December 5, 2018

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Message From the President

By John Witkowski, President & CEO

With just 26 days left in 2018, the countdown to 2019 is on. Reflecting upon the past year, there have been many remarkable milestones for both IBANYS and the community banking industry. At IBANYS, our membership has played a vital role in ensuring success with our educational meetings, webinars and government relations efforts. The historic passing of S.2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act was a victory for the community banking industry, providing substantial regulatory relief community banks have long waited for. 

Looking ahead to 2019, IBANYS is ready now more than ever. Together with our experienced staff, bank leaders and engaged membership, IBANYS is ready to face any new challenge that comes our way. Eager to build on this solid foundation, we cannot do it alone. As a member-driven organization, everything we do is based on our members-such as our meetings, strategies, policies and more. Therefore, we need YOUR input as to what your organization views as their top needs and priorities:
  • What state and federal legislative and regulatory issues are most important to your bank? We may include them in our policy planning.
  • What topics, issues or trends would you most like to see addressed at our 2019 conferences and meetings? They can help shape the planning sessions.
  • What product or service do you believe might be beneficial to your bank - whether it's an existing one, or a new idea? Tell us, and we will bring it to the attention of our leadership and explore ways to exhibit it to all our members.
New opportunities await in 2019 and IBANYS is ready to seize them. We remain committed to protecting and advancing the interests of New York's local community banks, our goal since 1974. View some of plans for 2019 in today's newsletter, such as our government relations outreach program, 2019 committees/peer groups and webinars.

As always, thank you for your support of IBANYS and all that you do on behalf of New York community banks.

Remember: IBANYS is YOUR association. Make it work for you!

- John


2018-19 IBANYS Dues Notices DuesNotice

2018 was a successful year for IBANYS, and we plan on making 2019 even better! There may be a few weeks left of 2018, but a new fiscal year has just begun at IBANYS effective November 1. As a result,  we have mailed membership dues renewal notices for November 1, 2018 - October 31, 2019. Included with the dues notice is an update on current IBANYS events and plans for the coming year. If you have any questions regarding your dues, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or 716-880-0518, or Linda Gregware at or 518-436-4646.

We also have finalized our 2019 IBANYS Meetings Calendar, and we are excited about some changes we have made! The biggest involves our annual convention, which will now be held in June instead of the fall. 

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Looking At 2019

Get Ready For Next Year's Convention!




June 10-12, 2019


5218 Patrick Rd, Verona, NY 13478


Get Ready for 2019 Meetings!  Meetings2019

Our 2019 Meeting dates and locations are now available! These educational conferences cover various subjects that are important within the community banking industry, spoken by the experts. T hey are also a great opportunity to network and earn CPE credits. Here is what we have planned for 2019:

Compliance Conference

                 March 12, 2019                                               March 13, 2019
                DoubleTree by Hilton                                                 Hilton Garden Inn
                1111 Jefferson Road                                                 235 Hoosick Street 
                Rochester, NY 14623                                                   Troy, NY 12180

Directors Conference

                   April 16, 2019                                                 April 17, 2019
           RIT Inn & Conference Cente                                  Hampton Inn Poughkeepsie
              5257 W.  Henrietta Road                                                  2361 South Rd.
                 Henrietta, NY 14467                                           Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Security Conference

                   May 7, 2019                                                     May 8, 2019
           RIT Inn & Conference Center                                Hampton Inn Poughkeepsie
              5257 W. Henrietta Road                                              2361 South Rd.
                 Henrietta, NY 14467                                         Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Lending Conference

May 21-22, 2019
Harbor Hotel Watkins Glen
16 North Franklin Street
Watkins Glen, NY 14891

Banking Executive Symposium

September 9-11, 2019
Location TBD

IBANYS' meetings provide insight into relevant issues spoken by experts in the field. They are also a great opportunity to network and earn CPE credits.

Have an idea for one of our meetings? Want to see a meeting or forum on a different subject? We want to hear from you!  Contact Linda Gregware at or me at with your thoughts and/or comments. 


IBANYSCommitteesPeerGroupsHave You Signed Up for IBANYS' 2019 Committees & Peer Groups?

