CCEI December 2021 Newsletter
One Tip for Enhanced Communication
Welcome to the December 2021 CCEI newsletter! You may be curious about the title of this month’s edition. No, it is not a typo. We did not mean to say ten tips for enhancing communication. This month we focus on just one strategy to improve communication. Learn More
Present-Moment Awareness
Building Present-Moment Awareness
Practicing Present-Moment Awareness
Present-Moment Awareness in Communication
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CCEI Poll Results: November 2021 Newsletter
What is your experience with meditation, mindfulness, or present-moment awareness?
A. I practice meditation on a regular basis, either alone or with a group.
B. I use meditation activities periodically but don’t practice regularly.
C. I have heard or read about it but don’t practice.
D. I am unfamiliar with the practice.
CCEI Student Spotlight
Marisita Santiago
Houston, TX
I was approached by the Head of School in my current school to take the Texas Director’s Certificate training program offered by CCEI. What a great opportunity it has been to acquire the necessary knowledge needed for the field while expanding my professional portfolio! Enrolling in the Texas Director's Certificate training program with CCEI was very simple and quick. Before you know it, you are in your first lesson. Navigating the courses and getting the necessary feedback from CCEI's education coaches was such a smooth experience. It’s a very simple straight forward navigation system and very user-friendly.

Mindfulness for Children

In the December newsletter, we explore how bringing more present-moment awareness can positively impact interactions with others. The benefits of mindfulness for adults are well documented. According to a report from Exeter University: "Amongst...

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