From Pastor Michael

Holy Days

Christmas Eve in 1818, Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht was performed for the first time with a young priest, Joseph Mohr; he wrote the lyrics and played the guitar along with Franz Xaver Gruber, who had written the melody. Silent night, holy night… the words have been sung ever since. 

Our prayer for you, Campion Family, is that in this holiday season you would experience the hope that was affirmed that one holy night in the little neighborhood of Bethlehem. 

During this holiday season our pastoral team will experience a transition. Pastor Andrew has been a delight to work with and his heart for connecting has been a blessing to our leadership team and our campus. We wish him God’s speed in his return to Oregon and his upcoming nuptials. Thank you for your ministry here, Pastor Andrew.

In losing, we are gaining Pastor Leandro and his family. While they visited in November to house hunt, we will welcome them formally in early January.

Merry Christmas to you. 

Pastor Micheal

Campion's pastoral staff and their families.
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Micheal Goetz

Evangelism/Worship Pastor
Andrew Barcenas

Discipleship/Family Ministry Pastor
Michael Taylor

RMC Literature Ministry Pastor Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Finishing with Giving
It's amazing to see how God is meeting the needs of our Campion Church. In recent months, He's helped us pay off our sizable building loan and completely fund our kitchen remodel. It is with this sense of His divine blessing that we're excited to kick off an aggressive plan to raise $45,000 in church budget funds in December. To accomplish this goal, we will need your help
The $45,000 will enable us to cover our church budget, move us forward on our media expansion plans, and allow us to give a surprise gift to a local community organization. 
We did something similar last year when God helped us raise over $42,000. This enabled us to not only meet the church budget, but to provide HMS Richards School, Adventist Community Services, and House of Neighborly Service with tokens of our appreciation. 
God has been so good to Campion in 2021. Wouldn't it be amazing to share His blessings once again with a neighboring ministry? As Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." To help us reach this goal, please mark your tithe envelope with church budget, or donate online to church budget via Adventist Giving on the church’s website. 
By Sarah Schwisow
Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Costa Rica Preachers
After a chapel presentation in September, 22 of our church teens signed up to go to preach the gospel in Costa Rica next March 13 – 27. We began preacher training each Wednesday night during the “Fusion” outreach time. Things were going well for a couple of weeks and then problems arose from Covid-19. 

About 30 cases broke out on campus in October so we had to switch our training sessions to Zoom. So here we are and now we enjoy Zoom. We can continue training during vacations and from anywhere in the world during January, February and early March.
By Phil Jones
Support Alternatives to Violence
The Campion Women's Ministries has voted to assist a women's shelter in Loveland called "Alternatives To Violence" to help supply personal needs of the residents.

For the month of December there is a need for 2022 planners, pens (fun colors), self-care items (nail polish, bath bombs, face masks), adult coloring books, fun socks (fuzzy, warm, bright) and phone/tablet chargers (Apple and android).

To donate items, please contact Jeanette Fortner or Muriel Indermuehle.
Junior Sabbath School Feature
By Ardis Stenbakken
Carey Jordan gets excited when talking about her 16 – 20 class members; she says they are the “sweetest” bunch she has ever seen. They love to think independently and get excited about new games and ideas.

Probably her greatest frustration is the lack of time to do all the things the 4th to 6th grade age students like to do, and they do have a busy schedule. But the time restraints require discipline and keep the program moving. The hour begins with songs with the Early-Teen class. After they divide, Carey begins the Bible study time with lessons from nature and science. Recently they were studying about the Israelite's exodus; they learned about the cloud that God sent to give light and shade for His people but darkness on the other side; the science lesson included actually making a cloud in a jar and studying different types of clouds.

Bill Hay normally tells the Bible story, but since he is gone for eight weeks, they are in need of help; if you would be willing to give some time, they would greatly appreciate it—at any time, even when Bill is there. Bill has a teaching degree and Carey says it shows; he has all sorts of ideas to help make the story interesting—sometimes he even writes skits or plays the kids act out, even with costumes and props.

