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Volume 104 | December 29th, 2021
Monthly Partner Spotlight
Each month we highlight a partner organization that provides collaborative services on the Campus.
St. Vincent de Paul
Feed. Clothe. House. Heal.
St. Vincent de Paul harnesses the power and compassion of the community to feed, clothe, house and heal people in need. St. Vincent de Paul’s Phoenix Dining Room at the Human Services Campus provides hundreds of meals on a daily basis for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Also located at the campus is St. Vincent de Paul’s Urban Farm, which not only provides fresh produce, but also service opportunities for guests in the dining room. The opportunity to tend to a garden and to work with fellow volunteers can be a tremendously healing process.

In addition, St. Vincent de Paul operates four other dining rooms across the valley, a medical and dental clinic, a transitional residence, a resource center, thrift stores and a network of food pantries across central and northern Arizona. To donate, volunteer or to learn more, please visit stvincentdepaul.net.
Two More Days to Donate and Take a Deduction on Your Federal Taxes!
With the CARES Act, as an individual, if you donate up to $300 in cash to a qualified organization such as the Human Services Campus, Inc. (EIN 46-3333160) by December 31, 2021, your adjusted gross income will be reduced up to $300. If you are married and filing jointly, your deduction is limited to $600. Taxpayers can takes this deduction whether you itemize or take the standard deduction. Please check with your financial advisor or visit the IRS Website for details.

By making a donation to the Human Services Campus, you will not only be helping those living in poverty, but you also may be able to obtain a dollar-for-dollar tax credit toward your Arizona state tax obligation. Single or head of household qualifiers may qualify for up to $400 and married couples filing jointly may qualify for a tax credit up to $800. Tax credits are available, based on your income tax filing status. HSC is not a tax advisor. As with any financial recommendation, contact a qualified tax professional for expert advice on your specific tax situation. For a more complete explanation of the state tax credit, please click here to read more about it and to view the tax form you will need: AZ Tax Credit Information
Episode 24 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
This TV series was created to continue Mike McQuaid’s mission to end homelessness here in the Valley. Mike McQuaid believed the problem could be solved, but he also knew it would take a community working together to achieve this goal. STN, in collaboration with the Human Services Campus and ASU’s Action Nexus, is working to shine a light on the challenges and, more importantly, the solutions.

In this episode, we take an inside look at the Arizona Housing Fund. Founder Howard Epstein joins us live in studio for this conversation. See how local business leaders are paving the way when it comes to building more affordable supportive housing in our state.

Special guests include Howard Epstein, Founder, Arizona Housing Fund; and John Kobierowski, President & CEO, ABI Multifamily.

Episode 25 will air on Monday, January 17th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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