Merry Christmas,
Southwest Region!

As a gift from the Alhambra Foundation to our SW Region, the Facebook ad you see here has been running for a few days already, and will continue through Christmas!

If the viewer clicks the button that says "Learn More" they will be directed to the Our Ministries page of our website to find the church nearest them, and a link to that center's website for more info.

Your Regional board has added a gift too -- they will support an ad to promote Unity New Year services, to run through January 2nd.
May these gifts bless you this holiday season!
To learn more about running Facebook ads for your center, contact our Regional Communications Consultant at
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The circled item says:
"Questions have come up regarding the tax (property and income) implications of renting to for-profit organizations. Does anyone have a legal research about this from a California attorney? It would be great to share the cost of getting a legal opinion, if someone hasn't already done this."
Reminder: Bolder Together Info Call
this Sunday, December 23
Join us for the Q&A information meeting Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)   using this Zoom link: 

Watch the video Click here to learn more from familiar faces like Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, Rev. Karla Lightner, Rev. Bill Heller, and Rev. Sharon Connors.

Key Leader Event

Save the Date!
Our next
Key Leader Event
will be held on February 21st 2019, in Arizona!
Morning Session: I AM Diversity — Workshop Leadership Course To explore our prejudice, bias and racism. Taking full ownership of our participation mentally and spiritually.

Afternoon Session: Music: Part of the Heart of Ministry – Are your song selections and themes beneficial to the ministry? Energy, resources, licensing, singalongs & more!
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