December 2022 Newsletter
Keeping Child Development in Mind During the Holidays
The end of the year is filled with holiday traditions and celebrations that are meant to be joyous and merry. Gatherings bring families and friends together for festivities and camaraderie. Children and adults alike feel the excitement in the air. Unfortunately, instead of excitement some people become overwhelmed with feelings of anticipation, anxiety, and stress.
Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development
Bowlby’s Attachment Theory
Executive Functions
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It’s the end of the year! How are you doing with the goals you set for yourself this year?
A. I have achieved all of the goals I set for myself this year.
B. I have achieved a number of goals I set for myself.
C. I have achieved a few of the goals I set for myself.
D. I need to refocus on the goals I wanted to achieve this year.
Poll Results: November 2022 Newsletter
Which statement best reflects how your program measures satisfaction?

A. We regularly measure satisfaction from families, employees, and children. - 24.2% (159)
B. We regularly measure satisfaction from families and employees. - 17.9% (118)
C. We regularly measure satisfaction from families. - 17.8% (117)
D. We sometimes measure satisfaction. - 18.5% (122)
E. We rarely measure satisfaction. - 21.6% (142)

Total: 658 responses

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Remembering Child Development During the Holidays

Think about how the stress of the holiday season may impact the children in your group as you seek to meet their internal needs and share information with families. Learn more about opportunities to create safe, predictable environments.

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Student Spotlight
Tanisha Gibson
Wilmington, Delaware
Hard work, hope and faith and CCEI's education coaches allowed me to complete the online CDA Certification program bringing tears of joy and focus to live in passion and purpose in my child care career. The experience with CCEI's CDA Certification program helped me realize what I am capable of and my strength to never give up through any challenging moments and to keep going and remain positive and strong because nothing is easy. 

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