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Issue 4
December 2016
Thank you to all who donated to our Turn it Around Thanksgiving Dinner! It was a wonderful and delicious experience for everyone involved. Check out the pictures below from th e big day! A special thanks to Sarah and Erik Maloy for allowing us to host both the event and weekly Turn it Around meetings at First Church. Also many thanks to Kara Hayes, Jess Haggerty, the Gordon Family, Rob Green, Sarah Maloy, and Joe Larkin for contributing such delicious food and generous gift cards. Happy Holidays, everybody!

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Looking for the perfect way to keep track of your busy schedule in 2017?  Buy a Turn Around calendar!  Turn it Around members have created a calendar of photos and health tips for sale this holiday season! To buy yours, contact Olivia Larkin at or 617-726-6684. Calendars are $25 each! Check out select photos below!

Trauma Response Group
Since this past July, six community leaders from Charlestown have had monthly meetings with two clinicians to form the Coalition's Trauma Response Group.
Learning how to apply tourniquets

This effort was made possible by grant funding received through Boston Alliance for Community Health. 

A key group objective is to work with the clinicians around processing some of the traumatic situations that they have been responding to and enhancing their trauma response skills. They would like to identify productive ways of dealing with the repercussions of these situations, for themselves, and for the individuals that they are assisting. They are also seeking to better address the racism, race-based conflict, and divisions that persist in Charlestown. 

Learning from Dr. King's training associate
B bringing in leaders from both sides of these neighborhood divisions, we are looking for opportunities for collaboration and understanding --to prevent further violence, and to reduce the systemic racism that many people of color experience while living in Charlestown.

We are also in the process of planning a city-wide youth unification initiative. Stay tuned for me details. 

Finally, in August, participants took part in a training led by Dr. David King, a Mass General trauma surgeon who created the "Stop the Bleed" training after responding to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. Stop the Bleed is a national campaign designed to teach people how to correctly apply pressure to bullet wounds and administer  tourniquets
Learning how to compress bullet wounds
to injured limbs. 

The training was incredibly informative and helped to strengthen bonds among Trauma Response Group participants who reflected on shared experiences with community violence.

A special thanks to Luis Rodriguez, George Dighton, Lori D'Alleva, John Shea, Elaine Donovan, Smokey Cain, Sid Mondell, Lisa Sol omon, and Hewitt Joyner for getting the group off to a great start! 

To learn more about the Trauma Response Group's work, or Stop the Bleed training, email Olivia Larkin

Voices of Recovery:
Meet Caitrin

Straight Outta Charlestown:
 Turn it Around Youth of the Month!

Max dressed up for a school field trip
Every month, we feature a Turn it Around member who has show a huge commitment to the group. For December, we are excited to honor one a newer member who is consistently one of our newest members who is consistently engaging and respectful in meetings and events alike. Congrats,
Max Joseph!

My name is Max Joseph. I'm 16 years old and a freshman at Charlestown High School. I recently moved to Charlestown from Lynn. I was interested in joining Turn it Around because I get to work with other kids my age doing activities and events that help benefit the community. My dreams and goals in life are to become the best at what I love doing, which is basketball. I plan on going to the league (the NBA) and being competitive with other people. Being in Turn it Around has helped me meet a lot of people in my community, especially since I'm new.

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