If paying by check, checks must be received no later than 11/25/23. See below for additional details.

Cost: $65 per guest

To make a reservation, you must leave a voicemail at (916) 453-0760 with your number of guests and entree choice no later than 11/22/23 or register online no later than 11/22/23.

To complete prepayment, please mail your check, made out to "SRWF" and enclose the names of the guests you are paying for and their chosen entrees, (see menu choices below).


PO Box 896

Citrus Heights, CA 95611


Prepay online via Square by Clicking Here

Unfortunately, no walk-ins can be accommodated. 

Please remember that a reservation made is a reservation paid unless canceled by Wednesday, November 22nd at 5:00 PM

We're delighted to announce that Congressman Kevin Kiley will be our special guest speaker at our

Annual Christmas Party Fundraiser!

Click here to learn more about our courageous Representative, fighting the good fight for us in Washington.

We reflect with deep gratitude on the celebration of the Marine Corps 248th birthday on November 10th and Veterans Day on November 11th, both now cherished memories. A resounding "Happy Birthday" echoes to the Marines, with a special nod to my husband Michael Gomez, a proud member of this distinguished family. Yet, the true essence of our thanks extends to all veterans, whose sacrifice and service form the backbone of our nation's strength. With sincere appreciation, we recognize and honor each one of you for the invaluable contributions you've made.

Our most sincere “THANK YOU” for your service!

In the midst of escalating fuel prices and the soaring costs associated with preparing Thanksgiving dinner, the strain felt at the gas pump and grocery store is undeniable. Yet, California seems impervious to these economic challenges. The rallying cry is clear: it's time for women to become more actively engaged in the effort to turn the state red. This entails not only mobilizing support for incumbents but also channeling efforts towards unseating Democrats from influential positions. The urgency of this call to action is underscored by the impending arrival of 2024, a year that demands undivided attention to navigate the state through its current economic tribulations.

As the pressure mounts and financial burdens persist, the call for change echoes louder, urging women to take a leading role in reshaping California's political landscape for a more prosperous and sustainable future. The state's well-being hinges on a collective effort to ensure that the upcoming political landscape reflects the needs and aspirations of its residents, lest the economic challenges overshadow the critical decisions that lie ahead.

Did you know that Target is now selling do-it-yourself 'At home fertility insemination sets'? This development sparks a thought-provoking conversation about the intersection of reproductive technology and commerce. On one side, the availability of these kits appears to offer a newfound level of convenience and autonomy in family planning, catering to those seeking alternative paths to parenthood. Yet, the question arises: is this a progressive step toward inclusivity, providing individuals or couples more agency over their reproductive journeys, or does it potentially exploit the vulnerable, capitalizing on the profound desire to expand one's family? Striking a balance between accessibility and responsible use prompts essential ethical considerations in the evolving landscape of reproductive health. How do you feel about this intersection of DIY fertility solutions and commercialization?

As Thanksgiving approaches on Thursday, November 23rd, I thought I'd delve into some intriguing and fun facts for you to share at the dinner table!

Thanksgiving didn't attain national holiday status until 1863, nearly 200 years after its origin. President Lincoln, persuaded after a 17-year campaign, declared it a national holiday.

The inaugural Thanksgiving feast likely lacked turkey; historians suggest duck, geese, venison, oysters, lobster, eel, and fish graced the table.

Surprisingly, forks were absent at the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims used only spoons and knives, unfamiliar with forks.

Over ninety percent of Americans consume turkey on Thanksgiving, but only 50% include stuffing inside. Delicious!

TV dinners emerged from the surplus of Thanksgiving turkey. Leftovers were packaged with sides in aluminum trays for later consumption.

In a yearly tradition, the U.S. President pardons a turkey from the Thanksgiving dinner table. President Truman initiated the practice in 1947, and President Obama spared a turkey named Courage, weighing 45 pounds.

Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey over the eagle as the national bird.

Americans collectively devour 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving, raising concerns for the feathered creatures.

The average Thanksgiving turkey weighs 15 pounds, now that's what I call a big bird!

Female turkeys don't gobble; only the males exhibit this distinctive sound.

Terrifying a wild turkey can prompt a sprint at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Corn shares the spotlight as a Thanksgiving symbol, with different colors considered sacred by some Americans.

Californians lead the nation in Thanksgiving turkey consumption, perhaps needing a post-feast nap.