The class has a local mission project and a world project. The local project is collecting toiletries. When the basket is full it is taken to the Community Service Center. Once a quarter, the class votes on what their world mission project will be. One time they bought Bibles for a missionary; they have raised money to dig wells in Africa, and one time they helped finance printing books that teach the Bible story just in pictures for use in an area of the world where literacy is low. In the last five to six years they have probably raised $4-5,000 for missions!

After Bible study it is game time, games that reinforce the Bible lesson; they have to pay close attention to the Bible lesson to do well in the games. The class themselves invented one game they call Zonk.

Carey and Bill love their new room; they now have enough chairs and storage as well as the room being bright and cheery. Carey laughs as she shares that in their old class room they were always too hot or were freezing. They were so thrilled when they discovered that their new classroom has its own thermostat!

Carey has a dream of being able to have more social time with the class as the members come from Vista Ridge, public schools, home school, and HMS. They need time to socialize and build Christian bonds.

As mentioned, more help is needed. Carey would like to have someone who would just help get information, getting acquainted with the new kids and keep track of missing members; this might just be during the first part of the hour and the person could then leave.
Junior Sabbath School classroom with their leaders Carey Jordan and Bill Hay.
Photos by Joyelle Worley
Prayer Outreach in December and January
The next two months at Campion will be filled with opportunities of prayer and outreach.
Starting on December 4th we will have the second annual Campion caroling and prayer event. This outreach, which includes generations from youth to adult interacting together by spreading the joy of Jesus through our community through Christmas hymns and carols, while offering prayers to our neighbors. Last year we had over 70 church members participate.

In January a prayer weekend with Paval Goia, “Come Alive for Prayer,” will lead us right into the NAD’s 10 days of Prayer. The prayer team at Campion is looking forward to having you join them in these prayer events and watch the hand of God move through the prayers of His people.
By Tenisha Tavares
All About People
Campion Welcomes New Families
Caleb Cook
As a graduate from Southern Adventist University, Caleb uses that graphic design and small business management training to run his own business in Broomfield, Colorado. He is a photographer and graphic designer at CampLife, a campground reservation management software company. He loves to spend time hiking in the mountains with his camera. His interest in building things has resulted in a homemade guitar and plans for a teardrop camper. When he came to Campion Church he said, “I believe church should encourage hope, be practical, and inspire me to live my life in a more godly way. Campion fits that.” 
Interview by Ken Albertsen
Photo supplied by Caleb Cook

Richard, Isobel and Lily Testardi
Richard, Isobel, and Lily moved from Boulder, Colorado. in January to enroll Lily in Campion Academy. Until this time, Lily had been attending public high school. Listen to Rich's testimony.

"As COVID-19 and remote learning raged on, Lily was longing for much more community in high school and asked if we might consider sending her to a boarding school? We asked her to look into it! (Lily had always been intrigued by boarding schools in the past, often in the context of reading Narnia, and when she would ask, I would always say it was a possibility, provided it was a Christian boarding school we could trust!)

"Within minutes she found Campion Academy, part of a small Seventh-day Adventist learning campus just outside Berthoud, Colorado, the town I lived in before Boulder! And unbelievably, Campion Academy still had in-person learning for its 150 high school students! We scheduled a tour the next day, and could instantly tell then Campion was different -- that it was a place where people truly loved God and others! 'By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.'"

"It also felt like a place out of time, less distracted and shallow than anything we had experienced recently, especially anything of public schools! Kids were not constantly on their phones, were friendly to adults, and actually had jobs in addition to school! And there were even rules (mostly about sex and drugs) that you could break and actually get kicked out for --contrast that to our public schools that nearly celebrate any form of dysfunction, experimentation, or rebellion!"

