December 2020 Newsletter
It's the most wonderful time of year! Although things may look different this holiday season there is still so much to celebrate. There are many ways to share this special time with family and friends while still remaining safe and healthy. Please remember to practice social distancing whenever possible. Refer to the CDC's suggestions for holiday celebrations and gatherings.

From the staff and volunteers at Good Samaritan, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Good Samaritan is happy to announce the hire of our new Dentist, Chiung Feng Hsu, DMD. Dr. Hsu received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Nova Southeastern University in 2012. Since then she has worked in many areas of dentistry and for the last five years worked with a mobile dental care clinic. Dr. Hsu has been a wonderful addition to our clinic and we are excited to have her as part of our staff.
Louise Brown is a certified nutritionist and Diabetic Educator and we are so happy to have her at Good Samaritan. Louise received her degree in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina in 1982. She has worked at Northside and Piedmont Hospitals as a dietitian and was the manager of nutrition services at Piedmont Mountainside for 14 years. Louise was a Good Samaritan volunteer and now will be helping educate our patients about nutrition as one of our staff!
Louise and her husband have six children, three grandkids, and two spoiled Jack Russells.
Visit Our New Website
Good Samaritan is happy to present our brand new website! We would like to thank Gainesville Web Design and Harlow Photography for all of their hard work in helping us create a beautiful website and photography.
By Carol Spencer, LCSW
Well, here we are. Christmas is right around the corner we are in the middle of a pandemic and people are out of work. The stress we feel can be almost unbearable. We say to ourselves “I should do this”, or “I need to do that”. The reality is that either “this” or “that” could probably be kicked to the curb. The source of holiday stress is expectations, pure and simple. We have ideas in our heads of what constitutes a “Perfect Christmas”, and if all the pieces are not here, we feel disappointment.

Trying to achieve the “Perfect Christmas” places huge stress on us and others and is something which may be impossible to achieve. We expect to do this, that or the other, when maybe we should sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season. Instead of a huge meal, create a shared family tradition. Instead of “perfect presents” give the most amazing gift of all, your time. A Holiday Party? You now have the perfect excuse to limit or eliminate your entertaining. Drop the “should’s”, the “ought’s” and “must’s”. Replace them with a trimmed down list of expectations, and you will find that your enjoyment of the season will be greater and there will be less stress. Simple enjoyment of the season can be the greatest gift you give to yourself and others. 
Good Samaritan Gives Back
By Thomas Carberry, Case Manager at Good Samaritan
I want to take this moment and thank my family at Good Samaritan Health and Wellness for their heart felt generosity. Last year we started giving Thanksgiving meals to families who are patients within our clinic. With the help of a friend who donated 10 turkeys, and the financial donations from several staff members, we were able to help 12 families.

This year, all I can say is WOW!!! With the same donation of 10 turkeys as well as a huge financial donation from a local business, and the love that our staff members poured into these meals by providing enough sides to cover every meal. We were able to help 23 families that had fallen on hard times. Thank You all so much for your heart and compassion you show our patients.
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