December E-News
New Council Term Begins
Members to Serve 2017 - 2019 Council Term
The swearing-in ceremony for the new council term took place on Monday, December 4th in Council Chambers. Voters returned all 7 council members to office for the two-year term. 
To officially begin their term, Amberley Village Police-Fire Chief Rich Wallace conducted the oath of office. Congratulations to our council members in their continuing leadership roles!
Pictured left to right: 
Elida Kamine - At-Large, Natalie Wolf - District B, Ray Warren - District D, Tom Muething - District C, Peg Conway - At-Large, Ed Hattenbach - District A, Rich Bardach - District E.
Next, and the first order of business for the council, will be to elect the seats of Mayor and Vice Mayor for their term. This will occur at their first regular council meeting on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.  To learn more about our council members, visit , and click on Government & Administration.
Village Welcomes Heroin Task Force Investigative Commander
Established through the financial support of the Hamilton County Commissioners, the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force was created in 2015 to focus a coordinated response from law enforcement, civic leaders, the medical community and social service agencies to combat the heroin epidemic in our area.  The task force, now funded by grants and numerous local, state and federal agencies, is staffed by ten full-time investigators from multiple agencies under the leadership of Lt. Tom Fallon who officially joined the Village and was sworn-in at the November 13 council meeting.

The Amberley Village Police-Fire Department is pleased to announce its partnership with the Hamilton County Commissioners to house Lt. Fallon's position in Amberley to actively participate and support the coordinated multi-agency response collaborating resources against the heroin epidemic.   For the past 20 years, Lt. Fallon's career has included service as a police officer, drug task force supervisor, and SWAT team member prior to holding his current full-time position assigned as the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force Investigative Commander. 

The objectives of the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force focus on the immediate investigation targeting the source dealers of heroin that lead to overdose deaths, and ultimately to prosecute the dealers.  Oversight of the task force is carried out by the Steering Committee created by the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police, which also delegates the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of Lt. Fallon as the Commander. 

The Village, through a mutual agreement with the County Commissioners, will support the position with certain equipment such as a firearm, bullet-proof vest and associated operational gear.
New!  Send Holiday Packages to the Police Department
The Amberley Village Police Department would like to offer our residents peace of mind this holiday shopping season by having their packages delivered to the Police Department. Instances of burglaries increase around the holidays including theft of delivered packages from front porches.  

Residents can send packages to the Police Department by using the following shipping format for the ship-to address: 

Resident Name, c/o Amberley Village Police Department, 7149 Ridge Road, Amberley Village, OH 45237. 

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this secure delivery option this holiday season, watch our short video on this new service.

Secure Holiday Package Delivery & Pick-up
Secure Holiday Package Delivery & Pick-up
November 24 - December 24

Attend the Annual Menorah Lighting
Menorah Lighting 2016
Join us for the annual Menorah Lighting on Tuesday, December 12 at 4:00 p.m. in Council Chambers.

We hope to see you there!

Holiday Schedule for Curbside Services
Leaf Collection 
No collection on Christmas Day, December 25. Service restarts on Tuesday, December 26.  The service ends for the season on December 29.
Trash & Recycling 
Residents can expect a one day delay for trash and recycling collection service from Rumpke the week of Christmas. Service in the Village will not occur on Friday, December 29 and will move to Saturday, December 30.  
The week of New Year's will also be delayed one day.  Service will not occur on Friday, January 5 and will move to Saturday, January 6.

Visit  to find out more about  recycling and trash collection.
Leaf Collection Ends December 29
How Leaves are Collected
Leaf Collection Guidelines
The Village's curbside leaf collection service concludes on December 29.  Residents are encouraged to get leaves to the curb in advance to allow crews to collect leaves prior to the close of the collection season.
To ensure your leaves are picked up, the crews will make multiple routes through the Village during the final week of pickup to make every effort to collect your leaves. 

Leaves placed at the curb after December 29 may be bagged for pickup by Rumpke or integr ated into backyard compost.
Holiday Travel Plans?  Request a Vacation House Check
Are you traveling this holiday season?  Did you know the Amberley Village Police will conduct regular checks of your home while you're away?  Residents can contact the Police-Fire Department at 531-2040 in advance of leaving town and the Village will direct special attention to your home while you are away.  Officers conduct routine checks on residents' homes by walking the perimeter of the home and ensuring that there is no out of the ordinary activity such as an open door or broken window and other signs that would show disturbance of the property or home. 

