Vet Build Home Dedication 2015
We proudly dedicated our Vet Build 2015 Home for a deserving combat veteran and his family on Friday, December 18th. This house, the 21st and final home in the Georgetown Point subdivision, was  built by volunteers and community partners in conjunction with local veterans and military groups. In addition to our usual presentations of the key, the bible, a ReStore gift certificate, and a print of a SCHFH build, the homeowner's mother (above) read the Habitat prayer for a new homeowner. Representatives from Jr. ROTC and VFW Post 2931 also took part in the ceremony. Many Friends of Habitat attended, toured the home, and participated in the laying of hands. Also in attendance were the Ladies of the Ocean View Garden Club, (below) who donated and planted some lovely greenery for the homeowner. Thank you, Ladies!
Thank you, Ocean View Garden Club Ladies!
Walker Family Home Dedication
We also dedicated a new home in the Ingram Village subdivision in Ellendale on Tuesday, December 22. After settlement, Michelle Walker and her daughter will occupy the 104th Habitat Home built in Sussex County since our inception in 1991. The 3 bedroom ranch-style home is the 4th of at least 12 Habitat homes slated to be built in this mixed income neighborhood housing initiative. As always, F riends of Habitat celebrated the dedication, participated in the laying of hands, toured the home, and enjoyed light refreshments. Michelle, who works as a pre-school teacher as well as at the local Boys and Girls Club, said she first heard of Habitat way back in 1991 when she attended an information session at a local church. Congratulations, Michelle!
Habitat's Newest Homeowner, Michelle Walker
Signing Ceremony
Herrera Family
We are so pleased to announce that we have a new Partner Family joining us! On Wednesday, December 23rd we held a signing ceremony at our office in Georgetown where many of our staff and volunteers were privileged and pleased to meet Marlin Herrara and her two children. Marlin will begin working with Family Services to complete the requirements of the program, including her 200 sweat equity hours. We have pledged to do all we can to assist her on their journey to home ownership. Welcome, Herreras! We look forward to getting to know you better and working with you.
Event Registration Now Open
Spotlight On ... 
AmeriCorps service member, Gary  Post, hails from Broadway,  Virginia.  In June,  Gary came to serve with SCHFH on our construction crew. His leadership skil ls were quickly recognized by our Construction Manager, Jeff Niethammer. Gary has been a great go-to-person on-site for our Partner Families. He helps lead other AmeriCorps service members and volunteers on-site as well. As a result, Gary, now serving a second term with AmeriCorps, will work part time with the Construction Crew and part time as our Repair Support Coordinator.  In this new role, Gary will participate in site visits, write scope-of-work recommendations, and take pictures. He will also serve as a repair crew leader on the actual days of repair. Great job, Gary! We appreciate your service leadership!
Holiday Giving Opportunities
Have you taken the Habitat Homes and Hope Holiday Challenge yet? A generous donor has a agreed to match every gift up to $5000 given between now and midnight on New Year's Eve! That means your gift will be doubled! Simply click the blue Donate Now button on the right-hand column of this newsletter. What a way to end the season of giving! 

What else is on our Holiday Wish List? Our Construction team could really use a donated pick-up truck! If you can help, please contact Jay Gundy, Development Director, at 302-855-1153 x210.
Volunteer Opportunities
Do you know residential construction? 
Can you  volunteer a day or two a month to lead other volunteers on a Habitat site?  We could use your help.  Call our Construction Manager Jeff Niethammer at  302.265.5968  to arrange for a crew leader interview.

Also, we are still accepting bids from plumbers for our current new home construction projects.  Please call Jeff for more information.

Want to give a day of service on a build site? Visit:
Global Village: Christmas Traditions in Guatemala
Ancient Mayan culture mixed with Spanish Christian religious philosophy and Catholic rituals result in some  unique Christmas traditions in Guatemala. Communal religious activity is often performed in the form of processions and novenas. A novena is a form of worship consisting of special prayers or services for nine successive days.

Processions are held each evening for nine days with religious statues taken around each plaza or town  commemorating the Holy Family asking for lodging and shelter at the inn.  These traditional posadas are often accompanied by loud drum beats, fireworks, and singing.  The statues of Mary and Joseph are eventually welcomed into a pre-selected home and taken to the nativity scene for the night and then moved on by procession to the next house the next night. Everybody enjoys food and drinks together after each nightly procession.

On the ninth night, the figure of the Christ Child is added to the manger at the ninth house and the community holds the biggest feast of all. Although the processions end on Christmas Eve (often during midnight mass) the festivities continue until morning and begin again at noon after Christmas Day church services. Many communities also hold a Christmas Day Parade.
Terra Cotta Nativity
Framing Fragments

Nothing to report at this time. Why not?

Our construction crew and many of our AmeriCorps members are enjoying a well deserved break with family and friends over the holidays. They will be rested and ready to get back to work on Monday, January 4th. 

Enjoy your break, everyone! Have a happy, healthy 2016!

Please note that the ReStore will close at 3 pm on 12/31 
and remain closed on 1/1/16.

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