The Holidays are tough, but YOU are tougher!
We want you to be healthy during the holidays ... and we're willing to pay YOU to do it! 
Take on our December Challenge and you'll be feeling great during the holidays as you sweat out that stress! Here's what the challenge includes:
  • Closed FB group with daily nutritional tips from SPF Health Coach Jennifer Pantall 
  • New Year NEW-tritional Workshop on 1/6/15 (value $15) 
  • Attend 25 classes by 1/5/15 and earn $50! 

December Challenge Cost: $25.00 


Additional Add-Ons: 

Attend more classes during the challenge and reach your goal.  

  • Pink Monthly Upgrade:
    For only $30.00 (less than $1/day) monthly PINK and PINK-PM members can upgrade their account to include Specialty classes.  Increase your chances of achieving 25 classes AND increase your fitness level by adding Rock Barre and Yoga! 
  • UNLIMITED Classes:
    This option is for non-monthy members.  Attend UNLIMITED Studio & Specialty workouts until 1/5/15.  Cost: $100.00
December Challenge: 

Step 1: Accept the challenge.
Step 2: Choose optional add-ons. 
Step 3: Register for classes. 
Step 4: WORKOUT! 
Step 5: Make money for getting fit! Reach your goal of 25 classes by 1/5/15 and you will earn $50.00! 
*The $50 will be used on your next month's payment or towards a new pass.  

You don't have much to lose except maybe some extra pounds and stress! The challenge runs from 12/5/15 - 1/5/15. Sign up below, online, or on the SPF phone app.  

December Challenge : $25.00  undefined

PINK Member Upgrade: $30.00 undefined

UNLIMITED Classes: $100.00 undefined

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