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As we wait again for the celebration of the birth of Christ, let us wait reflecting on the wisdom expressed in Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti; may Francis’ words lead us on this year’s Advent journey. Download a reflection from Education for Justice here.
Fr. Mark's Message...
‘Love Among the Ruins’
God came into human existence and among human existence with all its limitations and flaws. Christmas is a potent sign of God’s desire to embrace our brokenness. After all, Jesus is the Word made flesh who dwelt among us. Among us, not some paid actors in a play; among us, untrustworthy shepherds, people who didn’t belong, like the Magi, the different, the oddball, and poor peasant parents…  Read more.
Jubilee Year 2020-2021 Celebrating 100 Years of our Testament Letter of the Founder
The Founder, St. Guido Maria Conforti, offers us a constructive and enriching vision of ‘chastity’ as a gift, which makes us love it and become “experts” in our relationships with the Mystery, with the others and with everyday reality.  Chastity, lived as “thrust for the good of others," clearly expresses love for the non-Christians.  For the Founder, losing this gift means surrendering ourselves to the “assaults of self-love” and losing the daily momentum towards the Good.
Final Vows of Xaverian Missionaries Around the World 2020
Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier- Dec. 3
Xavier and the Xaverians
The importance and relevance of Saint Francis Xavier for the identity and mission of each Xaverian and of each of our communities remains valid, especially with regards to the reasons that motivated his life and his being a missionary. Xavier was a man passionate about Christ, of great humanity and permanently growing (in constant search), capable of cultivating strong and daring desires and rejoicing in tribulations. He was sustained by a robust and tested faith and driven by the desire to proclaim Christ. Scroll down to the English translation and learn more.
Fatima Shrine, Holliston, MA
101 Summer Street
Holliston, MA 01746
(508) 429-2144 
It is with great regret that the annual Festival of Lights and Christmas Concert at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Holliston will be cancelled this year due to the pandemic. We are concerned for your health and safety as well as that of all our volunteers.

Our Mass and Confession schedule will remain as usual. Register for Sunday Mass online. Registration is required weekly. Thanks so much.

The Masses for Christmas will be at 8:00pm on December 24th and 11:00am on December 25th. People interested in attending these two Masses will have to call the office to register. Space is limited due to the social distancing. Call 508.429.2144
~Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
Our Confrere Pietro Rossini SX is collaborating with the Sant’Egidio Community of Boston in collecting and distributing clothing for the homeless. If you can help with this, contact Pietro.
Ecumenical Advent Bible Study with the Holliston Clergy and their Communities
Join us every Tuesday for a special advent ecumenical bible study with the communities of First Congregational Church, St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Christ the King Lutheran Church, and Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, all in Holliston. Register here to receive the zoom link.
Xavier Knoll, Franklin WI
Xaverian Missionaries - Midwest Mission Center
4500 Xavier Drive - Franklin, WI 53132
(414) 421-0831 
On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, shortly after 9:00 pm, Fr. Aniello Salicone died at Ascension Hospital in Franklin, WI. He was hospitalized since November 14 with symptoms of Covid-19. He was 80 years old, having been born in 1940, in Ariano di Olevano sul Tusciano, Salerno, Italy. Read more.

His funeral in Wisconsin was broadcasted on the St. John's Greenfield live stream on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

His funeral in Massachusetts was broadcasted live on the Xaverian Missionaries Facebook page on Saturday, Nov. 28.
~ Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX
Xaverian Missionaries Blog
Stretching Forth our Hands in Typhoon Times
The night between 11 and 12 November typhoon Ulysses hit us. It was not so much the intensity of the wind as the huge amount of rain released in few hours that caused once again the Marikina River to overflow. The river is only 78 km in length and collects water from the slopes of the Sierra Madre, the mountain range that runs along the east of Marikina Valley. During the rainy season this river oftentimes swells. However, this time the water level at Sto. Niño bridge in Marikina City climbed from 14 meters to an unprecedented level of 22 meters in just 14 hours.  Learn more.
Xaverian Missionaries Podcast
When Someone Cannot Go Home

"I don’t have anywhere to go. I've been sleeping outside since March because I lost my house. And now things are getting worse with the winter coming.” Bob is a 66 years-old man who had to leave his house last March just right before the pandemic. Listen more.
Prayer for Advent
The Prophet Isaiah called us
To recognize that in the land of deep darkness
A Light will shine forth, flaming out in brilliance,
To guide our faltering steps, to open the path,
To move us forward to hope.
To joy, to justice, and to peace.

The Prophet Isaiah also called us
To recognize that if we cared for those in poverty
We would shine like stars in the heavens,
We would shine on a world in despair
So in need of light, of compassionate wisdom,
Of the care a fragile child in Bethlehem once needed.

The radiance of a holy child born in an impoverished place
Sets off sparks that can enkindle our hearts,
If we can listen carefully and recognize
What this birth calls us to, what roads forward
Are illuminated so we can partake of that fire
That can transform ourselves, our lives,
As we struggle to transform this world.

Come, O Christ, we are longing for your light.
Come, O Christ, that we may partake in this light
by our care for your children and your Creation. .
~Sr. Dianna Ortiz, Education for Justice

Learn how to model Christianity. Celebrate a Golden Jubilee in the Jubilee Year and the Blessing of ordinations amid a pandemic! Travel to Morocco with the Xaverian Missionaries. See the "Seed of Peace" germinate in Burundi and cheer for interfaith dialogue in Japan. Learn how mission activities continue in a pandemic and get the winter 2020 updates from the USA Xaverian Missionaries centers. Read it here.
St. Guido Maria Conforti, founder of the Xaverian Missionaries. Our "missionary to the world" became a saint on World Mission Sunday, October 23, 2011. Learn all about him here
Mother Celestina Bottego, founder of the Xaverian Missionary Sisters of Mary. Read about her here. Read the latest about her in The National Catholic Register.

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