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The Season of Giving

We hope this holiday season you can take some time to reflect on all the good things you may have done over this past year. A simple smile, a gift of time to help someone in need, or a donation to a cause that is important to you. It is the little things that may do more good than we know.


Our best wishes to you and yours. Happy Holidays from all of us at AFP


  • Meetings in 2023 There is nothing like having in-person meetings again. However, if you prefer we also have meetings via Zoom. Please make sure to indicate your preference for either an in-person or a Zoom meeting when scheduling.

  • Cybersecurity Alert – Please make sure that you do not send emails with personal information in them. This includes tax, financial, and banking information. Emails are not secure and your information could be intercepted, possibly leading to identity theft.

  • Mailing Address Update – When addressing mail for AFP, please make sure you add "Suite A" to the address. This is due to a post office address update and new tenants in our office building.

  • Construction Heads Up – At the end of January, Grandview Heights Schools will be demolishing the old middle school across the street from our building and making many other significant changes as well.

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Tax-Loss Harvesting Comes With Hidden Risks

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+ Teri's World

It has been a busy month since we got back from “holiday” in New Zealand. Seems like a distant memory at this point, but well worth the long flight. We hiked the south island for 13 days, snorkeled with dolphins in 50-degree rocky ocean water, sea kayaked, sampled their best wines, and made new friends. Between getting ready for Christmas, taking Rubi to weekly puppy kindergarten classes, and getting Tucker ready for his looming torn ligament surgery on 12/28, there has been little downtime. I’ve made a point to get back into Grandview’s “old lady” (what I call it) weightlifting class once a week. I had stopped doing this since COVID, so it feels good to get this back on track. Looking forward to spending some time with friends and family over this last week of December. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

+ Nathan's Notes

This past month we had a quiet Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, and a quick visit from Lisa’s parents. Even though it’s a little (or a lot!) colder outside, we still try to get out and enjoy the seasonal activities. We visited the zoo and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Zoo Lights – it seems that the lights show gets a little bigger and brighter every year. Afterward, we had dinner at Velca Grill (161 & Linworth), which is an Albanian/Mediterranean restaurant, and had some delicious Albanian fare. Even the girls thought it was good! We also attended our first OSU basketball game in a while. Although I couldn’t tell you whom they played, it was a fun game to watch, and the Buckeyes played well and almost scored 100.

+ Tracey's Time

December keeps us busy and this year is no exception. While wish lists include more needs and less wants, due to this year’s inflation, there is still the usual decorating, cooking, eating, and some shopping. I like to take a stroll through Winterfair; an annual event showcasing products from artists and craftsmen. The goods are produced using multiple types of media, and include anything from fine art to furniture, jewelry, and textiles. Though many items are outside of my budget, I appreciate the talents of the creators. The fact that our money does not go as far should be a sign that we should turn our focus toward intangibles. Our most precious resource, time, should be spent just a wisely as dollars. Whatever is on your wish list this year, I hope all of the boxes are checked for you!

+ Erik's Exploits

December has been pretty quiet for me. Pretty much all of my friends managed to catch COVID, one after another, so I haven’t been able to get out much. However, I did manage to get to a Blue Jackets game earlier this month with my dad and see one of their rare wins. A small benefit of having nothing going on is that I had more time to help my mom get ready for her annual Christmas party. As a result, for once, we weren’t scrambling around at the last minute getting ready.  

Current Economic and Investment Information

AGING AMERICA – The U.S. has grown older over the past two decades. Since 2000, the national median age - at which half the population is older and half younger - has risen by 3.4 years, to 38.8 (source: U.S. Census Bureau)  

OLDER DEBT OWNERS– Almost 22% of all student debt in the U.S. is owned by someone aged 50-plus. According to a White House statement, nearly a third of older Americans with student debt are in default. (source: AARP).

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS – Since 1950, the average bull market has lasted 66 months, more than four times the length of the average bear market. During this period of time, the average bull market made gains of 192% while bear markets incurred an average loss of 34%.

JOBS CREATION – Despite the U.S. unemployment rate remaining at 3.7% in November, the U.S. economy added 263,000 new jobs. The leisure and hospitality industry, along with health care and government industries, all saw gains in job openings. (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The European Energy Crisis

Volatile energy prices are squeezing household costs and business productivity in Europe. While energy prices have fallen in recent months, several factors could influence price volatility looking ahead. This infographic from New York Life Investments, demonstrates the potential impacts of Europe’s energy crisis on consumers, businesses, and the wider global economy.

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Scammer Protection

Eight Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents (and Yourself) to Keep Their Phones Safe From Hackers

People over 60 lose a lot of money to phone scams. Some simple steps can make them more secure.

By Dalvin Brown

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Scammers have a lot of opportunities to bilk people during the holiday season. How do you make sure they aren’t tricking someone you love—particularly someone who is especially vulnerable to scams?

While swindlers will target people of all ages, older Americans have become the favored mark. Adults 60 and over lose the most money to fraud each year, and phone scams do the most financial damage, according to a Federal Trade Commission report released in October 2022.

So, it is vital to make sure your older family members know how to keep their phones safe. The best way to start is by looking in the mirror. Figure out what security steps you take—or should take—with your own phone and how you could protect yourself better, and then help your relatives tighten up their defenses. Remember, age might make some people more susceptible to these risks, but anybody can miss key security strategies. And no criminals will check your age before they hack you.

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Important Paperwork

Where's That Document?

Keeping important papers in their proper place

By Niamh Rower

Source: AARP

The word "paperwork" has become an anachronism; most legal and business documents today are created, signed and stored digitally. But there a re a few actual pieces of paper - among them birth certificates, car titles, home deeds, passports and Social Security cards - that remain vitally important to keep, tend to and, on rare occasions, use. Many can be several decades old. So what is the proper way to store and secure them? And if lost, how do you replace them?

We asked financial and legal pros about the proper care and storage of official documents. In general, they say, there are three levels of document storage and format needs. Why not use the arrival of a new year to get your paperwork properly sorted and in order?

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“The joy of brightening other lives becomes, for us, the magic of the holidays.”

- W.C. Jones

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