Has your bank signed up to participate on IBANYS' 2019 committees and peer groups? In many ways, they're the lifeblood of the association. They provide member banks with direct input on policy development, offer a peer forum to share information and and a prime feedback opportunity for your bank. 

Most importantly, you can bring back information that can help keep your employees stay fully informed and up-to-date.  Take a look at the list below, and email President & CEO John Witkowski ( or Director of Administration and Membership Linda Gregware ( to let us know who will represent your bank on each committee/peer group.
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Compliance Peer Group
  • Security Peer Group
  • CFO Peer Group
  • Innovation Committee
IBANYS CEOs: Sign up yourself, or designate someone from your senior team to represent your bank in these efforts!  Contact IBANYS' Government Relations Director Steve Rice at  or President/CEO John Witkowski at  to join. NOW is the time!



IBANYS is always open to new ideas. If you have suggestions about a committee, product or service, program topic or speaker, tell us! IBANYS is member driven and we work together to make the community banking industry better each day.

IBANYS Education/WebinarsWebinars

IBANYS Webinars ListofIBANYSWebinars

Are you participating in IBANYS' webinars? Your peers are!  They provide timely, important information on subjects of interest to New York community bankers including operations, business development, investment, compliance and security. They are valuable not only for their content, but for their convenience and low-cost. Take part from the comfort and privacy of your office, without leaving the bank.  Our Webinar Series  offers many topics in the following categories:
  • Audit & Accounting
  • Collections
  • Compliance
  • Directors
  • Frontline & New Accounts
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • IRA
  • Lending
  • Operations
  • Security & Fraud
  • Senior Management
We are always adding more programs based on needs and requests of our members,
who drive our focus!  Take a look at the various series of webinars we offer by clicking each of the links below.


2019 Webinar Schedule  WebinarSchedule2019

The 2019 Webinar is now available! The Independent Bankers Association of NYS (IBANYS) partners with CBWN to bring you more than 150 webinars each year covering compliance, lending, regulations, security, operations, new accounts, collections, fraud, security and other topics. Even better, each time you purchase a webinar, you support IBANYS, because a portion of your registration comes directly to us. Thank you!  

You can view the 2019 Webinar Schedule here or by category here. In addition, CBWN has made some recent updates to provide better service to its consumers. Unfortunately, some changes may have caused you to miss important webinar announcements. Please read the IBANYS letter to view the updates and ensure that you do not miss another webinar.

CBWN and IBANYS thank you for your continued support of the education in the community banking industry. 




Target Marketing - Activation at the Point of Excitement

Visit the Vetter webinar archives page to view/download recording and presentation materials from previous webinars:



What the New Law Means for Banks
Thanks to the newly signed regulatory relief bill, most reciprocal deposits are no longer brokered. This comes as banks face intense and increasing competition for deposits.

Join Us for a Webinar
Join Promontory Interfinancial Network-- the nation's leading provider and inventor of reciprocal deposit placement services-- for a free webinar that outlines key provisions of the new law and the impact ICS®, or Insured Cash Sweep®, and CDARS® can have on banks' balance sheets. The webinar will also cover how banks can use ICS and CDARS to capitalize on the opportunities at hand; presenters will discuss cost-effective ways to use the services to attract high-value relationships (even as deposit competition intensifies) and to lock-in more low-cost funding (even as interest rates continue to rise.) This webinar is a "must" for decision-makers at banks of all sizes, especially for community banks that utilize collateralized deposits and/or listing services.

Choose a date and time that works for you!


Reg relief makes most reciprocal deposits nonbrokered, providing banks the opportunity to attract even more deposits. Thanks to the newly signed regulatory relief bill, most reciprocal deposits are no longer brokered. This comes as banks face intense and increasing competition for deposits.

Join Promontory Interfinancial Network - the nation's leading provider and inventor of reciprocal deposit placement services - for a free webinar that outlines key provisions of the new law and the impact ICS®, Insured Cash Sweep®, and CDARS® can have on banks' balance sheets. The webinar will also cover how banks can use ICS and CDARS to capitalize on the opportunities at hand; presenters will discuss cost-effective ways to use the services to attract high-value relationships (even as deposit competition intensifies) and to lock-in more low-cost funding (even as interest rates continue to rise). This webinar is a "must" for decision-makers at banks of all sizes, especially for community banks that utilize collateralized deposits and/or listing services.

