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Welcome to those of you who are subscribers as well as those who are reading my newsletter for the first time. If you missed the December 2021 News & Views. Part I, you can read it here https://conta.cc/3EueC2N. If you missed the November newsletter which addressed the November 19 Lunar Eclipse that will have ramifications into the new year, you can read it here conta.cc/3wOjaOA.

I want to wish you all a happy holiday season and a blessed new year, and hoping that this new surge ends soon. Some of us thought we were out of the woods, however, with the third Saturn-Uranus square on December 24, it was likely there would be one more infusion. For information about Saturn-Uranus square and the present Venus Retrograde please scroll down below.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that the two hour lecture I gave on Venus Retrograde for the NCGR Milwaukee Chapter is for sale on my website. You will receive the video recording and the power point/pdf presentation for $25. You can scroll below for a description and then purchase at www.ronniedreyer.com.

Additionally you can order my 2022 Sensitive Degrees Webinar, which took place on December 12 and ran five hours. It has lots of information about my perceptions about the coming year, beginning with the eclipses of November 19 and December 4 and their ramifications for 2022. We also discussed the Venus Retrograde Cycle, the Saturn-Uranus square, Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, as well as 2022 eclipses, ingresses, retrogrades, aspects, and many more. You can read about it below and purchase on my website www.ronniedreyer.com.

Scroll down below for information about horoscope readings. I do get booked quickly so if you would like a reading it is a good idea to reach out via this email address. My next open appointment is Thursday January 13.

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Once again happy holidays and a blessed new year to you all.

All good wishes