You can’t wake Mom and Dad up before 8:00 AM. This was the Christmas-day rule implemented in our household after my brother and I had, a few years in a row, bounced into our parent’s room at the crack of dawn, eager to begin tearing open our newly wrapped Christmas presents as soon as possible. But not this year. No, this year my parents were determined to teach their two overly-excited children the value of patience (and to sneak in a few extra hours of sleep while they were at it). And so, even though I couldn’t sleep a wink past 6:00 AM, I anxiously anticipated each second as it ticked by until, eventually, that anticipation turned into irritation. Don’t you know that Santa stopped here last night? I fumed at my sleeping parents. Don’t you know that the presents are wrapped and ready to be opened? Don’t you know that Christmas is finally here? What are you waiting for?!
What are you waiting for? It was an easy question for me to answer that Christmas morning. I was waiting to open the gift poking out of my Christmas stocking that looked like the toy drumsticks I had asked for from Santa. For most people, this question is easy to answer around the holiday season. What are you waiting for? A college student prepares for finals as they wait before traveling home to visit family. An employee waits for a few days of holiday vacation. A grandmother waits and anticipates the arrival of her visiting grandchildren with freshly baked cookies.
But, ironically, for Christians, this question is deceptively tricky. What happens on Christmas Day, much like Easter, is no secret to us. The Christ-child has already been born. What are we waiting for? We will ponder this question together as we prepare and wait in hopeful expectation. Join us as we explore how the knowledge of Christ’s birth calls us to live differently this Advent season by Loving All (November 29), Spending Less (December 6), Giving More (December 13), and Worshipping Fully (December 20).
Vicar Kate