor Kenny
What's In a Name?

What's in a name? Plenty if you are the long awaited anointed one from the Old Testament prophecies of Isaiah. They called him Emmanuel, Messiah, King, and Christ, and all of those are appropriate, and correct. For Advent this year we will be using Rev. Adam Hamilton's Incarnation series which takes a look at what we call the baby born to Mary and Joseph.  

You are encouraged to purchase the Incarnation book and follow along with Pastor Kenny or join a small group that is doing the book study. Two classes will be doing the study on Sundays, 8:30 am and 6:00 pm. Zoom links are listed below under the Sunday School section. We hope that you can join in on the discussion!

-Pastor Kenny
Advent Worship Series & Schedule
Incarnation by Rev. Adam Hamilton (Nov. 29 - Dec. 20)
Online Worship
We are currently worshiping ONLINE ONLY. You can participate in worship live or after the fact on any of these 3 sites. The content on each will be exactly the same, we are just providing different options for people who don’t use Facebook.

Christmas Eve Worship 7:00 pm
Regardless of what has happened in 2020, we can find comfort in the fact that Jesus is still Lord. Even though we will most likely be worshiping online on Christmas Eve, we can still find familiarity in the songs and scriptures as we celebrate Jesus' birth. Join us online at 7:00 pm as we retell the story of the birth of Emmanuel, Christ with us. We will hoist our candles and sing Silent Night & Joy to the World to receive our King.
December Volunteers

  • Since we are worshiping online in December, our greeters & ushers get the month off!
  • Liturgists will be arranged & contacted by Pastor Kenny based on his recording schedule.
  • Thank you to Karen & Bill Bird for serving as our counters during this time.
Sunday School Classes
Thank you for your flexibility and assistance as we move back into virtual/online church activities. You'll find Zoom links for each of our Sunday School classes below. If you don't currently attend one of our classes, consider joining now! The Zoom links will remain the same from week to week. Contact Michelle if you need tech help with Zooming (248-240-4255).

8:30 am Craig Shaw's Adult Sunday School Class: via Zoom
(by phone: 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 865 6413 2100, Passcode: 844455)

10:30 am Middle & High School Sunday School w/ Luke: via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84427285726?pwd=eTUwQUVHUGg4S2Z0bjZyMThxZlZyUT09
(by phone: 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 844 2728 5726, Passcode: 119518)
11:30 am Rod Ames' Adult Sunday School Class:(note new time!) via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87174493326?pwd=SHN5OE9iMEZxZE5YanR1d21CUHdxUT09
(by phone: 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 871 7449 3326, Passcode: 574064)
6:00 pm Pastor Kenny's Advent Adult Sunday School Class via Zoom
(by phone: 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 896 5776 7319, Passcode: 586314)
December Mission of Month
Our December Mission is Hospitality House, the local food pantry in Walled Lake.  All monies collected will go to help Hospitality House to feed people in our community.

During the month of December our church is asked to donate canned meats (tuna, chicken, ham, etc.) to Hospitality House.

During this pandemic local food pantries are in need of more contributions than usual. Any contributions of money or food goods are much needed and appreciated for those in need in our community at this time. You may drop off donations directly at the Hospitality House at 2075 E. West Maple Road, Suite B 204, Commerce, 48390. Thank you in advance for your donations! 

Hospitality House Drop Off Hours:
Monday 12 pm - 7 pm
Thursday 10 am - 2 pm
Saturday 11 am - 2 pm


Due to an abundance of caution surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the HH Santa Shop planning team has been forced to reevaluate the event. The traditional trimmings and personal contact with our clients that we have cherished in past years is just not an option this year. We will work diligently to creatively bring the Christmas spirit to all the children and, at the same time, protect the health of everyone involved. As you know, in the past, the main mission was to collect hundreds of toys and gifts for children who were guests of the Pantry. This year HH will offer gift cards to the parents of these children so they can purchase appropriate items. Within this system, we believe we can ensure that not only will children receive gifts, but that families can prioritize for their specific needs as we all struggle with the uncertainties of what the pandemic will bring in the future. If you are willing and able to support Santa Shop this year, we are providing two options which will hopefully make that process easy for you to help support the purchase of gift cards for every HH client family with children between newborn and 18. 

Use the Santa Shop GoFundMe to make an online donation. For more info-

Mail a check payable to Hospitality House Food Pantry (put “Santa Shop” in memo section -Hospitality House Food Pantry, PO Box 284, Walled Lake, MI 48390)

Please do not send gift cards as we have the resources to bulk-purchase gift cards. We will distribute the cards the first week of December. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Hospitality House at hhsantashop@gmail.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Advent Mission Project
Our Advent offering will allow Grace Children's Hospital to continue to provide in-patient and out-patient care for children and families with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and respiratory infections as well as provide follow-up care. This project will continue the current level of care, expand patient education for community health, and increase the number of patients the hospital is able to see. The staff will continue the full services of Grace Children's Hospital in Lower Delmas, including x-ray, medication, and lab availability for health promoters. Grace Children's Hospital provides care for those who would not be able to afford it otherwise and gives hope for children to live beyond their low life-expectancy.

