December 2021 Newsletter
Holiday Greetings and Photo Contest Winners
Ahoy, shipmates! Season’s greetings and happy holidays! As we reflect on the past year, we are so grateful for all the support that spurred us along for a tremendous first season at the helm. We certainly had our challenges, and we still can’t read the lyrics to Big Rock Candy Mountain but overall, this year was a great success, and we are eagerly looking forward to next summer. Here at North End Shipyard, we have settled back into office time with Shary and Cocoa, and the indoor projects next to the shop stove are calling our names. We braved the elements, climbing aloft to rig our Christmas tree on the masthead, and in downtown Rockland, the local fishermen have set up the traditional lobster trap Christmas tree. (World’s largest)
After reviewing dozens of wonderful images, we have finally selected the winners of this year’s Schooner Heritage photo contest! 
First place goes to Tommy Standefer for this amazing shot that our guests don't normally see: dropping the yawl boat while preparing to get underway.
First runner-up is Carol Margolis with a stunning sunset photo from Northwest harbor with our friends, the Stephen Taber, in the distance.
Second runner-up is Chung Lee. A beautiful view of the port quarter, possibly returning from Lobster Island?
We've prototyped some custom Heritage gear for our winners that we hope you will enjoy: a Yeti travel "Rambler" a North Face knit cap and a stainless travel coffee mug.. Thank you to all who participated. It is always a pleasure to see what memories and images mean the most to you.
From the Galley:
Captain Ben's Hawaiian Holiday Ham Balls!
These delicious ham and pork meatballs baked in a pineapple sauce are a holiday tradition in the Welzenbach family and I just had to share the recipe with you all. Make these small for a cocktail side or larger as a main dish. You have to grind your own ham to prepare these so back home, everyone always gets excited when the meat grinder comes out. Click here for the full recipe.
From the schooner Heritage, we thank you all again for a fantastic year. We learned a lot, made some great memories, and this was only the beginning! We captains will both be visiting our families for the holidays, and we hope you are able to be with friends and loved ones as well. Wherever the wind takes you, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year!
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