Things to Check Before You Go
Crime Prevention Video
Things to Check Before You Go

After you've let the Department know you'll be travelling, be sure you prepare your home by considering these safety measures:
  • Keep shades and blinds in their normal positions.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery, or arrange for someone to pick them up every day.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Activate your security alarm.
  • Use timers on household and holiday lights so they turn on and off at appropriate times.
  • Leave a radio on or put it on a timer.
  • Don't allow deliveries of any kind to accumulate on your doorstep. 
  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway overnight.
  • Refrain from publicizing your trip ahead of time.
  • Turn down the ringer on your telephone to avoid a ringing phone.
  • Do not broadcast your vacation on social media.  A post showing you are in Florida is a sure sign that you are out of town.  The less information you put out there, the less likely it is to reach the wrong ears and eyes.
  • Do not leave portable GPS devices and electronics visible in your vehicle while your vehicle is parked at the airport.
  • Don't hide a house key outside.  Burglars know the best hiding places better than you do.
  • Lock up jewelry, electronics, and any other valuables or sensitive documents in a fire-proof safe.
For your convenience, you may notify the department of your plans via fax, phone or email.  Call 531-2040 or visit and click on Resident Services.
Trash & Recycling Services Renewed
Amberley Village provides a municipal contract for private waste collection to achieve a discount for residents and ensure access to effective waste removal and recycling throughout the Village.  To continue the existing program for curbside trash and recycling, the Village once again joined the Center for Local Government's Southwest Ohio Regional Refuse Consortium (2017 SWORRE) to bid services as the current contract was set to conclude in December this year. 

The SWORRE Consortium consists of six municipalities aggregating approximately 12,800 households in an effort to garner favorable pricing for residents.  While bids were requested from multiple companies, Rumpke was the sole bidder and is the Village's current waste and recycling hauler.  Residents can expect the following rate-lock for a three year period, as illustrated below.  The rate includes a 5% billing fee charged by Greater Cincinnati Water Works for providing billing services which will move from quarterly billing to monthly billing.  

Waste Collection & Recycling Services
3-Year Locked-In Rate

The rates for residents increases from $12.89 per month to $14.70 per month.  The main factor causing the rate change, an annual increase of $21.72, was attributed to the increased cost of recycling by Rumpke.  While this is an increase, the cost history of lower rates over the past several years, when compared, reflects an increase of $1.26 more than what residents were paying in 2012.       

Regulations for Placing Trash at the Curb
Regulations for Placing Trash at the Curb
Residents will continue to benefit from the availability of a 65 gallon wheeled recycle tote provided by Rumpke. This wheeled tote provides a convenient way for residents to get the recycle materials to the curb, offer increased capacity for recyclables and prevent the recyclables from being blown out of the bin since the tote has a lid.  Contact Rumpke at 742-2900 if you do not have a tote and would like one delivered to your home.
With the Rumpke bid, service includes six (6) 32-gallon cans or bags or the equivalent plus one (1) large item per week.  Please call Rumpke at 742-2900 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your larger items. R esidents will also receive a mailer from Rumpke with service reminders for trash and recycling collection.
Shake Your Mailbox
The Amberley Village Maintenance Department asks residents to "shake your mailbox" as part of routine preparation for the winter months.  Common mailbox maintenance includes tightening screws, replacing deteriorated wood posts, securing any loose parts to ensure the integrity of the structure, and replacing house numbers.  This is also a good time to install reflectors that make your mailbox easier to see during storms and when it is dark.

Mailboxes regularly maintained and constructed in accordance with the U.S. Postal Service rules and regulations are more likely to withstand discarded snow.
Snow and Ice Removal Operations
The Amberley Village Maintenance Department is responsible for keeping the roadways clear and passable for residents throughout the winter season.  Snow and ice control is a core service among our winter activities and becomes the priority for the duration of each weather event. 

Before inclement weather arrives, the Village's seven-member Maintenance Department is focused on preparing its trucks for snow fighting by adding snow plows, salt brine sprayers and salt spreaders.  The Village's trucks are outfitted with a tailgate salt spreader, a 10-foot plow, and a 50-gallon salt brine tank. 

Conversion of each of the four trucks from normal daily use such as pot hole repair, brush or leaf equipment to the winter setup is required.  The same trucks are utilized year-round to provide brush collection, leaf collection, street and storm water repairs and snow removal services. 

The Village also generates its own salt brine solution in advance of inclement weather. The salt and water are mixed to a 23.3% solution and in colder weather beet juice is added to the mixture. To conserve the usage of rock salt, pre-treatment of the Village roadways with beet juice and brine solution are utilized for light snow and ice events.
During a response to a winter storm where snow or ice is accumulating on the roadways, the Village is divided into four quadrants. Each of the four trucks that are outfitted with plow blades and salt spreaders are dispatched to each area.  Priority streets/major roadways, hills, bridges, and emergency routes are cleared first. Collector streets within each area are the second priority. Once priority streets are clear, crews begin clearing the shorter residential streets.

