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December authors' book-inspired menus bring contemporary holiday finger foods, 1930s New York fare, a Tudor Christmas feast, and medieval desserts.

Thanks to authors Laura Dave, Chris Bohjalian, Jessica Anya Blau, Laurie Frankel, and Mark Sullivan! They generously responded to book clubs seeking novel food pairings, and you'll find their bookish menus in this issue!

From Breakfast bowls to mug cakes, bloggers share creative new Book Blend, TV, and Song Blends recipes for #BlendsBash2021.

Happy Holidays! Look forward to sharing 2022 books and recipes with you!

Judy Gelman
Book-inspired menus and giveaways featured on social media
Book Club Daily Feature Titles
Authors' book-inspired menus and giveaways
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Viola Shipman
When a SoCal meteorologist is replaced by a virtual weather forecaster, the only television station willing to give her another shot is her northern Michigan hometown.
Lara Thompson
(Pegasus Crime)
Fiction / Thriller
A thrilling debut novel of corruption and murder set in the nightclubs, tenements, and skyscrapers of 1930s New York.
J.R. Thorp
Historical Fiction
Inspired by Shakespeare's King Lear, this breathtaking debut novel tells the story of the most famous woman ever written out of literary history.
Amy Licence
An exploration of the Tudors’ relationship with the fabric of their existence, from their clothes, homes, and food, to the wider questions of how they interpreted and presented themselves.
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"Where the Crawdads Zing"
 Chicken Pot Pie
"The Romaines of the Day"
Romaine Salad
Novel Noshes: Ask the Author
Authors Share Book-Inspired Fare
Book club members often request food pairing ideas for reading selections, and when possible, we reach out to authors on their behalf.

Have a question for an author about a recipe, book club food pairing, or food reference? Contact us. Also see Novel Noshes, menu ideas from authors and book clubs, and Author Recipes. Here are a few recent queries and responses!
"Our book club is discussing Hour of the Witch by Chris Bohjalian. Any fun snacks I can serve?”
-Katy, Atlanta, Georgia

From Chris Bohjalian:
"I suggest foods involving pumpkins, corn (and cornmeal), apples, and spices. They drank copious amounts of beer and were thrilled when a ship would port with Madeira.

I am a vegetarian, but they ate plenty of lobster — which was their bologna — and roasted venison and wild fowl. They boiled their root vegetables until they were almost mush. And, of course, if they want to be authentic..NO forks (except a two-tined carving fork)."
"I am hosting our book club for The Last Thing He Told Me, by Laura Dave. Can you share dinner ideas?"
-Kathy, Whitman County, Washington

From Laura Dave: "Hannah's Redemption Pasta: My number one suggestion is to recreate the pasta (Poggio Linguine) that Hannah tries to make for Bailey in Chapter 2. Here’s a video of how to make it. I also suggest gingerbread pancakes like Hannah and Bailey had in Austin!”
"Can you suggest food pairings for This is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel?"
-Amy, Baltimore, Maryland

From Laurie Frankel:
"The third section of the book is set in Thailand, so Thai food is probably the most obvious and versatile food pairing. The final scene of the book involves banana splits. There’s much ado about packing lunches for school, so you could do something in the PB & J /turkey sandwich/pretzel realm. The hardcover edition of the book features an orange peel on the cover, so lots of flavor/dish possibilities there."
"Can you send a book club menu for Jesica Anya Blau's Mary Jane?"
-Brittany, Phoenix, Arizona

From Jesica Anya Blau:
"Mary Jane takes place in 1975, in Baltimore, Maryland. Mary Jane Dillard lives with her tidy, conservative parents who have a framed picture of President Ford hanging in their dining room. Mary Jane helps her mother with dinner each night and then takes her mother’s recipes with her to the Cone house where she prepares meals as a summer nanny.

Mary Jane and Izzy, her five-year-old charge, buy lots of candy for the Cone house. Everyone eats candy necklaces, Screaming Yellow Zonkers (candied popcorn), and popsicles. Mary Jane also buys Slim Jims which Jimmy likes to eat in alternating bites with something sweet.

For breakfast, Mary Jane makes 'Birds in a Nest': she cuts holes and crack eggs in the center of pancakes, and then flips them until cooked. She uses lots of butter in the pan, lots of salt on top, and serves it with syrup and butter.

Dinner at the Dillard and Cone houses includes ham, meatloaf, string beans, fried potatoes, chicken a’ l’orange, and iceberg lettuce wedge salad. For dessert, orange sherbet with three Nilla Wafers halved and arranged like a flower in the center of the sherbet, None of the food is organic, olive oil is never used, and there are no grains other than white rice."
"Our book club is discussing Mark Sullivan's Beneath A Scarlet Sky. I'm making the sausage and broccoli recipe. Can you suggest other menu items?"
-Dede, Minneapolis, Minnesota

From Mark Sullivan: "Gnocchi is a big northern Italian dish, and so is pesto with chicken breast slices, fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese. Serve with good Italian wine."
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