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A Syrian refugee family visited Ms. Lacy's social studies class  Wednesday , and shared their experiences of fleeing Syria and spending three years in Jordan before arriving in Charlottesville at the International Refugee Center. They are being assisted by  International Neighbors , an organization that supports refugees, particularly after the IRC care ends.  
Support the Peabody School Annual Fund!

Donor Spotlight

We thank Tim and Bridget Davis (parents of Maeve, grade K & Rose, grade 2) for their support of the annual fund. Tim and Bridget shared about the importance of supporting the Annual Fund:

" We have been fortunate to experience the power of high impact teachers at Peabody. Over the last few years, our daughter has flourished, and we attribute that to the passion and energy demonstrated by these educators. Any donation to Peabody that positively impacts the school’s ability to not only attract, but retain, the very best teachers seems like a very wise investment to us." 

Thanks to Tim and Bridget and all of our donors thus far. It is not too late to get that end of the tax year gift in!

The Peabody School Annual fund was officially launched in November. As is common in independent schools, tuition does not cover the cost of a Peabody education.The Annual Fund is critical in helping us retain our amazing teachers, provide financial aid to families, and to make sure that we have the most up to date resources available to our students.

Thank you to everyone who has already made a gift! We are aiming for 100% participation from our families. For more information about the Annual Fund, please contact Vaughan Clark at

For Your Information

Admissions Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

The next admissions  Bring a Friend Day is  Monday, January 23, 2017 If your child plans to bring a friend on this day - grades 1st-6th only -  please notify the Admissions Office BY FRIDAY, JANUARY 6.

The  Winter Admissions Open House will be  Wednesday, February 15, 2017 from 9 - 2 pm.  Please invite prospective families to join us!

The admissions deadline for applying to  2017-18 Kindergarten is  February 2, 2017.  Qualified applicants with completed admissions files may be invited to visit Peabody on either of the two upcoming Kindergarten Visit Days:  January 10 or  February 8, 2017

Contracts to returning families will be issued in early February and due back on  Monday, February 13, 2017. Remaining spaces will be released to new families at that time. 

Families who intend to apply for  Financial Aid must notify Head of School Rob Orlando via email BY  JANUARY 17, 2017.  For other financial aid deadlines, click here.

Inclement Weather Information
As we head into winter, we will likely experience inclement weather that will affect our school schedule.  If school is cancelled or delayed due to weather:

  • A voice message will be posted on Peabody’s Weather and Message Line:  817-7669

  • A message will be posted on the school website:

  • An email will be sent to parents and staff

  • Information will be broadcasted on local TV and radio stations

For a 2-hour delay, drop-off begins at 10:00 am and classes begin at 10:30 am. For a 1-hour delay, drop-off begins at 9:00 a.m. and classes begin at 9:30. For more information, see our Inclement Weather Policy.

Grading Scale Explanation

Peabody School’s Lower School report cards were redesigned during the 2015-2016 school year to more accurately reflect the expectations we hold for our students and the ways in which students are assessed. To learn more, please click here

This Week in Middle School 

Middle School Mid-Year Exam Schedule

We have made some changes to the Middle School Exam schedule that we would like to share:

1) Exams will be held from  January 18th-20th (Not all subjects have exams)
2) Homework will be assigned up until  January 12th and resume the week of  January 23rd to allow students ample time to study. 
3) Teachers will use a balanced approach to introducing new content during the mid-year exam period so that students are not overwhelmed with studying and learning new content.

We hope these changes will allow for more instructional time and allow our students to have a successful assessment period. Please direct any subject specific questions to your child's teacher. 

SARA Update 

Grade 6 reviewed what we learned last month about the differences between flirting, joking, bullying and sexual harassment.  We played a fun quiz show style game to look at different scenarios and determine which of these categories they fit in.  We also started our discussion on safety at school, balance of power and learning the 3 D’s of intervening.  We will continue this discussion in January.  I was very impressed today with the thoughtfulness of discussion the class had as a whole.  

Grade 7 finished up their social change projects today.  When we return in January they will present them with their groups and then we will start looking at gender biases and stereotypes in our society today.  We will look at how these affect our behavior and our lives and how to make changes.  

Grade 8 finished up their practice debates today.  These were very brief debates to just give them a chance to practice good listening and communication skills.  We were focusing on seeking to understand, asking clarifying questions, keeping an open mind, and acknowledging what the other person says.  This activity leads us to our next topic of consent.  Class was cut short today for a field trip to Paramount!

Middle School Homework Survey

We would like to invite you to take this quick survey about homework at Peabody Middle School:   Middle School Homework Survey for Parents.

Homework is an important part of the middle school experience, and we are gathering data to determine how much time our students are spending on homework during the week. 

Students are taking their own survey, so please give us YOUR best estimates as a parent. We value your input. 

Submissions are due by Friday, December 16th


Holiday Gift for MS Teachers

For those middle school families who would like to participate in a group gift - this is just a reminder that MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th is the deadline to contribute!  Please see prior email for details...

Also a reminder that  December 14th is the deadline for contributions to  SPECIALS TEACHERS.  Please see prior email, or visit the Front Office for more details!
Student Shout-out! 

Walker Davis has qualified and will be competing in the 55th Annual Christmas Meet at the University of Pittsburgh. We wish him the best of luck on this meet. Go Walker! 

Peabody Parent Forum (PPF)

PPF Meeting Schedule
Thursday 01/19 – 8:15
Wednesday 03/01 – 8:15
Tuesday 04/11 – 6:30
Friday 05/26 – 8:15

For any questions or to volunteer for upcoming events, please contact the PPF at  Thank you!

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  • Leigh Grossman, UVA pediatrician, just wrote a book that is a "go to guide" for parents with young children who attend daycare.  Everyone's excited about the book because it's really the first book of its kind - written with parents in mind and not the medical community - all about surviving daycare infections! It's definitely a great event for parents and educators of young children. 

Monday, December 12th
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