Numerous new banks are joining the Promontory Network. In order to give these newly on-boarded banks an opportunity to begin transacting, we have decided to extend this incentive program through March 31, 2019. 

Choose a date and time that works for you!


Presents a  Complimentary Recorded Webinar for
Our Valued Webinar Participants


GDPR is a hot topic! The General Data Protection Regulation is the European Union's new data protection and privacy regulation that became effective May 25, 2018. Although these EU rules were developed a continent away, don't underestimate how they might affect you.

Privacy is a fundamental human right under the EU Charter. GDPR is intended to protect EU residents' data privacy rights even outside the EU. Mandatory compliance may be closer than you think. A few states have introduced similar legislation and others are following suit. This free webinar will explain how to analyze when and how your institution will be affected by GDPR, and how it differs from your existing privacy rules.

Click the image below to access this complimentary webinar.

This free webinar is available until December 31, 2018.

View full information, including info about the presenters.

Government Relations


Governor Cuomo will deliver his The New York State Legislature will convene its 2019 legislative session the first week in January, when Governor Cuomo will deliver his 9th "State of the State Message" and will present his proposed 2019-20 state budget.


Have You Reached Out To Your New Representatives? GROutreach

Last month, IBANYS mailed our outreach program to all member banks and encouraged you to meet with your new members of the State Senate, State Assembly and New York Congressional Delegation. The program materials include:
  • Talking points for your use in your meetings, emails and phone calls to introduce yourselves and to help inform them about New York's community banks.
Please let us know which state and federal lawmakers you have reached out to and update us on the results of those meetings by emailing both John Witkowski ( and Steve Rice ( As always, when a new legislature and congress are seated, IBANYS will provide a full directory of ALL state legislators and New York congressional representatives in early 2019. We also encourage you to join our IBANYS Government Relations Committee to assist in our advocacy and share your ideas. Your voice matters!

Election Updates

  • In the 41st State Senate District in the Hudson Valley, Democratic candidate Karen Smythe has conceded her race to Republican incumbent Sue Serino (R-Hudson Valley). The candidates were separated by 695 votes.
  • Governor Cuomo has been elected vice-chairman of the bipartisan National Governors Association beginning Aug. 1. He will also continue to serve another term as DGA's policy chairman.

Washington, D.C.WashingtonGR

National Day Of Mourning

President Trump declared today a National Day of Mourning to honor the memory of President George H.W. Bush. Although federal offices are closed:
  • Reserve Bank cash offices will fulfill currency and coin orders according to normal operating procedures;
  • The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are closed;
  • Settlements in municipal and corporate securities will occur as scheduled because the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. and National Securities Clearing Corp. will remain open.
Other Effects:
  • The Senate's scheduled vote on the nomination of Kathy Kraninger for Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection may be delayed. (A letter from ICBA President & CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey noting that Kraninger understands the critical role that community banks serve in supporting local prosperity was quoted on the floor by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo, R-Idaho).
  • The House will hold no votes this week, which will probably likely delay the release of the farm bill conference report until next week.
  • New York's senior U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, eulogized President Bush on the Senate floor. "He embodied the characteristics we admire in a president -- integrity, civility, dignity, humility and a sincere interest in bipartisanship..." 

OCC Lowers Assessment For '19

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is reducing the marginal rates in its General Assessment Fee Schedule by 10 percent for 2019. The agency also said there will be no inflation adjustment to assessment rates next year, and has revised its refund policy for institutions that leave the federal banking system.

FDIC Announces CRA Exam Schedule For First Half Of 2019

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued the lists of institutions scheduled for a Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examination during the first and second quarters of 2019. (CRA regulations require each federal bank and thrift regulator to publish its quarterly CRA examination schedule at least 30 days before the beginning of each quarter.) 

