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Fr. Pierre-Henry, ext. 302
Deacons Kimball & Chris, ext. 304
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Lauree, ext. 306
Helen, ext. 305
Sophie, ext. 307
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General Mailbox, ext. 300
Pastoral Care Line: 928 460-2736
Second Sunday of Advent
Rector: Pierre-Henry Buisson

Weekly Epistle
Second Sunday of Advent
December 6, 2020
St. Luke's will be closed this weekend, Dec. 5-6

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
As you know, the Parish Office has been closed most of this week and will continue to remain closed through Monday, December 7, due to possible staff exposure to Covid-19. At the time of this writing, we continue to await results. Pending negative results, the office will reopen on Tuesday, December 8, at 9 a.m.
After consultation with my Wardens and the Vestry, I have made the difficult decision to close the church this weekend, December 5-6. We feel, for everyone's safety, this is a step we must take. The service, which will be recorded from my home, will be available on our website (stlukesprescott.church) by 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 5.
Though it will be tough to not be together in person this weekend, we can't, in good conscience, open up the building when we are awaiting Covid test results for staff members.
It is my prayer that you continue to stay well. Please be careful and take care of one another.
In His love,
The service for the Second Sunday in Advent, Dec. 5-6, will be available to view
by 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 5.
Reserve your seat for In-Person
Worship Services on our Website
every Tuesday thru Thursday
Second Sunday of Advent
The worship bulletin will be available on our website by Saturday, Dec. 5.
Preaching this weekend is
The Rev. Kimball Arnold.
Registration for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning Services
will begin online on Friday, December 11.
Christmas Eve
Contemporary Children's Service 4:00 p.m. (Parish Hall - limited to 45 people)
Traditional Service 6:00 p.m. (Sanctuary - limited to 50 people)
Traditional Service 8:00 p.m. (Sanctuary - limited to 50 people)
Christmas Day
Spoken Service 10:00 a.m. (Parish Hall - limited to 45 people)
Christmas Flowers

Remember loved ones, memorials and thanksgivings at this most festive time of the year through the gift of flowers. Click here for the Christmas Flowers form to print and complete.

Forms, on green paper, are also available in the Gathering Hall. Please return your completed slip to the offering plate or to the office no later than Sunday, December 20.

You may also email the parish office at info@slecp.org with the following info: your name, thanksgiving/memorial, and/or other information to be included.
Be sure to mark your check or donation with "Christmas flowers".
“Boosting” Our Immune System
By Julie Cargill, R.N., A.N.P., G.N.P., Retired
As you know, we are now in our eleventh month with COVID19 in the U.S. It has altered our social and private lives in every way imaginable, and it will be with us at least until this spring. As the coronavirus has spread, we have been hearing about how to reduce exposure and take care of ourselves if we get sick. These are important tips, but we're not hearing much about how we can boost our immunity so that if we do get exposed to the virus — or worse, we get sick — our body can effectively fight back.

Our immune systems are designed to fight off all sicknesses, including viruses. In general, the immune system is a line of defense our body has against pathogenic organisms from entering and proliferating in our body. These immune mechanisms also help eliminate abnormal cells of the body that can develop into cancer. Unfortunately, the immune system can get worn down by many things typical of a modern life—for example, stress, toxins, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating. This prevents our bodies from most effectively fighting off sickness. Following are some tools we can use to cultivate our “resiliency” in response to this virus and against other threats to our health.
2021 Pledge Campaign Update

As of December 3, we have received 101 pledges for a total of $357,926.

Thank you for those of you who have submitted your pledge card! We feel such gratitude as each card arrives.

The pledge card is available on our website's home page: look for the green button! For your convenience, click here to submit your 2021 pledge to St. Luke's. We also want to remind you of the secure, confidential email address you may also use to submit your pledge for 2021: pledge@slecp.org.

As George Chesney, Senior Warden, shared in his letter of a couple of weeks ago, "Thank you for being a part of St. Luke’s and for your faithful generous gifts to our annual campaign and ongoing ministries and outreach."
St. Luke's Food Pantry

St. Luke's Food Pantry continues to serve the community each Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.
The drop-off food drive continues each Thursday, 2 to 4 p.m. at the south entrance.

