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December 2022

Wellness Program Newsletter

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  • You Can Do IT! Maintain Don’t Gain this December!
  • Time is Running Out! 24 Hour Fitness & CRUNCH Membership Discount Programs for you and your family ENDS Dec 31, 2022!
  • Reminder: Flu Shot Reimbursement Program Runs through Dec 31, 2022!
  • Your Good Mental Health:  Holiday Budget Tricks!
  • NEW PROGRAMMING in 2023!


The holidays are here! Time spent with family, friends and making sure you practice self-care/self-love too.

Yes, you CAN have financial wellness in the holiday season!

 We’ve got a wellness challenge to keep your weight in check with our accountability coach, Lauren Hogan. Each week we’ll raffle a $20 Safeway gift card to participants!


GET PAID to get your flu shot through our reimbursement program so you can put that $40 to further use and still take care of yourself!

 If you haven’t already, sign up for your 24-Hour Fitness or Crunch DISCOUNTED membership before Dec 31! Your monthly membership will remain locked, but you must act before Dec 31 to secure your rate.

Finally, we have budget tips to help this holiday.

So practice some self-care and take advantage of these tips to make the MOST of your holiday season!


DEC 5 - DEC 31


This year, avoid gaining any unwanted weight over the holidays and ring in the New Year, healthier and happier!

To participate: Submit a Weekly weigh in photo and a short 1:1 talk with our BaySport Nutritionist, Lauren Hogan.

CONTACT ME TO REGISTER! Participants have a weekly chance to WIN a $20 Safeway Gift Card! Perfect for Holiday Shopping!


Need some motivation? Start with these tips for pumping yourself up for exercise during the cold weather months.  


Eating for Your Health

Stay Healthy and Not Break the Bank this Holiday Season!

From Lauren Hogan, RDN

With the holiday season approaching, more grocery shopping is needed for family get-togethers, dinner potlucks, and holiday parties! However, with the rising costs of inflation, the cost of the foods in our grocery stores have unfortunately risen, too.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, eggs have gone up 40% in price, butter is up 24%, and milk is up 17%. In addition to the economic burden, inflation also affects our nutrition.

With the rising cost of foods, people generally buy less expensive foods which oftentimes means foods with less nutritional value.

But by following these simple guidelines, you can eat healthy foods during the holidays and feel good about your wallet savings!

·      Choose Frozen Produce

·      Avoid Highly Processed Meats

·      Choose Generic Brands Rather than Name-Brands



If you're looking for Nutritional support, Lauren is here to HELP!  Contact me to get started! Her services are FREE to you and your spouse!








IN 2023!

Flu Shot Reimbursement Program Is Underway!

WHAT: Get Your Flu Shot and Get Paid!

WHERE: Your local CVS, Walgreens, or Safeway Pharmacy

WHEN: Between September 20 - December 31, 2022

HOW: Easy and Simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Go to your local CVS, Walgreens, Safeway or accredited vaccination provider
  2. Pay the non-insurance charge (up to $40)
  3. Send a photo of your receipt to martha.hagmaier@baysport.com with your full name and mailing address
  4. We'll send you a check as a Thank You for take care of your health and wellbeing!

Fitness YOUR Way - You've Got CHOICES!!

Don’t Forget! DISCOUNT memberships for you and your family are still available at 24 Hour Fitness and Crunch Fitness locations! Sign up now to lock in your pricing! Click on the links below for more information! 

HURRY before time runs out! Offer Ends December 31, 2022. NOTE: Your membership discount will apply once you sign up and remain until you cancel your membership.

Click link(s) below to see more program details and information!

24 Hour Fitness Flier
Crunch Fitness Flier
Crunch Fitness Locations

Your Good Mental Health Space 

There’s something about a holiday that isn’t all about how much money you spend - H. Burton


The holiday season is one of giving, which often means it can easily become the season of spending too.

To help take the stress out of the holiday season, consider creating and sticking to a holiday spending plan. It’ll help lessen your stress and keep you from overspending; potentially racking up debt this holiday season.

  • List out your holiday expenses
  • Decide on your spending limit & allocate an amount to each category
  • Track your expenses to stay on target

By using this these steps, you’ll be able to make the most of your holidays!


UHC: Fundamentals of Financial Wellbeing (30 min recording)


  • Signs of Money Mismanagement
  • Budgeting: How to Stay on Track
  • Top Financial Concerns


UHC: Quick Read – Health Tip: Financial Wellbeing – Credit Scores

For more information contact martha.hagmaier@baysport.com

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