Sunday, December 9th
8:30 am Traditional Worship Service with St. Paul Lutheran Church Choir!
10:00 am Traditional Worship with Sunday School!
The Second Sunday in Advent
& Blessing of the Blankets!

Gentle reader,
What's in a name? The names of the mighty are stapled to the sides of our buildings proclaiming their power and establishment. But these statements of power never last. And the great names of the past simply fade into history. To find what will truly last, we need to dig deeper than the concrete and stone of our power, to the simpler story of one born in a manger. His name has outlived all the great ones of his time, and it's him who carries your name in the palm of his hand.  Come to worship this Sunday to celebrate the name of Jesus and to hear how you are embraced and welcomed into His good name forever! It may just change your life!
Pastor Grant
LAST CHANCE this Sunday
to order Christmas Pointsettias

Anyone participating in bringing desserts, please bring them 
Sunday morning, or no later than 4:30 pm.  Thank you! 
If you would still like to donate ...

Please try and get your donations to the church the beginning of next week.

- Donations of Warm Winter Clothing and Outwear for the Union Gospel Mission
- Monetary  donations to buy turkeys (or is it hams) for Dec. 15th Food truck.
-  Fill the cart with nonperishable food for Dec. 15th


Friday, December 7
5:00pm (S) CPR Practice and Set up
Saturday, December 8
10:00am Taylor Event in Fellowship Hall
Sunday, December 9
8:30am Traditional Worship Service (Choir Singing)
10:00am Contemporary Worship Service & Sunday School
5:45 pm ADVENT JOY (Desserts followed by Concert at 6:30 pm)
Monday, December 10
  Office Open by Appt.
6:30pm   Boy Scouts
7:00pm SPLC Choir
Tuesday, December 11
9:00am Hosting North Conference Pastor's Breakfast
6:00pm (FH)(SRs) Pack Meetings 142
6:00pm (YR) Girl Scouts - Hyrkas
7:00pm (SR) Cub Parents Wkly Meeting
Wednesday, December 12
10:00am Chapel - All God's Children
10:30am (FH) Preschool Crafts
1:00pm (L) Bible Study
6:00pm Program Practice for Youth & Children
7:00pm Advent Service
Friday, December 14
  Look for your Latest Refresh & ReNEWS!
Saturday, December 15
9:00am Food Truck Family Pathways
10:00am (S) Practice for the Children's Christmas Program
Sunday, December 16
8:30am Traditional Worship Service
2:30pm Anonymous Santa: Youth in NB
6:30pm (L)Bible Study
Wednesday Evening Advent Services
December 12th & 19th

COME and Hear Voices from the Global Church share how they see Emmanuel, God with Us, during this Holy Season.  Video or live interviews with people from South Korea, Palestine, and Puerto Rico.
Sunday, Dec. 16th at 10:00 am
Don't miss a chance to see our Sunday School children tell the story of Christmas like only they can.

Come and support their desire to share their joy with you through word and song!

Treats Afterwards!

Darling, Dee!

Our very own, Dee Wilkinson, did a great job of organizing our Family Event night by sharing how she relates the custom of the Yule Log with our Savior Jesus and the life of a Christian.  The Lundgren's and many other families & friends enjoyed the story and making their very own Yule Log.  Thanks, Dee.  We Love Ya!
Blessings of the Blankets
To help celebrate our 150 th Anniversary, the Loaves & Fishes team organized the great blanket giveaway for the December Food Truck. 86 blankets were made. This project began in January with members donating material. Thanks to the Forest Lake Lions we were given enough money to cover the rest of the material. Jan Brainard organized several blanket making sessions. This Sunday we will be blessing all the blankets. Thank you to all those who were a part of this great way to celebrate our 150th Anniversary.

As of December 4, 2018

Year-to-Date Giving
 Based on Pledges, Year-to-Date Budget
Congregational Matching Funds Received
Funds to Match Congregational Giving

Our matching funds goal is to raise $10,000 from the congregation for a total of $20,000, once the funds are matched.  We are 78.9% off the way to our goal.  The matching drive will end December 31, 2018. Thank you for your continued support of St. Paul Lutheran.

Katie Fetterly, Treasurer
Who's Who in the Pews?
Starting with our first Sunday in the New Year, SPLC will begin using
Who's Who in the Pews.
A clipboard will be placed in each Pew. Every individual and family will  write down their name and whether they will commune during worship.
This NEW process
will not replace our usher counts, but will provide members and visitors the opportunity to let us know if they have current needs with prayers, visits, membership, or other requests found through the form.
This process will also assist the church in gathering pertinent information for annual reporting to the Synod.
Who knows?  It may even provide some new ways to get to know each other and share stories of our Christian Faith. 
We appreciate everyone's compliance with the process beginning in January.

Don't miss your chance to order gift cards for your Christmas gift giving.

Don't see a store you want?  Be sure to check the Scrip website for a complete list of all available stores.  

Stop by the Welcome Center for order forms, help or to purchase the cards we have in stock. 

Here are some of the current specials 

*AMC Theatre - 11%
*American Eagle - 11.75%
*Applebees - 11%
*Barnes & Noble - 12.75%
*Blimpie - 26%
*Cabela's - 11.75%
*Caribou - 6.75%
*Carters - 11%
*Cold Stone - 26%

*Dave & Busters - 14.75%
*Express - 12%
*HomeDepot - 7%
*Jiffy Lube - 10%
*Lane Bryant - 9.75%
*Lowes - 6%
*Shutterfly - 11.75%
*Starbucks - 8.75%

       Scrip Website

Orders placed by December 17,
will be here in time for Christmas

Did you know you can access the Church Council Minutes on the SPLC Website?  Did you know there is a hard copy available at the Welcome Center?  Just ask, and we'd be more than happy to provide you with a copy.

Purchase a Special Treat for Family & Friends
Café Salvador Coffee
Imported Chocolate from Germany
Purchase at Your Welcome Center!
We're Counting Our Blessings!

LOOK at our
Blessings Grow!

We're Sharing Christ's Love
with Joy!
SMILE ... It's Annual Report Time!
All ministry team leaders should have received a notice from Wendy this week regarding our annual report.

If you lead a ministry team and did not receive this information, please let Wendy know ASAP!

All Reports due to Wendy no later than December 21st.
NEW Videos Available in our Church Library 
Thanks to Darlene Petrey's generous donation, both "Miles Between Us" and "The Current" are now available to check out and borrow for your enjoyment!

Scott and Diane Peterson, owners of iiFilms, were at SPLC this past fall.  Their Christian films tell the story of life's difficult challenges and where Jesus Christ can help us see anew and overcome!

Kindly check out for viewing and return back to the library when you are finished.  PS - There was one additional video in this series but it appears to be missing.  If you happen to still have it checked out, please return it at your earliest convenience.  Thank you!
Find out more 
at iiFILMS
Look for the events and be sure to scroll to the bottom and click on "See More" to see all that they are offering in education, community, and special events
Check us out.  We're on a Mission of
Sharing Christ's Love With Joy!