December Cougar Chronicle
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Corpus Christi Community,

Advent has begun, and we are once again preparing for the birth of Jesus!  In past years, during the season of Advent, we have prepared for Christmas by gathering as a school community to light the candles of the Advent Wreath. As we all know, this season looks very different from years' past. However, the Christmas Spirit is alive and well at Corpus Christi School!

This year, the students will continue to prepare for the birth of Jesus by lighting individual Advent Wreaths in each classroom. This adjustment will allow our students, faculty, and staff to continue our long-lived tradition of preparing for Jesus's birth through prayer, thoughtfulness, and rejoicing.  

Many memories come to my mind as I think back on this special time of year: Christmas concerts, Saint Nicholas's visits, School-wide Christmas movie screenings. My favorite memory though is witnessing the kindness and generosity of students during Santa's Workshop. I am overjoyed that our students will still be able to participate in Santa's Workshop this year with necessary precautions in place. It is wonderful to watch the children as they go through their shopping lists trying to find just the right present for each person on their list!

My other favorite memory is the Corpus Christi Christmas Outreach Project. This year, we still plan to collect hats, gloves, mittens and sock for Mercy Housing and Shelter. I am always amazed by our School's generosity, kindness, and compassion in providing warmth and comfort to those less fortunate.

These small, yet meaningful events, will continue to keep the Christmas Spirit thriving during a year that has very simply had its challenges!  I pray that as we begin our journey through this year's Advent, we are inspired to create special memories that keep Christ in our family's Christmas. Whether it's a heartfelt donation, a student purchasing a gift for a sibling, or an eighth grader assisting a younger student, I look forward to creating my own new special memories this Christmas! 

I firmly believe that although physical appearances may look different or events are amended to accommodate safety, the Corpus Christi School's Christmas love and joy are stronger than ever!  Our blessings are plentiful! Our Community is truly one-of-a-kind! May God bless you and your loved ones at this special time of year!


Mrs. Ann T. Sarpu
December Dates
12/1 End of the First Trimester
12/1 Wreath Pick Up 12:00 PM -2:30 PM
12/2 Wreath Pick Up 8:30 AM -2:30 PM
12/4 First Friday Mass
12/6 Feast of St. Nicholas
12/8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
12/10 Early Dismissal
12/10 Report Cards Distributed
12/11 Rosary Prayed
12/16-18 Santa's Workshop         
12/23 Early Dismissal  
12/24-1/1 Christmas Vacation
12/25 Merry Christmas
1/4 Classes Resume
Christmas Outreach Project
Your support is needed!
Please donate hats, mittens, socks and scarfs to benefit those in need at Mercy Housing & Shelter.

Collecting until December 17, 2020
Snow Days
Children will not attend school; they will learn remotely. Please log into Google Meets for attendance at 7:45 AM.
As we roll towards Thanksgiving, please continue to practice Social Distancing, Mask wearing and Handwashing. It is so important for everyone's health and safety.

A few reminders:

      Keep your child home if they are sick. COVID symptoms can be very mild in some children and we ask for the health of your child as well as the School’s, that you do not medicate your child and send your child into school. Your child must be symptom free upon return unless you have a Doctor’s note and or COVID test. COVID can mimic certain cold symptoms. Please refer to Corpus Christi School Guidelines on the School Website for a list of symptoms. If your child comes to school and is ill, your child will be sent home from school and must have a Doctor’s note and/or Negative COVID test to return.

      If your child is put in quarantine, please do not leave quarantine to attend any social gatherings-you may be spreading the virus to others as your child has already been exposed. COVID symptoms can take up to 14 days to appear. Be mindful and please, please follow the instructions and keep your child home. If they break quarantine and are re-exposed then another 14 days is automatically added to your child’s quarantine period. The school is unable to accept a COVID test if there is any close contact with a COVID positive individual and your child MUST remain home per Health Department Guidelines. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

      Please keep those Flu Shot slips coming in. I appreciate your response.

      Please continue to wear your masks on School Grounds. You are protecting others when you do this and your commitment to keeping others healthy is greatly appreciated. You are your child’s role model and others are grateful you are being mindful of their safety.
Be safe out there!

Sue Cowan BS RN
Corpus Christi School Nurse
It is imperative that everyone follow new or updated Health Guidelines that are written in the Monday Memo every Monday. We are doing everything we can to keep the School open and safe for all but we need everyone to be informed as things are changing weekly. Please refer to Travel restrictions under if you plan to travel to other States in the coming weeks for updated restrictions. Anyone that travels to a red zone State must quarantine for 14 days or obtain a PCR COVID test prior to return to School.
A rapid test will not be accepted.
Thank you to all of the CCS families who participated in our fall fundraisers. A special thank you to the following individuals for volunteering their time to ensure our fundraisers were a success: 
 Silvia Pinos
Diane Bairos
Margaret Lallier
Tiffany Spinella
Lisa Nightingale
Sharon Torneo
Michelle Housley
Lauren Puglisi
Richard DiNinni
Mums Fundraiser:
Jennie Piazza
Pie and Cookie Fundraiser:
Marianne Menta
Erin Giuliano
Jennifer Trzaski
Richard DiNinni
Martha Escudero
Christmas Wreaths
Christmas wreaths will be delivered to the school today, Tuesday, December 1, 2020. For those of you who ordered wreaths, you may pick them up Tuesday, 12/1 from 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM or on Wednesday, 12/2 from 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM Pick-up will be at the rear entrance of the school. You can either call or buzz the main office and your wreaths will be brought outside. We ask that only one parent exit their car at a time, masks must be worn, and please be mindful of social distancing. If you are unable to pick up your wreaths during this time, please email Lisa Torneo at
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