Happy Holidays! I really want to start off with some positivity this holiday season. This year, I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family, the hard working 3rd Ward staff, and of course all my constituents who make being Alderman a dream come true. Here is to a happy and healthy holiday season and an even better new year.

I would be remiss talking about the holidays without briefly mentioning COVID-19. Protect the ones you love! Get vaccinated (or your booster), and if there are small children or other vulnerable people in the house, continue to wear masks to protect them. The presents, and the joy, will not be lessened while following proper health and safety protocols.

And speaking of presents, please shop local whenever possible. I know it's easy to go online and order from the big box stores, but if you are going to shop for the holidays, let's do our best to keep our money in our community. Not only are Chicago's world-class shopping districts full of independent stores, but our neighborhood business corridors boast something for everyone. While it may not be as convenient as a quick run to a big box, making a little extra effort will keep dollars in our community, support the local businesses that make our neighborhoods vibrant, and can even result in getting something unique and special for someone you love.

As always, the 3rd Ward Public Service Office staff and I are available to assist you by phone 773-373-9273 or via email at Thank you for reading this newsletter. Please share it with a neighbor or friend.


Pat Dowell
Alderman, 3rd Ward