Number served on December 4: 122 people

Suggested food donations for next week: cereal, canned chicken, soups, cookies

St. Luke's Food Pantry team would like you to know:

  • When our neighbors thank us for the food the Pantry has given them, I always tell them it is through the love and generosity of St. Luke's congregation and I will be sure to pass on their appreciation.
  • This week, after the Thanksgiving Boxes were given out, 24 ADDITIONAL people were helped: 5 high school students and their families plus 11 mothers and children found us.
  • Many people cry when they see the box of food we can give them. Not only moms but dads, too.

Again, from the St. Luke's Food Pantry team:

The family of St. Luke's needs to know they are doing it right. They can feel good about what their support does in the world. Children and families get to experience some of the bounty of our community. So, THANK YOU everyone...a thousand times over.

A few more pictures below from the big effort to fill and share the Thanksgiving boxes!
Food Pantry volunteers hard at work filling Thanksgiving food boxes last week.
Your donations helped to fill this fridge!
Time to share our bounty! Thanksgiving food boxes were distributed on Tuesday,
November 24.
An Idea for Advent: Reverse Advent Calendar

Each day add an item to a box. On Christmas Eve, donate the contents to a food bank.
Angel Tree Update

Thank you to everyone who took a tag from the Angel Tree this year - all the children were adopted! The bags are due back to the church THIS SUNDAY. Since the church will be closed this weekend, Lauren Crawford will be in the church parking lot this Sunday between 10 am and noon to receive bags.
If you need to make other arrangements, please call or text Lauren at: (734) 771-2397. Thank you!

Amagoro Junior Academy - Amagoro, Kenya

Bishop Zak sends his deepest heartfelt thanks to the congregation of St. Luke’s for the financial support we have given to help open up Amagoro Junior Academy during the Coronavirus pandemic. He is still awaiting the final approval of the Ministry of Health and Education in order to reopen the Academy.

Two generous St. Luke’s donors provided 2 tents for classrooms. These tents will allow the school to have two more classrooms giving the school a total of eleven classrooms. Each classroom will provide space for 15 students in addition to the teaching staff. 

In September, the Outreach Commission provided financial assistance to purchase containers for clean water, hand sanitizer, thermometers, and face masks. Members of the commission were going to make reusable masks for the school but there was no way to ship them to Kenya due the spread of the virus shutting down shipments into Africa.

A note of thanks received by Mary Hallford of the Outreach Commission:

Dear Mary,
We are fine though facing a very strong wave of COVID 19. Our government has reported many Medics have died and we have Lockdown again. It’s worrying; keep us in your prayers.

Keep safe and healthy. Our love and prayers.

Sincerely, Mama Catherine & +Zak 

**Please keep Bishop Zak and all those at the Academy in your prayers.**

Pictures below from Amagoro Junior Academy featuring the items purchased with the funds donated by the St. Luke's Outreach Commission.
Annual Reports Continue to be Received

We are looking for annual reports for the year 2020 from commissions and church ministries
to include in the parish report we'll distribute prior to this year's Annual Parish Meeting.
We would like the leaders of each group to submit a brief report of the commission's or
ministry's 2020 activities and/or work to info@slecp.org.

Thank you for those reports already received!
Opportunities to Serve St Luke's

In 2021, the following positions will be open:
·       Junior Warden : 1 position. This is a one-year term, and can be renewed. Please contact Don McKellar, our current Junior Warden, he would be delighted to share his knowledge with you. If you think you could be our new Junior warden, know that Don will support you wholeheartedly.

·         Vestry – 4 positions (3 three-year terms, and 1 one-year term to replace Steven Dear who has moved back to California.) The Vestry is the governing body of the Parish. According to the Parish By-laws, Vestry members shall be elected from the communicants in good standing and canonically resident in the Parish for at least six months. (To date, we have already 6 persons who expressed their desire to serve as Vestry Members.)