"For the first time we actually felt like we could trust a school with Lily's well-being, even for overnight trips, even for trips out of the country! We started a crash course to understand the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and found one pleasant surprise after the next (along with no shortage of controversy in this world of social media hyperbole). We found that everything hinged on Jesus, the Bible, and Love! We have been totally welcomed and never judged."
Interview by Muriel Indermuehle
Photo by Anndrea Taylor
Sabbath, November 6th, was a momentous and joy filled day at Campion Adventist Church as we witnessed seven individuals give their lives to the Lord in baptism.  
Interviews by Muriel Indermuehle
Photos by Joyelle Worley and Pastor Mike Taylor
Isobel, Richard and Lily Testardi were baptized together as a family by pastor Goetz. Isobel said "I didn't hear Psalm 23 until well into my adulthood. The words, alive and tranquil, form a place and truth for me. This baptism means that I am sealed up with Jesus, my shepherd. And I want to dwell in the house of the Lord forever". 
Richard states, "We are confident that God has led us to Campion. I hope to better understand what Jesus meant when He said that "if anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Him." I hope to actually live that out in service, learning every day to care more about what my Lord Jesus cares about."
Lily Testardi is a sophomore at Campion, joining the school midway during her freshman year. Lily states "I know that God's way is much better than anything I could have come up with on my own and I know I am ready to enter into this covenant with Jesus."
Benjamin Brown , age 11 and in the 5th grade at HMS was baptized by Pastor Taylor. Benjamin stated, "Today I get to tell everyone that I love Jesus and want to commit my life to Him".
Marcella Zuniga, a 9th grader at Campion Academy was baptized by Pastor Goetz. Marcella's membership will be in the Fort Collins church.
During the first service, Ben Nelson, a 7th grade student at HMS was baptized by his grandfather pastor Eric Nelson. Ben said, "I want to be baptized because I want to have a relationship with Jesus and grow in Him."

During the second service, Eva Resz who is a 10th grader at Campion Academy was baptized by Pastor Matt Hasty. Eva stated, "Over the past year I have learned a lot about God's character, His mercy, grace and unfailing love. God has truly changed my life and I'm so grateful for the love He has shown me,"

Check out the list and wish someone a special day!
In Memory
Tim Palmer Rushold
June 20, 1967 - November 8, 2021
Timothy Rushold was born in Boulder, Colorado, to Arlene and Carroll Rushold. He joined older sisters, Candy and Connie. Tim spent his childhood on the "farm" in Palisade, Colorado. He graduated from Campion Academy in 1985.

Tim married Joy Potter in 1991. He earned his Masters degree in Physical Therapy at Loma Linda in 1991. They had two sons Ryan (1996) and Kyle (1998). Joy died in a tragic accident in 1999.

Tim married Rebecca Ruppel in 2002. They had a daughter Sarah (2006). He earned his doctorate in PT in 2010. He started a home building business with his father, worked as a lumberjack and farmer. Tim and Becky parted in 2016.

Tim married Dana Carpenter in 2019. They worked in construction together until he passed away unexpectedly.

