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December 2022

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*FREE* DPP Participant Materials Available

2021 DPRP Standards Now Available In Spanish

New Resource Catalog for DPP Organizations

FREE Materials from DiabetesFreeNC

Available Items:

  • Food Model Kits (1 per DPP)
  • Mexican American Food Model Kits (1 per DPP)
  • Vegetarian American Food Model Kits (1 per DPP)
  • Non-Latex Stretch Bands (up to 20 per DPP)
  • Calorie King Books (up to 20 per DPP)
  • Plan Your Portion Placemats - 8.5' x 11', One pack of 100 tear-off sheets (up to 2 packs per DPP)
  • Grocery Shopping Made Easy Guidebook - 18 pages in English; Flips over for 18 pages in Spanish (up to 10 per DPP)
  • Portion Plates (up to 20 per DPP)
  • Cooking with EFNEP Cookbook in Spanish (up to 10 per DPP)

If you are interested in receiving any of these materials from our team, please email Kristie.hicks@dhhs.nc.gov with the following information in the body of the email:

  • Name of Program Coordinator or Lifestyle Coach
  • Mailing Address of the DPP
  • Items and Numbers Requested (please do not request more than allowed amounts indicated for each item)

2021 DPRP Standards Now Available In Spanish

Read the standards and operating procedures that organizations must meet to receive CDC recognition for their lifestyle change program.

Tools and Resources: National DPP Page
Direct Link to 2021 DPRP Standards in Spanish

New Resource Catalog for DPP Organizations

A new catalogue of resources has been released, focused on supporting organizations scaling the DPP in underserved areas across the country. The priority populations served by these resources include: Medicare beneficiaries, men, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Pacific Islanders, and noninstitutionalized people with visual impairments or physical disabilities. These resources include campaigns and advertisements, sample newsletter articles, social media posts, postcards, radio scripts, and more.

The Adults 65+ Promotional Material is a guide to help promote the lifestyle change program among adults aged 65 and older. The 65 and older population is diverse and what works for one community might not work for another. These materials offer guides, drop-in articles, direct mail resources, infographics, and scripts to reach this group. Take a look at the resources below when building your program's campaign to reach adults 65 and older:

Adults 65+ Audience

The African American Audiences Promotional Materials includes resources to aid in enrollment and retention of African Americans at risk for type 2 diabetes in National DPP lifestyle change program (LCP). These materials include a fillable infographic and flyer as well as a sample drop-in article.  

African American Audience

These resources include promotional materials for both Christian and Islamic audiences. Each resource provides guidance to help understand more about the specific faith community and how to conduct outreach to build lasting relationships and promote your program. National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change programs (LCPs) can use the materials, images, and promotional messages to reach persons engaged with faith communities about type 2 diabetes prevention and the lifestyle change program.

Faith Based Audiences

Building your organization's annual marketing calendar with each month's holidays and events in mind can be an effective strategy to engage participants in your lifestyle change programs. Click on a month's promotional materials below to see a package of tailored resources for each month of the year. These materials include a range of resources such as sample E-Newsletter copy, Drop-In Articles, Social Media copy, and more! 

Monthly Promotional Material

This resource includes promotional materials to aid in the enrollment and retention of Hispanic/Latinos at risk for type 2 diabetes in the National DPP lifestyle change program (LCP). These materials and promotional messages can be used to better understand how diabetes affects the Hispanic/Latino community and prompt the community to engage with your LCP.

Hispanic/Latino Audienes

Many Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) people are at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes yet may be unaware of their increased risk. They may also have less access to linguistically or culturally tailored diabetes education and type 2 prevention support. The resources were created specifically to target the MENA audience and help them learn about their risk and how joining a lifestyle change program can help prevent developing type 2 diabetes.

Middle Eastern and North African Audiences

The Year Round Recruiting and Retention Promotional Materials include resources to catch potential participant interest and keep them invested in the program year after year. National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change programs can use these materials to plan and strategize campaigns, create an editorial calendar for social media, and connect with audiences using real testimonials. Check out the resources below:

Year Round Recruiting and Retention Materials
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