· Delegate to the Diocesan Convention: 5 positions - In 2021, the Diocesan Convention will be Oct. 15-16 in Phoenix and our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be among us.

· Alternate to the Diocesan Convention: 3 positions - In case someone can not attend the Convention  

If you are interested, please contact Don McKellar (donald@mckellar.biz) or Fr. Pierre-Henry Buisson (rector@slecp.org).
2021 Lectionary Calendars are Here

If you are here for in-person worship, they are available in the Narthex and Parish Hall. You may also call the Parish Office and pick one up during the week.
Last chance to donate for
DSCA Donation Quilt is Dec. 12-13

Next weekend, Dec. 12-13, will be your last weekend to donate to the raffle for the beautiful quilt made by Carol Sweeden and Under Cover Quilts. Since in-person worship has been cancelled for Dec. 5-6, the drawing will now take place on Sunday, December 20.

Due to Covid19, we are unable to use the small tickets for the drawing nor collect monies directly. We will be using the "SPECIAL OFFERING" envelopes.
We ask you take one (or more!) of the envelopes; put your name, phone number and the amount enclosed on the outside. Place the envelope in the collection plate and it will be placed in a special container in the office until the drawing. Minimum Donation is $5.00, multiple envelopes are encouraged!

Please help make our 2020 DSCA Donation Quilt a success. The funds raised will help future Don't Spend Christmas Alone dinners! Thank you.
Thank you for your
continued financial support!
Pledges and plate offerings can be kept up to date by online giving click here for a one time or recurring donation. You can also mail your offering, or, if you just need to get out of the house, go for a ride to St. Luke's and place your offering in the secured locked mailbox outside our parish office.

Thank you so much for supporting St. Luke's!
Looking for a way to socialize with your fellow parishioners while social
Set-up a zoom meeting
Do you have a group who would like to start a Bible Study, Small Group, Book Club, Prayer group, Coffee Hour, Happy Hour, etc., etc, etc.
Get connected today...
For more information, to get instruction,
or set-up your group,
contact the office, 928 778-4499x303
Scripture Readings
Sunday, December 6, 2020
Second Sunday of Advent
Click Here for readings!

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020

Special Dates this Week
December 6: Joyce Taylor, Evelyn Pronko, Lynne Wells, Michele Claflin, Jeanne Miller
December 7: Joni Cash
December 8: Marilyn Henry, Myron Brower
December 9: Christi Armer
December 11: Barbara Walter
December 12: Cheryl Taylor, Kimberley Neel,
Deborah Pendleton-Maurice
December 6: Mark and Kimberley Neel
December 12: Don & Meridith Martin
Do you know we offer online giving?
St. Luke's offers secure online giving through Realm. You may use this for a one-time gift or a recurring gift. To make a gift click the following link.
We acknowledge...
According to Resolution #2016-3, of the 56th Diocesan Convention:
We acknowledge the living culture of the Yavapai people, the traditional custodians of the land we stand on, and pay tribute to the role they play in the life of this region.
Our Prayer List
For Those In Need We Pray:
December Thanksgiving & Healing Prayers
To all members, family, friends of St. Luke's during this pandemic
Brandon & Nikki Reynolds.; Alicia; Alex; Alexa; Sharon, Dave & Nancy C.; Larie & Wife; Carol; Darrell C.; Dominica Coppola & Marty Dane; Max J.; Carol Glover; Gil & Cheri Lattimer's mother & Good Samaritan Staff; Cathy Hoaglund; Gary & Kathy MacCauley; Robert McCaulley; Jean Messick; Etta Parson Gary & Peggy Cole; Ileen Szelka; Mark Tuttle; Patty; Ron Miller; Kate Carroll; Sara Wiliman; Barbara Harber; Vera Mulnix; Rich Staudt; Steven; Glenn J.; Joan Hedger; Erni Frazier; Ruth Visclo, Vicki Casacchia; Ian Snider; Jerri Wheeler; Joe & Linda, Glen Gregor; Jim Casacchia; Scott Menke; Jeff Bernatz; Doug & Pat Ogburn; Yoland Jr; Steve; Glenn Johnson; Adria Tropel; Kyle Forslund; Thurlow; Karla Kash; Kelly; Aubrey Schultz, Max Mabrey, Jeanne Miller; Kira Williman; Pauline; Gary DeLisle; Tim Salem; Mary and family

