December 2021
Our Mission Statement
As a welcoming congregation, we work and worship together to become people of open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands. We honor the transformative power of love in our individual lives and broader communities.

The sanctuary is open again!

When attending in-person we request that everyone except the person behind the lectern wear a mask, and join us in-person only if you have been fully vaccinated. We will continue to stream the services via Zoom as well. We will not begin Children's RE in our building yet, but plan to resume after our children have had the opportunities to be vaccinated.

Thank you for your understanding, as we try to protect one another.
It Doesn’t Happen by Itself!

This congregation has survived a pandemic – or should I say IS SURVIVING a pandemic. And we’ve managed to meet our obligations, serve our community, plan for our future through our stewardship campaign, and work for justice, equity, compassion, and peace. How does this happen? Well, it takes a lot of folks in leadership positions and volunteers on teams and committees. This month, as we come to the end of our calendar and fiscal year, I want to honor those who have served on the board this year. These folks mastered Zoom and have been there every month, and more, making the decisions that needed to be made on your behalf. It’s not an easy task. And I’m so thankful that we have such capable people willing to do this. When you see them, please share your thanks. Our current board members for 2021 are:
This newsletter has a lot of good information. Please read it and join us for this holiday season.

Peace, Love and JOY!
December 5
"Finding Your Second Wind"
Clint Tawes
As Unitarian Universalists, we are constantly at work to be on the right side of issues and the right side of history. Being socially and religiously progressive has its benefits, but it can also be exhausting. It is vitally important that we tap into our spiritual resources to find strength when we feel emotionally and spiritually drained.

For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines above OR at Or, if you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this zoom link:

December 12
"Rejoice! An Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant"
Rev. Jane Page
Come join our Rev. Jane as she guides our children and willing adults in our Annual Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant. Rejoice with us in this special season of wonder.

For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines above OR at Or, if you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this zoom link:
December 19
"Ghosts of Christmas Past"
Tanya Carden
The Three Ghosts of Christmas will visit UUFS. Tanya Carden will present a short message, and then attendees will be invited to share their cherished holiday memories.

For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines above OR at If you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this zoom link:

December 26
"Annual Fire Ceremony"
Shari Barr
Pastoral Care Associate Shari Barr leads us in our Annual Fire Ceremony as we come to the end of the year. Fire Ceremony is outdoors, weather permitting.

For information about our IN-PERSON SERVICE please see our Covid guidelines above OR at If you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this zoom link:
Dr. Fauci says that it's fine for us vaccinated folks to get together and have a good time during this holiday season.

SO, we are inviting our vaccinated friends to return once again to our home for a Winter Solstice Celebration at 4863 Country Club Road, Statesboro, GA on Tuesday, December 21, at 5:30 pm. Bring your favorite dish and beverages to share at this potluck feast. After supper we will make our way through the woods to the labyrinth gathering place for our Solstice rituals around the bonfire. This celebration is for all ages! Join us on the longest night of the year as we connect with our ancestors in welcoming the return of the sun and longer days in the northern hemisphere. This celebration is for everyone - not just those who identify as pagan. All of our winter festivals are based upon these ancient rituals and we honor them together.

"Come, come whoever you are! Wanderers, worshippers, lovers of leaving. Ours is no caravan of despair, Come, yet again, come!" 
Jane Page and Greg Brock

Our condolences to Martha Hughes whose mother Arlene Grogan Hughes died November 15 at the age of 100.
UU friend Dr. Meca Williams-Johnson revisited our pulpit November 22. Her talk was on Critical Race Theory, where we learned that this body of work has never been taught in elementary school.
Shari Barr was the successful bidder on UUCG's online auction for
Beth Stevenson's overnight camping trip, redeemed recently at Cumberland Island.
Pictured: Abby, Grace, Beth, Tara and Shari.
UU Treasurer & chief groundskeeper Cynthia Frost surprised Rev. Jane with a presentation of a Red Maple tree, which will be planted at UU in honor of Jane's 15 year ministry with us.
December is National Human Rights Month

December 1—-Anniversary of the Arrest of Rosa Parks

December 3——International Day of Persons With Disabilities

December 5——International Volunteer Day

December 10——Universal Declaration of Human Rights

December 18——International Migrants Day

December 20——Human Solidarity Day
Happy Holidays to everyone!
Karen Lambie
Social Justice Team Leader
Giving via VENMO!
We want to make it EASY for you to share with us! Many of you use VENMO – and others should think about getting this app and connecting it to your bank account. Then, when you want to send money to your grandchild or to your congregation, it just takes a couple of clicks to do that. Our VENMO name is @UUStatesboro.
Go to your apps store to get the VENMO app, then just follow the directions to set it up! Neither you nor the church will be charged anything.

There is a place to tell what it’s for. IF it’s to count toward your pledge, please write pledge in that space. If it’s for some special project we are fundraising for, you can put that. Easy Peasy!
Our tradition of giving away half of the offering that is not designated as a pledge continues in 2021, with some adjustments. For now, all offerings will continue to be shared with Reverend Jane's Helping Hands Fund to directly help people in our community.

Thank you for your continued support and faithfulness to our congregation, which allows us to remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community.
Yoga Classes in Person for Vaccinated Persons - Social distancing observed. 

MindBody Center Yoga
December 1-December 30 Schedule

Tuesdays 9:30 a.m.: Iyengar Yoga with Inge
Tuesdays 6:00 p.m.: Gentle Yoga with Vivian
Thursdays 9:30 a.m.: Iyengar Yoga with Inge
Thursdays 6:00 p.m.: Flow Yoga with Vivian

Classes are limited to 6 vaccinated attendees wearing masks and practice social distance.

Secure your space by registering at
Vivian‘s classes are on a donations basis.

Inge Spencer
Iyengar Certified Instructor
MindBody Center Yoga
912 596-3322 (call or text)

For more information on our classes and instructors go to
or call or text Inge at 912-596-3322
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
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UUFS ZOOM ROOM / Meeting ID: 591 583 6890
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C: 912.682.3566
President: Tanya Carden
Vice President: June Hackle
Secretary: Teresa Winn
Treasurer: Cynthia Frost
Member at Large: John Thompson

You may contact board members by emailing
and please put the board member's name in the subject line.
Shari Barr
Home: 912.764.7300
Cell: 912.687.3899

Chair: Dee Liston

Elaine Deaver
Cell: 912.230.2675

Phone: 912.682.3566
Mike Montagne

Shari Barr

Abby Thompson

Dee Liston, Shari Barr,
Barb Hendry

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