December 10, 2020
December 2020 Palapa Society News
Please note, some of you may have received multiple emails from Palapa in your inbox last week. We apologize for that, and are working to fix the technical glitch with our email service.
Holiday Greetings from The Palapa Society

In the spirit of the holiday season, we want to share the values of our organization in hopes that they inspire you to contribute to our Season of Giving Fundraiser.

Dates of Fundraiser: December 1 - January 15, 2021
Inspired Learning

To raise the standards of education in B.C.S., Mexico that foster responsible thoughtful citizens through our educational and community programs.
Spirit of Generosity

To offer a variety of financially accessible educational program services and support.

To respond with our time and resources to community challenges as they arise.

To demonstrate integrity and responsibility, while safeguarding donor intent, and ethically manage funds and resources.

To instill in local youth the principles and practices of stewardship.
Your generosity continues to warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Student Spotlight: Santi M.H.

Our Student Spotlight this month features Santi who is a third-year secundaria (middle school) student at The Palapa School. Santi wanted to come to our school because it was the best educational option in our area.

What he likes most about middle school (secundaria) is meeting new people and seeing his friends.

Santi’s love of reading began in his childhood. One assignment Santi did during quarantine was creating this poster of La Alegría de la Leer (The Joy of Reading).
His favorite class is math and least favorite is Spanish. What excites him most about the school year is having new experiences and learning new things.

He says distance learning during COVID-19 has been difficult during the first quarter but then became easier.

Santi aspires to go to University and dreams of becoming a physical biologist, chemist, or computer scientist.
Teacher Spotlight:
Héctor Omar Vallejo Castillo
Héctor joins The Palapa School team with a degree in Communications from the University Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Hector has four years of experience as a teacher. His main area of ​​focus is English. He has also participated in several impact projects, social and community leadership institutions; such as Enseña por México, the OAS, Fundes and the US Embassy via the ACCESS Micro-Scholarship Program.

His teaching methodology includes exposing students to cultural changes and phenomena that occur locally and internationally with a humanistic and cultural approach. He currently teaches English at The Palapa School. We are thrilled to add his insight and expertise to our brilliant Palapa School staff.

Welcome Héctor!
Zoom Presentation: What’s Happening at The Palapa Society
Our first series of Zoom calls with our supporters was a great success. We would like to thank every donor who attended and provided us with positive comments and insight.

If you missed these presentations, you still have a chance to watch it.

Please click the video below to watch it.
Postponing the Re-opening of the Biblioteca
Elena Poniatowska
Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska must, once again, postpone its reopening. During this pandemic we need to use extreme caution in order to ensure the safety of our volunteers and patrons. This is a difficult decision as we know the demand for books and visits to our community library are high but we should consider the health and safety of everyone. Please hold on to checked out books and donated books - once we reopen, we will welcome them back! Meanwhile, please visit the Little Free Libraries located at La Esquina, Padrino Clinic and Parque de Pinos.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. – The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C.
A Big Shout Out to Mary Jo and Ruth Roberts! 
Mary Jo and Ruth Roberts are past visitors to Todos Santos.

After their second visit, they donated to the Palapa School 14 Amazon Fire computer tablets with durable covers.

When asked why they chose to donate computer tablets, they said, “No matter where we travel, we are big supporters of education. It is the best path for more choices and opportunities in life.”

Palapa School teachers are looking forward to incorporating the tablets into the Science and Leadership programs.

Students can research, take photos, write articles, and make presentations with the tablets. 
Meanwhile, since campus is still closed due to the Covid-19 virus, students are putting the tablets to good use at home to access their Palapa classes via Zoom.

Thank you so much Mary Jo and Ruth Roberts!

You are making a difference in the lives of young people!

