December 2018 Newsletter
OAC 2018 - What A Huge Success!!!

 Thank you to everyone who attended the Oregon Afterschool Conference of 2018! We had more people attend the conference than ever before! 325 participants, volunteers, presenters, and exhibitors joined OregonASK in Salem at Chemeketa College and shared their passion of serving youth in Afterschool! 93 out-of-school programs, community organizations, higher education institutions and state departments, from 34 communities across Oregon and the Nation attended!
The day kicked off with our amazing keynote speaker,
Sadiq Ali from Maryland MENTORS, you can even watch it online  here. The workshops and expression sessions were packed full of eager and excited afterschool professionals. Participants heard from panelists who were experts in their field on topics like Youth Mental health, Gender Identity and Supportive Environments, Incorporating Future Ready Skills in Your Program, & many more! 
We've already started planning for next year's Conference! The theme will be Quest For Quality, Inside and Out! Make sure to keep an eye out for more information for the Oregon Afterschool Conference 2019 throughout the year! If you know anyone that needs to be on the emailing list, direct them to our website  here.

Access and Equity Survey & Focus Groups

Have you ever wondered; are we reaching the kids and families who need us most? OregonASK has been driving around Oregon to ask youth and parents about their experiences (or lack of) with afterschool programs to help us answer several big questions around barriers, equitable practices and youth-reported program impact. Last month, w e added focus group feedback from Eugene and reconvened our Data Design Team to evaluate where we are as we plan for next steps moving forward. We are looking forward to hearing from more youth and families around the state in the coming months, including trips to Gold Beach, Independence, Woodburn and Salem. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a focus group to amplify the voice of youth and families in your community. 

If you haven't already, please take a look at the Afterschool Access & Equity tools to determine if you should take the Program Management or Site Staff Survey. If you are interested in having 4th-12th grade youth in your program take the Youth survey, please contact  Juan Soto f or a physical copy or link to online version for your program. 

Don't forget, keep an eye out for the interim report on  Access & Equity in Spring 2019!
Did you know it is CS Education Week?

The Hour of Code is here and there are plenty of resources to help connect you and your students with hands-on opportunities for experiencing the creativity of code. You can watch this special kick off video  to learn more about this years theme; Creativity!

For many people who work in computer science, they know CS it is about more than computers. Its about solving problems, helping humanity progress, and building a world that only existed in your mind. It's about the passion, collaboration and creativity that fuel why people code. 

This week, is kicking off Hour of Code during CS Education Week,  December 3 - 9th.  Students all over the globe will find their love for computer science and that they can create anything through code. This is the perfect event to raise awareness in your community as to why computer science is important for all.

Technology is changing every industry on the planet, and computer science has become relevant to every career- even those outside technology and engineering, introducing crucial 21st century skills for any youth. Join the  tens of millions of students who have been inspired to create during this #HourOfCode

Visit to find out more and start creating! 
How Can Afterschool Save Our Planet? 

Did you know 500 Million plastic straws are used every day! That's enough straws to circle around the  Earth 2.5 times!

Afterschool programs are invited to take the  2018-19 GeoChallenge- Tackling Plastic!
 Teams of students from grades 5th-8th will research the issue of plastic polluting our waterways. Students will gain research and linguistic skills, learn about cartography and videography, and be challenged to collaborate on innovative designs. Solution submissions will be accepted on January 15th to join a national competition! 

The GeoChallenge is open now for free registration! Once teams are registered they'll be able to access engaging materials that help them think creatively about the impact their inventive solutions will have! Learn more about the GeoChallenge from National Geographic  here.

Amazon Launches Computer Science Program 

Amazon has launched a computer science education program aimed at supporting underprivelaged youth in low income and underserved communities. The Future Engineer Program will fund introductory and advanced placement courses for more than hundred-thousand youth. The company plans to provide $40,000 scholarships  over fours years to 100  students in underserved communities to pursue a degree in computer science with a guaranteed internship at Amazon. 

