December 2020
Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas...
the warmth of home,
the love of a family,
and the company of good friends!

December Festivities

12/3 Gene Scarberry
12/5 Pat Mooney
12/7 Woody Lamp
12/16 Jeff Zimmerman
12/24 Rimantas Aukstuolis
12/28 Kathy Soriano

12/4 Beth & Ross Cummings
12/10 Gus & Graciela Schempp
12/16 Patti & Jerre Patterson
12/28 Dalis & Bud Gruger
12/28 Bob & Leigh Weber
Upcoming Events
January 1, 2021 (12:00 noon)
Please join us for some outdoor fun on New Year's Day, to celebrate the end of 2020, that dreaded annus horribilis, and hopefully get 2021 off to a flying start. Come and enjoy the great outdoors and join in the activities. Raise a glass or two to the hope of a better (COVID free) year to come. The fire pits will be blazing and the smokers will be ready for your feasts. (There will not be a common table in accordance with the COVID safety guidelines).
Please RSVP to Pam at 412.760.0864
January Hors D'oeuvre Party -
January 2, 2021 (5:00 pm)
Come and enjoy the camaraderie of the evening. Bring your favorite dish to share. It's BYOB or donate to the fridge. Friends and new members are welcome. No RSVP's necessary, just show up. See you there!
Front: Bud and Dalis Gruger
Back: Bob and Kathy Doyle
PCC Lifetime Members
PCC Lifetime Members, Dalis and Bud Gruger, visited with the newly recognized Lifetime Members Bob and Kathy Doyle. Bob and Kathy were recognized during the Fall Work Party for their 20+ years of contributions to the club.

The Grugers are doing well and have moved to Carol Stream, IL last year. They send their best wishes to all their friends at PCC!
Pirate Game, anyone?
Two club sailors have gotten together to create a classic text-based pirate game! As a side hobby, Ryan and Wesley Paglia worked to create a playable story adventure game based on historical events and characters during the 18th century era of piracy, privateering and commerce raiding in the West. Take some downtime this off season and accept the challenge! Choose your sailing ship, supplies, routes, and battles in this classic choose your own adventure! If you succeed, you will be able to list yourself in the exclusive high scores, ARRGH! Corsairs is a cumulation of research and storytelling by Ryan and expert computer coding and website development by Wesley. They wanted to share their project with fellow sailing enthusiasts! It is available for free to play on your PC and NOW your mobile device at this link.
The Beauty of Nature
Ron Gallagher
One of the things I like about Pymatuning Lake is how you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. There's beauty all around you and it comes in many forms. Remember to take some time just to look around. Sometimes you'll be amazed at what you see. Here are a few things that made me stop what I was doing and take notice...
Spiders Walking on Water
While paddling recently on a very calm day, I thought I was seeing things when I noticed what looked like strands of spider silk flying horizontally in mid air, several hundred feet from shore. And then I noticed spiders everywhere around me, perched on top of the water. As I got close to them, they started moving toward my kayak as if wanting rescued. Normally I would lend a hand, but not for these critters.
Clearly Scenic
There's almost as much beauty under the water, as there is above it...
Winds of Change
...This day the wind was blowing so hard it was creating a swirling mist as the waves broke. A sun beam lit up the mist in the middle of the lake. And along with the wind comes the destruction...
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Board of Directors
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