December 7, 2015

Call for Contributors: 
Race in the World: A Comparative Exploration 

Deadline: 31 January 2016 

Editors: Karen Farquharson, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia; Trica Keaton, Vanderbilt University, USA; Elisa Joy White, the University of California, Davis, USA; Kathryn Pillay, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 

Race is a key form of social hierarchy around the world, one both explicitly expressed and implicitly obscured by proxies. This edited book will explore contemporary race from comparative and global perspectives at this critical juncture of heightened racisms made more visible and audible by varying technologies. Whether state-driven or in the everyday, this book seeks to draw light to race and its intersections, spanning a vast geo-political landscape. In so doing, we seek to develop a twofold argument. First, systems of racial hierarchy are specific to local contexts, so that to understand race it must be situated within a particular locality. Second, racial hierarchies also share important characteristics across societies. Thus, we can identify features that are common to systems of racial stratification while recognising situated specificities. 

We are particularly interested in papers that address the following topics: 
  • Race and Blackness 
  • Race and Gender 
  • Race and Indigeneity 
  • Race and Migration 
  • Race and Policing 
  • Race and Sexuality 
  • Race and Visual Culture 
  • Race and Whiteness 
We are seeking contributions from all parts of the globe: Africa; the Middle East; South Asia; East Asia; Southeast Asia; Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean, and Oceania. Please send chapter proposals of no greater than 500 words to Karen Farquharson ( by 31 January 2016. Completed chapters would need to be submitted for review by 30 June 2016. Thank you.

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