Arthur Blood
February 26, 1947 - November 8, 2021
Arthur was born in Denver, Colorado, the son of Mary and Leroy Blood. The family farmed near Keenesburg, Colorado. Arthur attended Campion Academy where he met Eileen Carol Robbins his junior year; he graduated in 1965. They attended Union College for two years and were married on June 4, 1967. One month after the wedding, Arthur was drafted into the US Army and went to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for basic training, remaining until he was sent to Vietnam in December of 1967. He served as a medic during the Tet Offensive attending the needs of wounded servicemen in the field and in the aide station. 
In July of 1968, their first son, Gary, was born. One week later, Arthur’s father died of a heart attack and Arthur was sent home for the funeral. After a month leave, he returned to the war zone and remained there until his term in Vietnam ended. He received two bronze-star medals for heroism in ground combat and meritorious achievement in ground operations against hostile forces. Many prayers went up for his safety during his time of service for his country; however, it was not without many physical and emotional scars that he dealt with until his death.
After returning home from the US Army, Arthur moved back to the farm where he worked until he decided to change occupations to work for Pete Borris in a nursing home in Brighton, Colorado. In 1975 he earned a degree in Nursing Home Administration from Southwestern Adventist College and worked in that capacity for three years before returning to farming. He graduated from Regis University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1991. Arthur worked with Eileen as a business manager for ElderCare Connections, a company they founded. It was their desire to assist senior citizens needing assistance who wished to remain in their homes. 
Arthur was always active in the church as a deacon, an elder, and with media ministry. If anything needed to be done, he was always available to help. Arthur served a three-year term in Nepal and India as a medical missionary. While there he also had the opportunity to preach, which was totally outside his comfort zone, but the Lord shone through his life, words, and actions. After his many years of health struggles his family looks forward to that day when Arthur will run, walk, and fly on that resurrection day.
Arthur loved Jesus with all his heart. His life exemplified compassion, caring, and kindness. He was a man of few words but with lots of jokes and laughter. Arthur loved his family. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, daughter Deborah, sons Gary and Jeffrey, seven grandchildren, and his siblings: Charles, Alvin, Merle, Bob, Eleanor, and Calvin. 

Rick Trujillo
January 24, 1950 - November 15, 2021
Rick was born in Cleveland, New Mexico, to George and Trinidad Trujillo. He was raised in Denver, Colorado, where he graduated from Mile High Academy in 1968. After attending Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, he attended Loma Linda University to become a respiratory therapist..

While in California, Rick started a small taxi-cab business, leasing cabs to cab drivers. As a respiratory therapist, he practiced at a local hospital for a few years until he started his own business as a local supplier of respiratory equipment. It was during this time that he married and raised two children. They were faithful members of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church and church school. Rick served many roles in his church, including deacon, elder, and Bible teacher.

After his divorce and retirement, he settled in Ft. Collins, Colorado where his grown children lived. He remained active in church activities and living his faith while also driving services like Uber and Lyft until his sudden illness and death. Rick was driven by a zeal to do his part to help his family and anyone he encountered to know the "blessed hope," described in I Corinthians 15:51-52 when Jesus returns for his own.

Rick leaves behind his son Michael, daughter Jessica and grandson Elias, his brother Jake and sister Lucy Cisneros and their families.

Thomas (Tom) Walter Cate
November 29, 1949 - September 27, 2021
Tom was born in Barberton, Ohio, the son of Donald and Edna Cate. He graduated from Mount Vernon Academy and was the president of the class of 1967. He met Debbie in the 4th grade at church school. They celebrated 53 years of marriage in July.

He was a member of the Loveland Seventh-day Adventist Church, but frequented Campion to support his wife Debbie when she provided music and to be with children and grandchildren who attended Campion Church.

Tom enjoyed scrapbooking, the Andy Griffith Show, was an avid collector, and was a proud volunteer for the Loveland Valentine re-mailing stamping program for 13 years. He is best known for his painting skills. During his memorial at the Campion Church, many friends from MCR, where his was employed, shared how he loved to talk to people at the hospital and made countless friends while performing his duties as a painter for the hospital.

Tom leaves behind his wife Debbie, sons Walt and Tom, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren and his brother Stanley.
Coming Events
Service Schedule

Sabbath School 9:30 - 10:30
Second Church      10:50 - 12:15

Services streamed live from
Coming Events
December 4 Caroling and Outreach
December 6 Church Business Meeting
December 6 HMS Constituency Meeting
December 12 RMC Townhall at 6:30
December 15 HMS Christmas Program
December 18 Christmas Celebration--Choral Christmas Church Program
  • Church Service at 10:50 am Sabbath
  • The Adventist Chorale of Northern Colorado and Soloists
  • Featuring a Children's Vocal Ensemble
  • Singing the musical, "The Thrill of Hope"
  • by Heather Sorenson and Joseph Martin
December 24 Christmas Candlelight Service will be on Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. and will last about an hour. This way families will have time to go home and be together for Christmas Eve. There will be a variety of beautiful Christmas music. It will also include a reading of the Christmas story and congregational singing of Christmas hymns.
Campion and HMS Richards School News
HMS Richards School
Dec. 2 - HMS Sabbath at Campion Church
Dec. 15 - Christmas Program - 7:00 pm
Dec. 16 - Noon Dismissal
Dec.17- Jan 3 - Christmas Vacation
Jan. 4 - School Resumes