Evidence from fossils indicates that turkeys roamed the Americas 10 million years ago.

Some U.S. locations, like Turkey Creek, Louisiana, Turkey, North Carolina, and Turkey, Texas, bear names inspired by Thanksgivings' main course.

President Lincoln designated the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving. President Roosevelt attempted to move it a week earlier during the Depression era for a longer shopping season, but the change was reversed due to public resistance.

Gather, Grateful, and Give Thanks - Wishing You a Thanksgiving Filled with Warmth and Blessings!


Source: Scholarship Points

Click Here for Enlarged View of Americanism Article
Click for Enlarged View of Chaplain's Prayer

Amy Scherschligt

2nd V.P. Membership Chair

Greetings to our SRWF Members from your Membership Chair

Why did you become a member of SRWF?

Our club has many wonderful women volunteering to serve us in a number of positions. It is a pleasure to introduce our Historian Brenda Bennett. Please join me in thanking her for helping make our club a great place to be! Please enjoy her story below and continue to email me your responses to why you joined SRWF so I can share them with our members in future newsletters!

I'm excited to see all of you at the December 2nd Annual Christmas Party Fundraiser!

If you have any membership questions, feel free to reach out anytime, and I'll be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you and get to know you better.

Please contact me, Amy Scherschligt at: or (916) 952-8222

Click Here for Enlarged View of Member Spotlight

Olga Hermann

Caring for America Chair

This is my last year serving you as Chair for Caring for America and we want to say, “Thank You”.

Hi Everyone,

This is my last year serving you as Chair for Caring for America and we want to say, “Thank You”. It has been an honor working with you in helping to bring awareness to the plight of vulnerable women and children. Together we have supported the three local pregnancy centers in the Sacramento region. We have also brought joy to the children of our military personnel serving away from home, through our Christmas fundraisers.

You, as the ladies of the SRWF, have a heart of gold in caring for America’s children. The bible tells us children are our reward, and we know they are our nation’s most valuable future resource as the adults of tomorrow.

The Republican Party was created to end the legal right of ownership of another human being. Yet this practice continues through aborting a human fetus (Latin for offspring or little one). By using our court system, the Abortion Industry exploited a loophole in the 14th Amendment which guaranteed citizenship and constitutional protection to ALL people BORN or naturalized in the United States only.

They convinced U.S. courts, PRE-BORN babies have no legal protection under the law and are the sole property of their mother. Young women are often persuaded to give consent to the destruction of their babies as “Products of Conception”. And like products, the profit made in the death of these children has been in the billions of dollars, not to the woman, but to the Abortion Industry which uses the funds to keep them in political power.

For several years, some of our federal Republican lawmakers have tried to put forth a Right to Life Amendment, to save our children from the life-ending practice of abortion in all States. I believe we as Republican women can continue the role our forefathers began to protect the lives of all, including our smallest. I look forward to continuing this pursuit with my fellow Republicans. 

God bless you and wishing you wonderful Holidays. Please remember to bring your gifts for our babies and Toys for Tots to our December 2nd Christmas luncheon.

Olga Hermann

Chair, Caring for America SRWF

(916) 452-1156

Would you please consider bringing an Opportunity Gift or gift card, an unwrapped toy for military children, and baby items for our local Pregnancy Centers?

(see details below).

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Peggy McGinness

SRWF Recording Secretary

To review the November 2023 General Meeting Minutes, please contact Peggy McGinness prior to the December Luncheon Meeting at

Shelly Waggoner

SRWF Treasurer

To review the October 2023 Treasurer's Report, please contact Treasurer Shelly Waggoner prior to the December Luncheon Meeting at

The November 2023 Treasurer's Report will be presented at the December Luncheon.

Calendar of Events

Nov 18- Blue Star Moms Military Care Package Packing Party, Roseville, 9-11 AM

Nov 23- Thanksgiving Day

Dec 2- Annual Christmas Party Fundraiser- Location: NRCC; Check-in begins @11:30 AM

Dec 9- Annual In & Out Meeting for SRWF Board Members; Time: 11:00 AM

Now-Dec 24th- Bass Pro Shop-Rocklin, Pictures with Santa; Click Here for online scheduling

Dec 25- Christmas Day

Jan 10- SRWF General Meeting & Luncheon- North Ridge CC: Check-in begins @11:30 AM

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