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Natural Solution Expedition - Grade 9

Environmental justice is a compelling topic that directly connects to The Greene School's mission statement. Local and global biodiversity is under threat from human disturbance and climate change. There is value in preserving the natural environment to maintain resources and diversity within species for the health of the environment and the rapidly growing human population. In this grade 9 expedition, students learned about the missions of the most important regional environmental organizations and the role that they play in the conservation of biological diversity.

Grade 9 students met with conservation experts at Roger Williams Zoo, Mystic Aquarium, and the Audubon Society, learning not only about biodiversity and conservation, but their role as youth activists. In the spring, students will embark on a service project around reforestation both locally and in partnership with Herison Phanuel, an environmental activist and educator in Tanzania. 

The Code Expedition - Grade 11

The study of inequality in the 20th century served as the foundation of the grade 11 expedition, while workshop opportunities allow students to explore the history of the African American Civil Rights Movement, the American caste system, and the societal structures that motivate people to struggle for change.

A three-day fieldwork experience in New York City provided students the opportunity to apply their learning by visiting Ellis Island, the Museum of Chinese in America, and the Museum of the City of New York, not to mention the opportunity to navigate through a diverse and modern city.

A return to NYC fieldwork enlightened the learning that took place in our classrooms throughout the expedition. The Code Expedition culminated with research papers grounded in students' personal commitments to social issues, podcasts featuring each student's research, and a final product showcase at New England Tech. 

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Our Place by the Sea Expedition, Grade 12 Capstone Project

This semester-long expedition focused on coastal resilience and sustainability engaging students as environmental leaders through detailed data collection and analysis. The expedition curriculum followed a process of scientific research modeled after the practices of the professional community. Students were challenged to explore urgent environmental issues and remediation efforts. Through research and fieldwork, science instruction facilitated data collection and analysis to examine ecological threats impacting coastal areas. Students progressed from a point of research and analysis to writing a scientific research paper.

On Friday, December 16, this expedition culminated in individual student presentations, followed by opportunities for interactive dialogue. This event was held at the URI Bay Campus Coastal Resource Center.

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EL Education and The Greene School have a different approach to teaching and learning.

We create classrooms where...

Learning is challenging.

Students are supported to do far more than they think they can. Teachers expect excellence and teach in ways that enable students to learn deeply, surpass standards, and produce high-quality work. Students and teachers model academic courage.

Learning is active.

Students are scientists, urban planners, historians, artists, and activists, exploring ideas and engaging in authentic work that allows them to contribute to their communities and promote equity and social justice.

Learning is meaningful.

Students build deep understanding of concepts and can apply their skills and knowledge to new contexts and real-world issues. They are learning with a purpose- getting smart to do good- and see that their education is in service of building a better world.

Learning is collaborative.

School leaders, teachers, students, and families work together to create a culture of respect, responsibility, and joy in learning. The school community is a place where all students and adults feel that they belong, support each other to succeed, and are inspired to be their best selves.

Learning is public.

Students produce high-quality work for presentation to audiences within and beyond the school. They reflect on what and how they learn with peers, teachers, and community members. Hallways and classrooms are filled with evidence of learning and beautiful student work.

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