For further information, contact the FDIC's New York Regional office: John F. Vogel, Regional Director or Scott D. Strockoz, Deputy Regional Director at  (800) 334-9593 or  (917) 320-2500.

McHenry Top Republican On House Financial Services

Rep. Patrick McHenry
Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) has been chosen as Ranking Republican member of the House Financial Services Committee for 2019. McHenry has served on the committee since joining Congress in 2005. He was elected for the leadership position by members of the House Republican Conference and succeeds current Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), who is retiring. 

With Democrats set to control the House the next two years, the committee will be chaired by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Flood Insurance Temporary Extension

Congress extended the National Flood Insurance Program through this Friday. With the program set to expire at the end of last week, the last-minute vote averted a lapse. Congress could extend the NFIP this week using a must-pass spending bill due this Friday or a separate six-month extension passed by the Senate last week. 

ICBA has repeatedly called on Congress to extend the program, including in a recent  joint letter . IBANYS also advocated for this in meetings with members of the New York congressional delegation.

Agencies Joint Statement On BSA & AML

Federal agencies issued a joint statement to encourage depository institutions to consider and responsibly implement innovative approaches to meet Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance obligations. The agencies pledge to support responsible financial-sector innovations and encourage industry feedback on how they best support these efforts. The statement comes on the heels of a U.S. Senate hearing last week during which ICBA repeated its call for lawmakers to modernize the BSA.

CFPB? Or BCFP? The Cost Of Change

Mick Mulvaney
According to an internal agency analysis obtained by "The Hill" publication, the proposal by Acting Director Mick Mulvaney to c
hange the name of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to the  Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP) could cost the b anks, lenders and other financial services firms subject to its supervision more than $300 million. 

The CFPB enforces dozens of financial regulations meant to protect and inform consumers who have purchased loans or lines of credit. The agency's analysis found that firms would be forced to spend roughly $300 million total to update internal databases, regulatory filings and disclosure forms with the new name in order to comply with those rules. An agency analysis estimated the changes necessary to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and certain mortgage regulations would cost firms $100 million for each rule. 

Industry Trends & Updates

EGF: 3 Client Success Stories
When banks partner with Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF), everyone wins. As a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), EGF offers responsible and affordable financing options to small businesses.  By partnering with EGF, banks not only help their clients access capital, they also connect them to all the business services and support they need to become eligible for traditional financing in the future. 

Clients receive the funding they need to grow their business and banks get to help their clients succeed while keeping the door open with them for the future.  EGF values the critical role that their banker partnerships play in their mission. With the support of those partners, they're able to help small businesses and strengthen communities. To show their thanks and demonstrate the power of partnerships, EGF is sharing three success stories that were made possible by their banking partners.


Latest On Massive Marriott Data Breach

The Marriott International hotel chain announced that a breach of its Starwood guest reservation database from 2014 up until September 10, 2018 affected up to 500 million customer records.  Marriott said the database includes identifying information for some 327 million customers, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, date of birth, and more. Encrypted credit card numbers were included for some customers, though Marriott doesn't know whether the numbers were decrypted by hackers.  Marriott is sending emails to affected customers and established a call center to answer questions about the incident.


Manufacturing Demand Leads To Economic Increase

According to the Institute for Supply Management's monthly index, economic activity in the manufacturing sector rose 1.6 percentage points in November as i ndicators of demand, consumption and inputs all rose. Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that construction spending dipped 0.1 percent in October, but remained up 4.9 percent from a year ago .

5 No-Fail Lead Generation Tactics for Banks VetterArticle

By Bryan Adler, CEO of Vetter

One of the top concerns keeping bankers up at night is bringing in new leads to keep the revenue engine humming. Marketers want to keep the sales team happy and sales wants to appease their bosses (and to rake in a commission), who must ensure the marketing and sales tactics are aligned with the corporate strategy and keep the board and investors content. Thanks to digital platforms, lead generation has never been easier.

A modern, mobile friendly website is a critical foundation for lead generation programs. Data show 76% of smartphone users search for local businesses, and then visit one within 24 hours, according to The Financial Brand. Your financial institutions must rank high for terms like 'community banks near me.' SEO upgrades, such as listing names, addresses and phone numbers for each branch, will help your bank rise to the top. It's also important to know what keywords consumers are using to search for the services you offer and use those words and phrases- but not too much. Read the full article.

