Volume 22 | Issue 11 | December 2022


UCP Committee

Last Laugh

Sask Area Council

Happy Holidays


2022 Reflection



New Members



Nathan Kraemer

Recording Secretary:

Ellen Foley


Kaleena Baulin

Negotiating Chairperson:

Shaun Jenkins

Maintenance V.P.:

Karl Dahle

Process V.P.:

Wade Schnell

Administration V.P.:

Tasha Lang


Kurt Haakensen

Chief Shop Steward:

Richard Exner

Information Officer:

Ashlyn Heintz


Brandon Mang

Sergeant at Arms:

Nic Skulski


Amy Wisniewski 

Daryl Watch 

Anton Skulski


December 5th has recently passed and with it the third anniversary of the lockout.

We want to pause and acknowledge the tremendous contributions of all our members throughout the dispute. Many of the bonds and solidarity created on the line remain. The lockout truly was our most significant unexpected team building event.

Even though our contract expiry still seems far into the future, the UCP committee continues to meet regularly throughout each year to ensure we are prepared and ready should any future labour disruption occur.

The committee has seen a lot of change post lockout, with many new faces. It currently consists of 10 members from across all departments in our workforce.

As we all enjoy the holiday season with our families, in our warm homes, we encourage all members to remember the generosity that was shown to us on the line and hope those that can pay it forward choose to. 594’s biggest strength has always been its people. Surviving tough times attests to the strength of our membership.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season and happy holidays from your UCP family!

In Solidarity,





Karla Hanson


Debbie Bourassa &

Mitch Bloos

Building Maintenance:

Garth Wendel


Mike Pelzer


Sam Seibel


Corey Strass & Colin Waldie

Fire & Safety:

Daryl Watch &

Ryan Shillingford

Information Technology:

Cory Frederickson


Shane Thompson


Dave Mushynsky &

Jaret McCloy & Chris Szala


Luke McGeough &

Brandon Mang


Andrea Jordan & Mike Fink


Derek Kups & Karter Diewold

MRP: Garth Wendel

PDD Loading: Jamie Wolf

PDD Warehouse: Vacant

PDD Office:

Christal Wisniewski


Jeremy Lukomski

& Dan Ross


Ryan Dzioba


Nelson Wagman

Section IA:

Dean Funke

Section IB:

Charles Brittner

Section II:

Jason Sharp

Section III:

Josh Hollinger

Section IV:

Pat Pilot & Cam Parisien

Section V:

Andrew Murray


Nathan Fafard


Scott Wicklund


Daryl Watch, a member of the SAC (Unifor Saskatchewan Area Council) and his committee supported a community drop-in Chili lunch on December 4th for Newo Yotina Friendship Centre.

Representatives from Unifor Local 1S and 911 volunteered their time in December. There will be two more dates in January and February. The SAC would love some members from 594 to step up and help out. The dates are still to be determined .. keep an eye out for those

Unifor Local 650, Delta Hotel in Regina will be sponsoring a Sunday in March.


The Union Executive wishes all of our members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope everyone has the ability to relax, recharge, and spend time with your loved ones. To those of us that will be at the plant over the holidays, we wish you a safe season!

DYK? Together as a membership at the Christmas Party and union, we were able to donate $1500 to both the W.I.S.H (Wichihik Iskwewak) Safe House for women and children, and the Salvation Army Waterston Centre men only shelter. Thank you to everyone that helped us spread holiday cheer for those in need!


Last month Ellen Folley (Recording Secretary) and I were able to attend the 40-hour Unifor National Human Rights course at Unifor 1S's union hall. This course is a requirement for officers of all locals as per the National Bylaws and we are the last members of the 594 Executive yet to take it. Instructors from Ontario led material and discussions on topics such as Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Racism, Gender & Sexuality, Disability, Allies & Privilege, Challenges for the Labour Movement, Duty to Accommodate and Harassment. The course participants were from a diverse group of Saskatchewan Unifor locals and it was a great week of learning with lots of engaging conversations.

One of the things that stood out most to me was the topic of accommodation. Any worker at any point in their career can become injured or suffer a disability that requires accommodation. Having bargained language to protect workers and hold employers to their “duty to accommodate” helps reduce some of the stress that a worker would feel as they go through this temporary or long-term transition. Whether it’s an accommodated work station, job duties or even a different role in an organization there is something that can be negotiated for the good of the member. At 594 I am proud to say we have an accommodation committee that has assisted several members over the years with varying needs. We also have Letter of Understanding #35 which specifically deals with accommodation in our CBA.

All in all, the human rights course outlined the fact that all workers, regardless of their situation, need representation and a voice to be heard. Hearing stories from other workplaces and situations reaffirmed the fact that we all just want a workplace where we can be treated with dignity, respect and have our rights protected. It was a good learning experience and I am grateful I was able to attend.

Ellen finds the Residential School education an important part of the human rights course, "As a daughter of a Residential School Survivor, the Truth and Reconciliation portion of this course hit close to home. The content educates people of past injustices and encourages us to work as a whole, to mend and support healing, and to advocate for each of us to stand for one another as human beings."

In Solidarity,

Wade Schnell, Process VP


As 2022 comes to an end, I want to share my best wishes with all my 594 sisters and brothers and your families at home.

I want to reflect on another year and the gains we have made. This year, again, we have accomplished a lot together. We all got the company through another turnaround safely and efficiently. We have settled grievances and arbitrations, clarifying language and protecting the interests of everyone in our union. We have started to see job postings and new hires recently and have been able to start swearing in new members at general meetings again.

A few months ago we were able to start going back to in-person meetings at the hall. It is way better getting to see everyone again and not just a little window in a zoom meeting. We also had our first party post COVID and we filled the Turvey Center to celebrate our 80th year as a union local.

We have stuck together, worked, grown and achieved this year, as 594 does every year, and I look forward to what 2023 will bring.

Thank you everyone for your commitment, dedication, and solidarity throughout the year. I hope you are all is able to spend time with family and friends this season and get at least a little time away from work.

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a happy, healthy new year,

Nathan Kraemer, President

Employee & Family Assistance Program
The Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is through Homewood Health and is available 24/7/365. Call 1-800-663-1142 or reach out to a trusted confident, friend or co-worker if you aren't feeling like yourself.

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