HMS is looking for substitute teachers. If you are interested in helping our teachers, please call Aubrey Nelson 970.667.2427 or Paul Bragaw 720.985.3886.
Preschoolers are back at HMS! 

HMS Richards Adventist School’s preschool program is back and growing. Last year the preschool program was affected by the fact that many people were choosing to keep their youngest children at home due to COVID and was temporarily suspended.

However, since it’s reopening in August, the program has seen a steady influx of students. In fact, at this time, there is only one full-time opening and two or three part-time openings. 

Kristie Smith, Preschool Director and Kindergarten teacher mentioned, “I see God working as we keep getting more students. We are expecting two more in the next month. We need to have a certain number of students to be able to pay for our teacher’s salaries, and the Lord just keeps sending the students that we need to have here.”

Partly combined with the Kindergarten class, the unique curriculum allows the preschoolers to learn in both a fun and advanced educational environment.

Smith shared, “We have kids in this classroom from ages 3 to 6. For some subjects, such as math, we separate students according to age level, but for most subjects, they are combined.” Meagan Norris teaches the younger students when the class is divided.  

Smith explained that the teachers are able to adapt the curriculum for each student’s individual needs, but the combination gives younger students the opportunity to work on a higher level. “Since the preschool students are often in the same class as the kindergarten students, I am able to challenge them more as they are ready,” she remarked.

The HMS preschoolers and kindergartners take full advantage of their unique location on Campion Academy’s campus. They walk and explore the grounds of campus every day, as they learn outside of the classroom. “We do a lot of outdoor education. We are learning about different types of plants or trees, and identify them by their leaves,” said Smith. “We often go on letter walks, where we go over to church and we get to find things that begin with the letter that we are learning about.”

When asked what she loves about school, one of the preschoolers shared, “I like being at my desk and learning. I enjoy playing with my friends, eating lunch, and playing on our playground.”

One of the greatest needs the Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms has this year is substitute teachers! If you feel you could help meet this need, please contact the school office. 
Airi Nomura, Campion Student News Team
Campion Academy
Banquet, Parent Week-end, Talent Show...Campion students lives are full!

Church Business
Offerings this Month
December 4: Local Church Budget
The best gift to give at this season is of course our heart. But it takes cash to keep the physical church operating and money to support the various ministries. Thank you for your continued support!

December 11: Adventist Community Services (ACS)
This offering goes to support ACS in the North American Division. Community Services is responding to individual needs and groups facing natural and man-made disasters. It is developing relationships and committing to make a difference in people’s lives. It funds projects that make a major impact in communities. It might be a washer/dryer that serves thousands of homeless to bring dignity and value to their lives or a shelter providing protection and hope. A portable shower trailer prepares someone for a job interview. And so much more.
December 18: Local Church Budget
You have blessed our local church with your offerings all year, but this would be a good time to make that final gift to our local ministries. Please note "Finishing the Giving" above.

December 25: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
What better day to give generously to our local Rocky Mountain Conference for its ministries.
The Rocky Mountain Advance offering covers the following:
  • Evangelism 40%
  • Church and School buildings 10%
  • Mill Springs Ranch and Glacier View Ranch facilities, and Camp programs: Youth camp 10%
  • Summer camp programs 10%
  • Mile High Academy and Campion Academy 25%
  • La Vida Mission 5%
Building Project Status
Update on the kitchen: Drywall is finished and cabinets have been delivered. 

Sanctuary & media updates: Lighting and audio proposals are in and work on those will begin in the new year. The goal is still projected at $150,000. 
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