Vetter is a digital loan platform built specifically for community banks, in partnership with a couple of NYS banks. The Vetter platform is a combination of a loan-type agnostic online loan application along with a management workspace that allows the bank to generate fee income on all loans, collect updated financials from borrowers automatically, enhance the customer experience and stay compliant.

Banking News

Further Your Education at Barret Graduate School of Banking BarretGradSchool

Barret and IBANYS are aligned with a common interest: to represent the interests of the industry through effective advocacy and high quality educational offerings.

Located in Memphis, TN, Barret Graduate School of Banking offers a comprehensive graduate learning program for professionals in the financial services field. IBANYS has established partnerships with key industry educators including the Barret Graduate School of Banking. The school provides community bankers with an opportunity for a graduate degree in banking. 

We are currently endorsed by ICBA, ICBA Securities, Arkansas Community Bankers, CBAofGA, Indiana Bankers Association, CBAofKS, MIBA, CBAofOH, CBAofWV - with a couple more on the way. 

To learn more about Barret Graduate School of Banking, please visit


Keep The Door Open For Your Small Business Customers

Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) is NYBDC's nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution and IBANYS' exclusive online lending partner. Join the growing number of banks that work with EGF to offer their customers an affordable and responsible option when they do not qualify for traditional financing. EGF offers loans up to $500,000 with a convenient, digital process. Loans under $100,000 are disbursed within 5 business days.

 EGF's experienced team can work hand-in-hand with yours to develop a customized process to make referring seamless. To learn more about offering your customers a second look through EGF contact Bryan Doxford, SVP, at at at (212) 430-4512. 

Spotlight Bank of the WeekSpotlightBank
Glenville Bank-1923
In 1923 a group of local businessmen decided that the time had come for the town of Glenville to open its own bank and formed the Glenville Bank. The staff was comprised of three employees, and cash had to be taken across the covered bridge to Schenectady each night for storage in a vault. The bank had barely begun to operate when the need for larger quarters became obvious and operations were moved to a new building. Thanks to the building expansion, we were able to introduce "auto banking" with the areas first drive up window in 1948. By 1956 additional branches were added and the bank's
Vault & Teller Line-1950's
name officially changed to 1
st  National Bank of Scotia. In the summer of 1962, another first was notable as 1st National Bank of Scotia became the first bank in the United States to use an electronic computer to service savings accounts.
Teller Window-1952

Today, 1 st  National Bank of Scotia has ten banking locations and remains independently owned and operated. We are dedicated to providing creative financial solutions and superior personalized service to generations of families and businesses throughout the Capital Region. We encourage and support the growth and success of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

Saratoga, NY location
1st National offers a full range of financial products, as well as wealth management and insurance services. Our online products, including mobile banking, remote deposit, and cash management provide customers with secure, easy to use technology to make banking convenient. Fast, local decision making and a deep knowledge of our region provides our customers with tailored lending solutions when buying a home or starting a business.

Scotia, NY location
As our products and services continue to evolve and change, our commitment to the communities we serve remains unwavering. Each year 1
stNational Bank of Scotia contributes thousands of dollars to area schools, local charitable fundraisers and community events. Outside of the bank our employees spend countless hours volunteering in the community, serving on boards, working with youth or simply collecting donations for a worthy cause. It's what we do. It's why we all work for a community bank.

To learn more about 1st National Bank of Scotia, our products and services please visit


About Spotlight Bank of the Week

Spotlight Bank of the Week is a new feature that we have added to our website and e-newsletter. It is an opportunity to promote anything about your organization, such as fun facts, organization news, special events, etc. The Spotlight Bank of the Week will be featured on our homepage slider, e-newsletter, and our social media platforms for one week. So don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to showcase your bank to thousands of people!

View banks that have been featured as our Spotlight in the past!

To apply, just fill out our registration form and email it to Natalie Rowan at

IBANYS Spotlight Is On...

