Quarterly Newsletter - December 2020
From the Desk of Janice
Good Holiday Season to You All!

At the Annual Caregiver Conference last week, Rebecca Rule, local family caregiver, storyteller, and writer, spoke on “Write to Remember” and how one memory leads to another; the more we remember, the more we can remember. Rebecca encouraged people to tap into their own rich care-giving memories which can be sources of strength, comfort, and self-knowledge. I challenge you to continue this into this coming holiday season.
That is my wish for you, that your hearts are filled with special memories and that you make new ones.
This caregiver poem by Lee McCurley says so much …
Laughter is the Best Medicine …

“We Must Cancel Thanksgiving,” says CDC Scientist Who Looks Suspiciously Like A Turkey In a Lab Coat.
Warm regards,
Janice Howard, Cornerstone VNA Life Care-Private Duty Director
Caregiver Wellness Tips from Sandy
Sandy Powers, RN, Wellness Nurse
This all reminds me of the song Turn! Turn! Turn! By the Byrds.
If you haven’t heard it, listen here.
If you are in a challenging season right now, try journaling these questions:

  • What season am I currently in?
  • Has it shaped my character?
  • Has it strengthened my character?
  • Has it enriched my experience of life? 
Seasons of Life
As there are seasonal changes here in New England, there are also seasonal changes in our lives.

Some are joyous like starting a new family or getting married and others can cause us a lot of pain such as an illness or divorce.

Either way, it’s a natural part of being human. We weather the ups and downs in life and we learn from the many seasons we encounter.
Not only do we learn about ourselves, but we learn about others as well.
We often experience transformation and growth through these times. It’s unavoidable.

Most importantly, our needs, desires and behaviors need to change alongside the various seasons in our life.
If not, these transitions can often prove to be challenging. Don’t resist.
If our mind set and behaviors are in sync, we are able to view them as a natural part of life and not always a bad thing.

Seasons in our lives are temporary. Nothing is ever static.
Whatever you are going through, It will eventually pass.
Try to look at it as a bump in the road. There are good seasons as well as bad.
Life moves on …
Caregiver Resources & Support from Ann
Sharing Caregiver to Caregiver Resources
If you have a resource that has helped you in your caregiver journey, please email it to Ann so that we can share it next time!
Featured Caregiver Support
Stay safe and well...

Ann Vennard
Assistant Director of Advancement
Cornerstone VNA Virtual Caregiver Café
Due to COVID-19, our monthly caregiver cafés have gone virtual! Please let any caregivers you know of who would benefit from this support.

We will often invite special guests to cover topics of interest to provide support and encouragement to them during these challenging times.

Our next Virtual Caregiver Cafe is on November 25 at 10:30 pm. To receive your virtual meeting link, contact Ann at 603-994-6941 or send an email.
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