Fellowship Hour
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Let's get together! Pastor Kenny will be hosting a virtual fellowship hour Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:00 pm during Advent beginning Wednesday, December 2. We will gather for an hour or so on Zoom (you can drop in and out any time) for conversation and fun. This is NOT a Bible study or devotion time, just a time to be together during Advent. Join us by clicking
(or by phone: 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 838 5123 8899, Passcode: 332490)
Lydia Circle
December 9 Note new date!
During the month of December we will be purchasing and wrapping presents for our adoptive family. We will also be supplying staple food items, gift cards, and paper products for the family with the hope that we can help make their Christmas season a more joyful one. Our family consists of a mom and five boys ranging in age from 5 to 17. On December 9th at 6:30 pm we will meet the mother of our family in the church parking lot to present her with our gifts. All women of the church are encouraged to join the Lydia Circle!
Men's Group
Out of an abundance of caution, the Men's Group will not meet in the month of December. Watch further communications for our next breakfast!
Thank You!
Dear Walled Lake UMC Family, 
I am writing to thank each and every one of you for all the love you have showered on me as I retire and have always showered on me over the past 12 years. You made my job a job that was filled with wonderful friends that I was blessed to be able to see each and every day. I will cherish the most beautiful quilt all of you gave me. Thinking of you tying knots and saying prayers for me begins to bring more tears to my eyes. Thank you for all of the generous gifts, flowers, chocolates, cherries, poems, gift cards, notes, emails, and well wishes. Over these years you have all become a family to me. I will miss our talks, our tears, and our laughs that made my office a fabulous place to visit every day. After 12 plus years it wasn’t a job anymore, it was going to see my other family. I will forever treasure your love and friendships. I know we will still keep in touch and once Taylor and I find a place to land, I will make sure to give you our new address. I will miss you all terribly! Thank you for allowing me to be part of the family! 

Love You All, 
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your warm welcome as I began my job at Walled Lake UMC. The kind notes, flowers, and new desk chair mean a lot to me. I am very excited to be in ministry together with you and cannot wait to see how God works in each of us in the future!

Michelle Walkup
Dear Good Friends at Walled Lake,
Thank you so much for your hospitality and thank you, Pastor Kenny for shwoing us the way! We did make it to Port Huron and managed to raise $18,500 in memory of William in the process. It would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of people like you. Thank you.

Rev. Faith Fowler
Cass Community Social Services
Prayer Requests
Please help us keep this list up-to-date!

November Requests:
~Steven & Rachel Nielsen (son and daughter-in-law of Tim and Linda Nielsen)
~Don Harris (brother-in-law of Nick and Pat Anthony)
~Cheryl Wieber (requested by Sandi and Ken Gresh)
~Barb Sandahl (friend of Marilyn and Larry Gawne)
~Tyler (requested by Michael and Patti Swarthout)
~Sheryl Stucky (daughter of Josie Newman)
~Colleen Beale
~Lisa Goff (co-worker/friend of Sandi Gresh)
~Lynette Okragly (sister-in-law of Rhonda Bleibtrey)
~Lexi Alati (niece of Lynette Okragly)
~Linda Barnes (niece of Rhonda Bleibtrey)
~Helen Currie (requested by Reg and Audrey Crawford)
~Judy Ludos (requested by Gail Schell)
~Ruth Parra
~Family of Sean Harkins (friend of Laurie & Chuck Piper)
~Family of Gary Knaus (brother-in-law of Larry & Colleen Beale)
~Meredith (sister of Marilyn Gawne)
~Kathleen McGuinnes (friend of Christy Ross)
~Brian Piper (son of Laurie & Chuck Piper)
~Bob & Lynne Hall (requested by Peggy Hawke)
~Kim Clark (mother of Alex Miller)
~For our nation’s leaders
~For all students and teachers
~Meredith (sister of Marilyn Gawne)
~Kathleen McGuinnes (friend of Christy Ross)
~Brian Piper (son of Laurie & Chuck Piper)
~Bob & Lynne Hall (requested by Peggy Hawke)
~Kim Clark (mother of Alex Miller)
~For our nation’s leaders
~For all students and teachers
~Sue Minna, Sally, & Maureen (requested by Larry & Colleen Beale)
~Ruth (sister of Helen Bingham)
~Samantha Versham (sister of Denise Yapp)
~For COVID to be eliminated all over the world
~Neva Callahan (friend of Gordon Ackerman)
~Glen (cousin of Gordon Ackerman)
~Jan Croll
~Rev. Taek Kim - feeling much better 
~Whisper Andrsiak & family (requested by Peggy Hawke)
~Gary & Trudy Johnson (requested by Peggy Hawke)
~Family of Claudia Witkowski (cousin of Patti Swarthout)

