Teammates and Friends,


As we approach Christmas, we also approach the end of another year. This creates a unique opportunity to reflect on the previous year, both celebrating victories and learning from potentially undesired experiences. As you prayerfully reflect on this past year over the coming weeks, I ask you a simple question... Did you win in 2014?


As you consider this question, I imagine that a number of you may be asking, "At what?" In order to know whether or not you're winning, you must clarify what winning actually looks like. It's with this in mind that I bring you back to our October discussion, "Finishing Well". As I ask whether or not you won in 2014, I'm asking about whether you won at what really matters. Did you win at what will matter 100 years from now? Did you win at what will matter for eternity?


In 2014, did you accomplish God's mission for you as a disciple, disciple-maker, member of the body of Christ, family member, spouse, parent, employee, neighbor, friend, endurance athlete, and/or any other roles that the Lord currently has you in? Have you clarified your biblical mission in each of these roles so that you can accurately assess whether you are winning? Did you win at what truly matters?  




Ultimately, the Lord is the giver of the mission, and He alone determines whether you were faithful, whether you won. And, His Word, the Bible, is the ultimate authority on not just what winning looks like, but how we run the race. As we close out this year, I invite each of you to ask that question, "Did I win?" And, as you reflect on that, I encourage you to not only finish 2014 well, but to begin 2015 with a steadfast commitment to win at what truly matters!



Huddle & Event Celebrations:  


Phoenix, Arizona Huddle

The Phoenix Arizona Huddle served at Iron Prayer Arizona in November.  The group helped plan and participated in the service.  The group was encouraged by the number of participants.  The huddle also served this event by stuffing envelopes, having a booth at the expo, volunteering on race day, and participating in the race itself.  Thank you to all those teammates who volunteered to make this day of service a success!  Thank you to huddle leaders John and Debbie Foster and Chris Andersen for your leadership of our Phoenix Huddles!  (Photo by  


Southwest, Virginia Huddle

The Southwest Virginia Huddle served at the Muddy Muck Madness race this past November.  The race is sponsored by FCA in Lynchburg, VA.  Thank you to the Southwest Virginia Huddle for your faithfulness to serve, and to Huddle Leader Mark Long for your leadership!


Racine, Wisconsin Huddle

Come rain, shine, or snow, the Racine Huddle is ready to serve! The Huddle hosted a Thanksgiving Day 5k race to benefit the Harvest Outreach Food Bank in Racine, WI.  This is an annual event, which doubled its turnout this year with 223 registered runners/walkers!  The Huddle is extremely excited and thankful that they are able to bless others by holding this event.  They are looking forward to next year's event as it continues to grow.  Thank you Racine Huddle, and Huddle Leader Dan Moore for all your hard work and dedication to such a great cause.  May you continue to spread God's love!


Columbus, Georgia Huddle

We would like to welcome our newest huddle to FCA Endurance!  The group represented the FCA Endurance ministry at the 5th Annual Soldier Marathon at Fort Benning, GA on Saturday, Nov. 8th.  Southwest GA FCA director Lamar Weaver was instrumental in the success of the event.  Thank you to our newest Huddle Teammates in Columbus, and Huddle Leader Tony Mayne.  It's so encouraging to see God already at work through this huddle at events...we are excited about what God has in store for your group.  Drop a note of encouragement or a best practive to FCA Endurance Columbus, GA at their Facebook  or via e-mail 

As we discuss winning in this newsletter, I also wanted to remind you of FCA Endurance's win.


Winning = Endurance Athletes Who are Fully Mature Disciples of Jesus!


That's it. That's what we're striving for, and that is what the LORD is doing among us. That's also what we hope to communicate through our Aid Station celebrations... examples of how the Lord is moving in and among His disciples as they compete for Him through FCA Endurance. Thank you for your commitment to our win!



Closing Updates:


The Body is being Discontinued:  While our online community "The Body" has been a blessing to  our ministry for the past four years, we feel that its season has run its course. Recent feedback via our Online Communities Survey affirmed that the majority of our ministry prefers to engage via Facebook, and thus, this will be our primary online community. Other resources formerly offered by "The Body" will be moved to our website. As we announce this, we have two immediate requests:


1.  Please remove any personal content that you would like to keep by January 25th. While we will archive some of the content, we will not keep it all.  After January 25th, it will likely be gone forever.



2.  Join our Facebook Fan Page :  Additional online community information will be coming in the next month, but for now, we invite you to stay in the loop via our fan page .  





Our 2015 Adult Triathlon Camp is going to be a fantastic time of fellowship, training, coaching, worship, and much more! Details and registration are available through our camp web page, and everyone who registers by Dec. 31 will receive a free FCA Endurance tee at camp!



Communications Survey: Do you hear from us enough? Too much? Do you like the Aid Station? What's missing? Where do you receive your current FCA Endurance information and what are your communication preferences? We have created a brief survey to help us better understand your communication desires and needs. Give us your feedback here, and help us to better Unite & Equip you for ministry!




Are you still looking for some great Christmas gifts? We have jerseys, hats, bottles, and so much more in stock and ready to ship! Order today or share this link with your family and get equipped for 2015!  



End-of-Year Giving Opportunity: In the history of FCA Endurance, November and December giving has provided a significant portion of our yearly budgetary needs. This year, we are asking the Lord for $53,000 during these two months, and we currently have $40,523 to go. While this number seems large, it is actually quite small if we all contribute together. Would you prayerfully carry part of the load, making an investment in our 2015 win? Giving options can be found here: Donate 


For God's Glory,


~Team FCA Endurance~


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FCA Endurance Mission:  To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.


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