CB2 Financial Technologies

CB2 was founded by bankers for bankers, to bring the benefits of proven, secure cloud-based technology to the commercial lending arena of community banks. Community banks play a critical role in the communities they serve and CB2 is dedicated to providing affordable and easy to implement solutions to help community banks better serve their financial goals.

CB2 provides community banks an integrated commercial loan workflow management and reporting system.  The CB2 solution brings technology and workflow management to the bank's commercial lending process. This includes all stages of your commercial lending customer relationships from sales management, loan origination, underwriting & approval, booking & funding to credit administration & monitoring. The system allows you to seamlessly route and assign tasks, easily produce reports and dashboards and produce pre-formatted customer facing documents with the push of a button. The immediate result is the ability to respond to customers quickly and proactively manage audits & exams - all at a reduced cost.

To learn more contact:

Tom Finkenstaedt, COO
Phone: (585) 505-8543
IBANYS Endorsed Services
IBANYS identifies offers products and services that provide value to your banks, companies, employees communities. These brief summaries provide links for information. Please contact IBANYS President John Witkowski with questions.

Health & Wellness

My Wellness Resource & TELADOC

The health and wellness landscape continues to evolve. "My Wellness Resource" can be a nice addition to your existing benefit package. 

Teladoc can save your banks time and money, and provide real value to your employees as this testimonial from a New York community bank CEO proves:
"I wanted to let you know that some of our employees and I have been using "Teladoc" and it is one of the best things we have done for the bank. We all love it: We are saving time, avoiding waiting in an urgent care center or a doctor's waiting room for non-emergency related illnesses . . .and it is easy to use and convenient. Once you use it, you are hooked! This was a great find! Would recommend it to all banks."

Mario Martinez 
Chairman & CEO
Catskill Hudson Bank

Contact Alan Justin: (716) 907-5500. 

"Cure the Blue" Helps Banking Industry Battle Prostate Cancer!

The "Cure the Blue" program sponsored by the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation allows New Yorkers to participate in one of the most comprehensive efforts to help promote prostate cancer awareness and research in the United States.  Lake Shore Savings Bank has provided prostate cancer literature and Cure the Blue information at all eleven of its branches and their headquarters in Dunkirk. The bank also offered Cure the Blue ceramic lapel ribbon pins for a $5.00 donations to Cure the Blue to all their customers. "We fully understand the severity of this disease and the devastating effect it can have on families" said Lake Shore Savings Bank President and CEO Dan Reininga. "Our support of the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation's "Cure the Blue" initiative is something that we are taking very seriously and are proud to support." Buffalo Bills Wall of Famer and Alumni Foundation President Booker Edgerson, a two time prostate cancer survivor, said the bank has been a tremendous longtime supporter, noting: "They have really stepped up to the plate with their unwavering support of our Cure the Blue initiative." 

IBANYS urges all of our member banks, associate members and allies to join the effort. Cure the Blue" raises funds and awareness regarding prostate cancer in New York State. Visit  to get involved! Of all new cancer cases in the nation, prostate cancer represents 9.6%. In 2017, there were an estimated 161,000 new cases, and more than 26,000 fatalities due to the disease. Support IBANYS' "Cure the Blue" campaign to help New Yorkers participate to promote prostate cancer awareness and research.

Secure, Enhanced Internet Presence

The .bank program by fTLD operates trusted, verified, more secure, easily-identifiable internet locations for financial companies and  customers. 

Did You Know?

. . . That the tradition of the famous New York City "holiday tree" began during the Great Depression in 1931 when workers who were building Rockefeller Center pooled their money and placed a tree there? This year's tree, lit last week, is a 72-foot Norwegian pine from Wallkill, New York. After the Christmas season, it will be donated to Habitat for Humanity which will use its mahogany lumber to build homes for those in need.

First Rockerfeller Christmas Tree-1931

New York community banks play a key role in our state and local economies. Help spread the good news among our customers, business, elected leaders and the media!

John J. Witkowski
President & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen W. Rice
Director of Government Relations & Communications

Linda Gregware
Director of Administration & Membership Services

William Y. Crowell III
Legislative Counsel

Natalie Rowan
Marketing & Social Media Assistant