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Beckley Farm Lodge's thrifty experience

Activity staff at Beckley Farm Lodge recently took residents on a fun shopping expedition to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It's a win-win! Read more

Happy 'horse'lidays at Nigel House!

Nigel House residents have enjoyed a number of holiday outings recently, including a visit with ponies (and one very friendly cat!), and a shopping jaunt to The Bay Centre. Read more

A new beat for Rest Haven Lodge

The people who live and work at Rest Haven Lodge in Sidney have taken on a new beat! Read about their new Yoga Drumming program, and more! Read more

'CanConnect'-ing with family and friends at Veterans Memorial Lodge

Through a partnership with CanConnect at the University of Victoria, three residents are testing video equipment to keep them in touch with family and friends. Read more

Veterans Health Centre

Competitive delicious delights!

Clients and staff from the Veterans Health Centre entered a number of gingerbread houses into competition at the Panorama Recreation Centre in Sidney. It must smell heavenly in there ... if you're in the area, stop in and vote for your favourite! Read more

Introducing ...

Family member Leslie ...

Leslie’s mom moved to Veterans Memorial Lodge in late December 2020. The move delighted her mother, who had been living in an independent living home. Their number one choice for long term care was Broadmead Care, and Leslie's mom was "beside herself with joy" to learn she would be living at Veterans Memorial Lodge. Read more

In the Community

Broadmead Care’s Worth a Shot Holiday 50/50 raised more than $12,500! Congratulations to Hugh Carson, whose father lives at Veterans Memorial Lodge, for taking home half of the jackpot!

Thanks to everyone who participated, more than $6,250 will be used to support urgent equipment needs at Broadmead Care Homes.

We are so grateful for your support. Stay tuned for our next 50/50 draw, coming in Spring 2023!

Thanks to people like you, we raised more than $5,300 on #GivingTuesday! Thanks for joining in our journey to support the people who live at Broadmead Care Homes.

Click the image above to view an exclusive Broadmead Care short film. Created by young local artist Oliver Moores, this animated short film captures snippets of a resident’s life journey, and how their journey connects with yours.

Family Matters

11 ways to ease the transition to long term care

Moving a loved one or yourself in to a new home can be an exciting, new challenge. Moving in to a long term care home has its own set of things to navigate. Read more

Family Survey early results

Thank you so much for your participation in our family survey. A record number of you took part! While the full results aren't ready for you yet, we do have a few things to share. Read more

Pieces of Europe at Veterans Memorial Lodge

Did you know ... the Oak Room at Veterans Memorial Lodge has beautiful stained glass windows. Some of the fragments used to create the windows are from bombed-out churches in Europe. Learn more in this article from the Lookout Navy News. Read more

Sturgis wants to help you feel better

If you feel better after you spend time with a pet, you're not alone. Many people benefit from interactions with our furry - or scaly - or feathered - friends. Guest author Suzi talks about the benefits of pet therapy. Read more 

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