At the elementary and middle school level, Amazon will partner with organizations that provide inclusive and free online computer science lessons and camps like and Coding with Kids. At the high school level, Amazon will provide funding to add AP and introductory classes to computer science in Title 1 schools! To read more about their exciting plans click here. 
New Resources for Active Schools From The CDC

The Springboard to Active Schools team has just released 6 new resources that help programs integrate physical activity into programing! The resources provide evidence based strategies on incorporating physical activity and present opportunities for more physical activity.
Active School Environment Circle - The 5 components of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

Strategies for Classroom Physical Activity in Schools- This document provides 10 evidence based strategies for promoting and planning classroom physical activity. 

Integrate Classroom Physical Activity in Schools: A Guide for Putting Strategies Into Practice- This guide provides key questions and activities, along with practical templates, that teachers and other champions can use to help them adopt, promote, enhance, or sustain the physical activity strategies. 

Online Platform: Integrate Physical Activity in Schools- This online platform provides templates, tools, resources and stories from the field to help educators and other physical activity champions implement the 10 strategies for classroom physical activity.

Integrate Classroom Physical Activity: Getting Students Active During The School Day- This powerpoint presentation explains the benefits and importance of physical activity and describes resources for classroom physical activity in schools by CDC and Springboard to Active Schools.

Data Brief: Integrate Physical Activity In Schools- This data brief outlines the definition of classroom physical activity, provides a snapshot of current physical activity practices in the United States, and highlights ways to improve classroom physical activity through national guidance and practical strategies and resources. 

Ideas for Parents: Classroom Physical Activity - This one-pager shares ideas for parents to promote classroom physical activity in their child's school. 

Upcoming Training with OregonASK 

With the holiday season upon us and a new year ahead, we look forward to several new opportunities that we will be bringing to Oregon. Training dates have not been set so keep an eye out for more information about several upcoming trainings: 

Leap into Science: Wind & Air
Oregon was picked as one of six pilot states to work with The Franklin Institute and National Girls Collaborative in spreading Leap into Science content and kits to communities around the state. We have just finished our final training for Year 1(balance themed workshops) but will be starting with a new content focus in March 2019: Wind & Air.  If you have questions about Leap into Science, please contact Rachel Kessler

Hero Elementary - Coming Spring 2019
Hero Elementary is a PBS Kids series and engaging educational media effort focused on improving school readiness in science and literacy for children grades K-2 and their families nationwide, with an emphasis on Latino communities, English Language Learners, students with special needs, and children from low-income households. Hero Elementary provides training workshops that integrate inquiry-based STEM instruction with a commitment to equity in education. Educators who attending trainings will learn the latest research about engaging students in science; and have access to transmedia resources such as the animated television segments, digital games and hands-on activities to promote STEM learning.

Leadership in Afterschool Series 
This training series will be geared toward Management level staff who can apply trainings to their work with students as well as colleagues. The trainings will be based on our previous Program Management series where you can drop in on one or take them all, with some adaptations thanks to feedback from the field. Topics may include; professionalism, emotional intelligence, goal setting, giving and receiving feedback, family engagement and more. For more information about this Winter 2019 series content or getting signed up, please contact Susan Zundel.
Openings to Join OregonASK!!!

OregonASK has two open VISTA positions ready to be filled by dedicated and driven professionals. The openings are both full time, one year positions: 

Health, Wellness & Safety VISTA - Work to increase access to high quality after school and summer programs through the OregonASK Health, Safety, and Nutrition Initiative. Work with established partners to connect out-of-school time programs to potential partners and resources.

My Brother's Keeper VISTA  OregonASK will develop strong links to communities of color, community partners (community colleges/universities and workforce boards) and after school and summer learning programs to increase access to high-quality educational, enrichment and mentoring opportunities for youth of color. 

T o find out more information about these positions, contact Bethany Thramer.

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