*Photo - Director Juan Diego Gonzalez providing a tablet to a parent of a Palapa School Student.
A Moment of Gratitude
November Donors
Anne Hebebrand
Benito Ortega Vargas
Catherine Jameson
David Puckett
Emanuela Gardner
In Memoriam "Linda Furbee"
Kearsley Higgins & Todd Viziri
Lisa Welsch
Michael Gordon
Michael Strunk
Our Circle of Donors Wo Created
the Special Fund of $75K
Berry and Bambi Jones
Cathryn Williams & Greg Broughton
Jim & Kristen Bender
Margot Hampleman
Peter & Pam McIlroy
Peter Buck
Ryan Casey
Scot & Karen Barker
Ted & Kim Higgins
Our Season of Giving Donors
Dec. 1 - Jan. 15, 2021
Andy Boretto
Ann Hazard
Ariela Gross & Jon Goodman
Bertis Downs
Betsy Walters
BJ Semmes
Blair Jenkins
Bond Ward
Carol Bartell
Charlie & Karen Haley
Chaz Holesworth
Chris Girlamo
Chris Hamer
Christopher H. Sikich
Cindy and David Higgins
Claudia Kopkowski
Colleen Suche
Constanza Alberecht
Craig Laskey
Daria Knowles
David Merrill
David Puckett
Debbie Armstrong
Deborah & Marc
Denise & Bill Steffenhagen
Don & Polly Dooley
Douglas Seymour
Emily Wilson
Eric Frost-Barnes
Gerald Tintor
Hal & Vickie Butler
James Ambrose
James Holman
Jan and Mike Turner
Jane Hall
Janelle & Tony Palma
Janna Kinkade
Jeffery Carlson
Jene Buckner
Jerry Back & Heather Bauer
Jimmy Barcos
Johanna Meier
John Fielder
John Wallen
Kate Ecker & John Mackie
Katherine Fredrich
Katie Quackenbush
Katie Thompson
Ken & Susan Churchill
LeAnn Kaattari
Lily Korte
Lindy Gaskill
Lisa Welsch
Lynn & Dan Moyle
Lynn Henderson
Marcel & Jill Valliere
Margaret (Peggy) Eggers
Marie Maxwell
Marilyn Jacques
Martha Garza-Laird
Matt Powers
Melody London
Michael & Julie Dandurand
Michael Strunk
Mike & Cathy Curry
Nan Kennedy
Nick Moyer
Ole Skjefte
Pam and Paul Bumann
Patricia Deuster
Peter Buck
Peter Holden
Richard Arnold
Rick & Liz Strand
Sarah Hansel
Scott & Gail Bosch
Sharon Morris
Susan & Jim Smith
Terry & Mike Hawes
Terry R Adcock
Tim Ringberg
Tom Clark
Tori Sepulveda & Oscar Rosales
William David and Cathy Cate
William Tonks
Monthly Donors
AJ & Bonnie Johnston
Ann Hazard
Cheri Myers
Connie & Andy Mical
Dr. Bill & Cathy Nation
Dennis & Nancy Naigle
Eleanor Andrews
Gail & Scott Bosch
Grace Tuttle
Hal & Vickie Butler
Heather & Jerry Bauer
Jane Gehring
Janna Kinkade
Jessica Spencer
Judd & Karin Cuenin
Karen & Charley Haley
Kathy Warnert & Tod Diamond
Kristin Rust
Lee Purser
Liane Collins
Lisa Goodman
Margot & Dick Hampleman
Maria Olaisen & Mike Block
Marjolean Brugman
Marshall Laird
Nancy & Dennis Naigle
Nancy Simpson
Pam & Paul Bumann
Paty Rains
Ryan Casey
Sharon Morris
Stephen Nicholas
Susan & Jim Smith
Suzanne & Rick Arnold
Sydney & Greg Schweitzer
Tori Sepulveda & Oscar Rosales
Virginia Gollery
A Special Thank You!
Sharon Morris - Donation of Sanitizing Machine for Library.
Pam and Paul Bumann for the Annual fee for Quickbooks!
Thank You: Peter Buck and R.E.M. for the special posting about our Matching Fund
Make A Difference in
a Young Life Today!
Your donations will help us to ensure we can continue to provide access to high quality education and community programs.

No gift is too small and makes a big difference to so many young lives!
The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. exists to make a positive difference in people’s lives through inspirational quality education and timely support through community service and programs.

It is the vision of The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. to be a sustainable, accessible community focused organization in which quality educational programs empower choice filled lives and create positive transformational change.