However, as long as it's snowing, crews must focus on priority streets. The safety of the traveling public and emergency response is the first concern and every effort will be made to provide the highest level of service to all residents.

How You Can Help:
Shovel snow to the right of your driveway (when looking from your driveway into the street) this helps eliminate plowed snow from blocking your driveway.  Plow drivers try their best to not block residents' driveways.

Challenging State for Control of Local Revenue
Amberley Village Council at its October 9 regular meeting passed a resolution to join a coalition of over 100 Ohio municipalities to challenge the State of Ohio's attempt to take over the administration and collection of municipal net profit income taxes.  The State's proposed amendments to Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code contained in House Bill 5 and House Bill 49 would encroach on the Village's home rule power to collect and administer local income taxes. 

H.B. 49 would centralize collection of municipal net profit taxes with the State Department of Taxation, depriving municipalities of oversight of their tax collections and confiscating administrative fees from them.  H.B. 5 heavy-handedly requires municipalities to adopt a uniform tax code, or risk losing their income tax authority altogether.  H.B. 49 also uses this threat.

Amberley Village and all Ohio cities and villages depend upon income tax collections to fund vital local services.  This is particularly true as the State has slashed its Local Government Fund.

Through a court action filed on behalf of the municipal coalition by Frost Brown Todd LLC, Ohio municipalities ask the court to declare that these laws violate the Ohio Constitution, and that State officials cannot enforce them.

The Village's commitment to join the coalition includes expenditures up to $1,000 for legal fees and costs to join with the other municipalities to challenge the constitutionality of the proposed amendments.  Once controlled by the state, it is likely that future changes could lead to redistribution of local taxes to other areas that would force higher taxes and fewer services for local taxpayers.

Please continue to express your concern to your representatives.
Tax Estimates Due - 4th Quarter
In this busy December holiday season don't forget to pay your 2017 quarterly Amberley Village tax estimate.  The 4 th quarter estimated tax is due on December 15.  Please remember that 90% of estimated tax must be paid by the December 15 due date to avoid a 15% penalty.

Residents can reach the Village's tax office directly by calling Patty Meiers at 531-0130 or email at with questions regarding your Village taxes. 

Save a stamp!  A new drop-box is located in front of the municipal building for residents to drive through to drop off their Amberley income taxes and payments.
November Legislation
The following ordinances were presented at the regular Village Council meeting November 13, 2017.  Questions about these ordinances may be directed to the administration office at 531-8675.  To view or download these ordinances, including the council packet in its entirety, click here and select the November 13 Village Council Meeting from the recent events list of meetings shown.
Ordinance 2017-12

Amending Appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2017
Ordinance 2017-09

Ordinance Authorizing the Hiring of Auxiliary Peace Officers and Establishing an Auxiliary Unit
Ordinance 2017-10
Second Reading

Declaring to be of Public Purpose Certain Public Improvements which are Necessary for the Further Development of Certain Parcels with the Village and Establishing a Tax Increment Equivalent Fund
Dog Licensing Period December 1 - January 31
Ohio law requires that dogs older than three months be licensed.  Residents may purchase a Hamilton County dog license during the regular licensing period of December 1 through January 31 from the Hamilton County Auditor.

1 Year Regular Tag
3 Year Tag
Permanent Tag
If you fail to renew by the January 31, 2018 deadline, you can still purchase a dog license but late fees do apply and will be added to the cost.    A license can be purchased at the Hamilton County Auditor's Office, 138 East Court Street, Room 304, in downtown Cincinnati. Licenses can also be purchased on-line at  Dog and Kennel Licenses New or Renewal . There is a convenience fee charged for on-line purchases. 
Licenses are also available at the Hamilton County SPCA or you may visit one of Hamilton County's  convenient neighborhood vendors. There is a 75ยข agent fee for purchasing this way. Please call 946-4106 for an application or details.
Post-Holiday Tree Recycling
Brush crews will chip holiday trees that are placed at the curb as they chip brush.  Trees set out for collection  must be free of ornaments, wiring, lights, tree stands and other debris in order to be safely chipped.  Trees that contain foreign materials will not be picked up.  

If you utilize a bag to contain the needles while moving the tree from your house, please remove the bag before setting the tree out for collection.  Removing the bag and any other debris from the tree will assist the brush crew in moving through the route more efficiently.
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