Green Star Partnership Quarterly Newsletter
December 2021
2021 9th Annual BOPAE Recycling Event

On Saturday, October 2nd Keep Morristown Hamblen Beautiful, JTEKT, Tuff Torq Corporation and Universal Environmental Services (formally Enterprise Oil) joined forces to offer the residents of Morristown and surrounding counties an opportunity to bring their Batteries, Oils, Paints, Antifreeze and Electronics (BOPAE) along with light bulbs, plastic, cardboard, metal, and confidential paper shredding to the JTEKT Plant #3 parking lot for recycle.

Also, this year for the first time the BOPAE event and TDEC partnered to collect Household Hazardous Waste. The four-hour event saw 475 vehicles contribute a record 56,793 pounds of materials that otherwise would end up in the local landfills. Forty volunteers worked tirelessly before, during and after the event to set records for the number of local residents who participated, and the total number of pounds collected during the annual event. Other event sponsors included Motion Industries, Fastenal, Morristown Iron and Metal, Hillbilly’s Cabin Restaurant and East Tennessee Iron and Metal.

Household Hazardous Waste Totals:
  • Number of Households: 465
  • Flammable Liquids: 796 pounds
  • Non-Flammable Liquids: 648 pounds
  • Poisons: 1,394 pounds
  • Aerosols: 927 pounds
  • Fluorescent Lamps: 0 pounds
  • Corrosives: 581 pounds
  • Oxidizers: 48 pounds
  • Mercury: 8 pounds
  • Sharps: 77 pounds
Total weight: 8,095 pounds

BOPAE Totals:
  • Batteries: 3,629 pounds
  • Oil: 5,186 pounds
  • Paint & Waste to Energy: 16,183 pounds
  • Anti-Freeze: 1,018 pounds
  • Electronics: 14,480 pounds
  • Bulbs: 1,191 pounds
  • OCC: 2,071 pounds
  • Shred Paper: 4,940 pounds
Total weight: 48,698 pounds
TGSP Members Only
Open Discussions
Upcoming January 10, 2022 @1:00 P.M. CST
TDEC's Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices have hosted two open discussions this year. There were over fifteen TGSP members participating on the call, discussion covered difficult to manage materials and waste as well as potential solutions to problems at facilities. Members were able to share successes and vendor information to aid other members.
During this open discussion members will have the opportunity to talk to other industry members about pollution prevention strategies, recycling, resource reuse, vendors, and any other items relating to facility environment, health, sustainability, or operations. Members will receive a reoccurring quarterly calendar appointment.
Join us if you can and meet other TGSP members. You never know if a solution to an issue you are having is discussed.
If you need the calendar appointment re-sent, please reach out to us at
Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council
2021 Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Report

The 2021 Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Impact Report further defines the scope of Tennessee’s robust advanced energy sector. Updated with new stats from the 2018 report, the 2021 report quantifies Tennessee’s advanced energy economic impact even more. It identifies the number of jobs, contribution to state GDP and state/local taxes and number of companies associated with the state’s advanced energy sector.

November 2021 Member Highlight
Marelli of Lewisburg
Energy Management System - ISO 50001 Ready
Adaptation Guide and Crosswalk

To assist agencies and businesses with developing an Energy Management System (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001, the Department of Energy (DOE) released the 50001 Ready Adaptation Guide. An EnMS, like an ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS), manages energy as a resource through a process-based approach rather than a project-based approach. The guide lists actions that can be taken to meet the requirements of DOE's 50001 Ready program. In addition, DOE’s crosswalk spreadsheet identifies requirements that differ between ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 and provides tips and recommended actions to implement an EMS that conforms to ISO 50001. For more information, visit DOE’s Better Buildings 50001 Adaptation Guide and Crosswalk website.

No-Cost ISO14001 Program Implementation

UT CIS is seeking companies interested in implementing an ISO 14001 program at their facility.

We have limited funds to develop and implement an ISO 14001 program at Tennessee facilities at no cost to the organization. This offer is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ISO 14001 focuses on improving environmental risk management, improving proactive environment management approaches, enhancing leadership responsibilities and competencies, and improving process approaches for good auditing outcomes.

If you are interested in implementing ISO 14001 at your facility, please contact your local Solutions Consultant today or email Lynn Reed at
High energy costs ahead: Is your site ready for winter?

Businesses and households may experience as much as 30 % higher heating costs this winter. Propane supplies are tight across the U.S. while natural gas prices continue to rise. After high prices not seen in a decade, gasoline and diesel prices seems to have peaked. Higher energy costs are all largely due to deep production cuts from early in the pandemic that have made it hard for oil and gas production to meet current consumer demand.
For a full winter energy outlook, watch this webinar hosted by the Energy Information Administration and the National Association of State Energy Officials here or see EIA’s Winter Fuels Outlook.
Most remember last February’s extreme cold weather that knocked out power to much of Texas and the Midwest. Fortunately, less than 1% of Tennesseans experienced a power outage during the 9-day stretch of below freezing temperatures. TVA reliably and securely delivered power to our local power companies.
To be more resilient during winter weather, your site should ask:
  • Do you use propane as fuel for your forklifts or backup generators? Be sure to stay well stocked this winter as the propane supply chain remains tight. One significant winter weather event similar to last February could easily result into major supply chain impacts. Have a backup supplier identified in case your current one cannot make their deliveries.
  • If you do not have a backup generator for your critical functions onsite, do you have established hook ups to connect one quickly during an emergency? Do you know your critical power load requirements in case you needed to rent a generator?
  • If your water pipes are not contained within the building envelope, have you insulated the pipes to protect against freezing?