Should You Insure Your Home at Replacement Cost or Market Value?

Your home is your private sanctuary, the place you hang your hat each night and possibly the biggest investment you'll make in your lifetime.

There are a couple ways your insurance will cover the cost to replace your home in the event of a catastrophic loss. Two of those are Replacement Cost or Market Value. Learn the difference here.

Pennie Tips:

How to Verify Your Income

Mike Fields, Benefit Consultant, provides tips to be sure that there are no issues verifying your income when enrolling in an Individual Health plan through the state exchange; Pennie.

*Read the TIPS here

Many thanks to Mimmo's Italian Restaurant for hosting our annual employee holiday lunch. Fabulous food & fellowship were had by all.

When to Call Gallen?

  • You decide to buy a new car on a sunny Saturday afternoon, do you have insurance on that vehicle for the rest of the weekend until Gallen Insurance opens at 8:00 am on Monday?
  • My dealer said he is calling you…
  • Purchasing your First Car?
  • I moved, why don’t you have my new address?
  • My child got their license, now what?
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It has become a tradition for the employees of Gallen Insurance to participate in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program each year! Pictured here with our pile of gifts from left to right:

Ann Gallen Moll, Maria Kasapidis, Amber Rice-Manella, Taylor Rose

Consider particiating in this program to help shop for gifts to help those in need: or show "love beyond Christmas" by offering a donation to the Salvation Army here

Many thanks to Tim Patton, Underwriter at Westfield Insurance Group for sharing the above photo of his dog, Sodapop, wearing our Gallen Insurance holiday shirt!

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