Long-Term Requests:
~Dorothy Christopher
~Janet Croll
~Marian Curl
~Dorothy Erickson
~Dale Fox
~Jo Heinke
~Harry & Myrtle Long
~Diane Schramm
~Emily Cleveland (daughter of Gregg & Peggy Cleveland)
~Jackie Gawne (sister-in-law of Larry & Marilyn Gawne)
~Rob & Wendy Lewis (friends of Larry & Marilyn Gawne)
~Chris Davis (daughter of Linda Fox)
~Wendy Gosney (friend of Peggy Hawke)
~Bill & Nancy Wienkler (friends of Larry & Marilyn Gawne)
~Raymond Brough (father of Sandi Gresh)
~Kenneth Skoczylas (neighbor of Cliff & Marj Johnson)
~Andy Branham (father of Linda Nielsen)
~Gene & Erla Wilson (parents of Tammy Zavitz)
~Baby Darby Rinke (Grandchild of friends of the Swarthouts)
~Eric Bielecki (nephew of Ellen Demray)


*Please remember to call the church office if you or a family member are hospitalized or are going to have surgery. We want to remember you in prayer and provide the best pastoral care we can.* 

December Birthdays
3 Marilyn Donaldson
4 Jay Latimer
8 Kim Cundiff
10 Michael Noeske
10 Marion Taylor
12 Kelly Heinke
14 Chris Bonnen
19 Matthew Menzies
21 Donovan Veeder
26 Cyntha Price
30 Denise Yapp
31 Patrick Jackson

If we are missing your special day, please let the office know. We want to celebrate with you!
December Anniversaries

10 Rex & Kelly Heinke
12 Don & Helen Bingham
29 Rod & Fran Ames
Staff Contact Info

Pastor: Rev. Kenny Walkup
Cell: 248-361-6658
Email: See website

Youth Coordinator: Luke Wolfe
Email: See website

Choir Director: Rod Ames
Email: See website

Pianist: Sarah Hamilton
Email: See website

Treasurer: Karen Bird
Email: See website

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Walkup
Email: See website

During these times, our advertisers could use your business more than ever.
Thank you in advance for your patronage!
(248) 991-4478
Residential Specialist-Interior & Exterior
Home Repair, OSHA Certified
Experienced/Accurate Estimates

(248) 624-6241
Mark Rousseaux, Cell: 248-755-7919
Fax: 248-669-6065

(248) 624-5445
Liquor/Fine Wines/Choice Meats/Produce/
Catering Needs/Deli/Grocery/Lottery/
Hot Food/Dairy/Frozen
1270 S. Commerce Road, Walled Lake 48390
Fax: 248-624-5448

(248) 360-PROS
Spencer Knish Construction

(248) 624-4440
Your complete Auto Repair Center
784 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390
Art Rott

(248) 669-PART
Auto Parts Express/Commercial Delivery
707 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390
Steven G. Blair 

(Formerly- Walled Lake Save A Lot)
(248) 668-1555
1192 E. West Maple Road,
Walled Lake 48390

(248) 669-7550
674 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390
Open 7 Days 7:00 AM-5:00 PM
Best Skillets in Town 7AM-3 PM
Fruit Explosion Pancakes-$6.99
(248) 859-2954
Home Style Cooking
Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM-3:00 PM
602 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390

10. DAVE & AMY’S
(248) 956-8622
A Great Place to Eat & Drink!
800 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390

(248) 912-1900
28317 Beck Road, Suite E1, Wixom 48393
Fax: 248.499.1931
Dawn Smith Bluga

(248) 926-9373
Complete Collision Repair and Refinishing
Geoff Bennett-Owner
1625 E. West Maple Road, Walled Lake 48390
Fax: 248.926.0550

(248) 669-2050
Prototype & Production Tube 
Fabrication 1/8” thru 6”
Steve Atwell, Sr.-President
902 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390
Fax: 248.669.5950
ISO-9001:2008 Certified

(248) 624-0333
Carpet One Floor & Home
Carpet/Hardwood/Tile/Laminate/Luxury Vinyl/
Area Rugs
Residential & Commercial
1145 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake 48390
Fax: 248.624.8843

(248) 343-6517
Dependable & Professional Office Cleaning
Serving the Lakes Area for over 20 years!
Roger Linkous-President
2501 Tampa Drive, Wolverine Lake 48390
313 E Northport St
Walled Lake, MI 48390
Phone: 248-624-2405