For those in our Armed Forces: Echo, Brian, Lopez, Dante’, Florian
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: St. Paul's, Payson
In the St. Luke’s Outreach Cycle of Prayer: St. Luke's Blood Drive, Angel Tree

Please send the Epistle your Prayer requests: epistle@slecp.org.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Friday, 4 December 2020
Shinyanga (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Johnson Chinyong'ole
Eau Claire (The Episcopal Church) The Revd William Jay Lambert

Saturday, 5 December 2020
Gasabo (Rwanda) The Most Revd Laurent Mbanda (Primate)
Edinburgh (Scotland) The Rt Revd John Armes

Sunday, 6 December 2020
The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury)
The Rt Revd Carlos López-Lozano - Bishop of Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church

Monday, 7 December 2020
Shyira (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Samuel M Mugisha
Edmonton (Canada) Vacant

Tuesday, 8 December 2020
Shyogwe (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Jered Kalimba
Egba (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Emmanuel Adekunle
Lafia (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Godwin A Robinson

Wednesday, 9 December 2020
Sialkot (Pakistan) The Rt Revd Alwin John Samuel (Diocesan Bishop)
Egba West (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Dr Samuel Oludele Ogundeji

Thursday, 10 December 2020
Singapore (South East Asia) The Rt Revd Dr Titus Chung
Egbu (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Geoffrey Okoroafor
Egypt (Jerusalem & Middle East) The Rt Revd Mouneer Hanna Anis (Diocesan Bishop)
Nb: the Diocese of Egypt is expected to have become the Province of Alexandria by this time

For the Yavapai-Apache Nation
For Bishop Zak and Amagoro Junior Academy
For our companion diocese of Western Mexico Resolution 2020-1, of the 60th Diocesan Convention  
Service Schedule
 Saturday & Sunday Services: 
All St. Luke's Worship Services are cancelled this weekend, December 5 & 6.

Weekday Services:
·        Wednesday 10 am      Healing Service with Communion in the Chapel
Phase II allows the following:
Offices can be open with staff staying appropriate distance from one another. 

The church and offices will remain locked
during the week. If you need to meet with someone please call and make an appointment.

To contact a staff member, email or call the church office and follow the prompts for the staff directory.
Email addresses provided below:
Fr. Pierre-Henry Buisson rector@slecp.org
Sophie Buisson sophie@slecp.org
Dennis Houser prescottchorale@reagan.com
Kay Houser mezzomd@yahoo.com
Helen Henderson helen@slecp.org
Beth Parknowitz beth@slecp.org
Lauree Birchmeier laureeb@slecp.org
Alfonso Hernandez alfonso@slecp.org
Deacon Chris Christy chris@slecp.org
Deacon Kimball Arnold kimball@slecp.org
General Mailbox info@slecp.org

Epistle submissions epistle@slecp.org
Submissions for the current week's Epistle are due by the end of the day Tuesday!
At least one Staff Member will be available to receive Phone Calls during the
following times:
Monday thru Thursday 9a-12n; 1p-4p
Friday 9a-12n
Call 928 778 4499

Fr. Pierre-Henry, ext. 302
Deacons Kimball & Chris, ext. 304
Beth, ext. 303
Lauree, ext. 306
Helen, ext. 305
Sophie, ext. 307
Dennis, ext. 309
General Mailbox, ext. 300
Pastoral Care Line: 928 460-2736
Church Website: 
The Sunday bulletin is available under Worship Worship Bulletins
Our calendar is available at the Calendar section.

Community Groups
All community groups that meet at St. Luke's are cancelled until further notice.
Updates will be posted here, as needed.
2000 Shepherds Lane
Prescott, AZ 86301
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Fax: 928-778-4699