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December 2013
Happy holidays!  The parties and obligations are already in full swing with Christmas and New Year's still on the way!  We know what comes next: In a few overnight hours, many of us leave New Year's Eve parties behind and begin to implement our New Year's resolutions, which often involve weight loss.

As such, we are dedicating this issue to sharing our perspectives on weight loss.  Our feelings about the issue are so similar that we considered doing away with the "He Said, She Said" format and instead featuring a co-written "We Said" section, but value exists in hearing from both of us even if our essays are remarkably similar.


Also, some of you have been looking for personal chef services, so check out Angela Whitford-Downing at Lovin' the Oven.  She was gracious enough to share this month's recipe with all of us! 



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

Extreme Measures


The other night, I was watching the show 20/20 on ABC, and I was horrified to see a story they were doing on the "Tongue Patch Diet."  The procedure entails having a piece of hard plastic mesh temporarily sewn onto one's tongue, the purpose of which is to inflict pain if the individual tries to eat any solid food.  Read More  

No Resolutions Needed


New Year's resolutions fail for many reasons, one of which is that relying on negativity (i.e. guilt) for motivation rarely ever gets someone very far.  A much more powerful and sustaining source of motivation is to . . . Read More 

He Said, She Said: Weight Loss


Weight concerns are one of the main opportunities for improvement that bring people to our practice. Our approach may ring true for you or elicit skepticism.  Either way, we invite you to share your reactions and questions on our Facebook page.  Also feel free to contact us directly if you prefer to voice your questions in private.


He Said


Indeed I do help with weight management, but not in the direct fashion that some people might expect.  We know from working with patients, collaborating with our colleagues, and reading the research that weight-centered approaches to losing weight almost always fail.  That's the irony: The more we emphasize and focus on weight, the harder it tends to be to keep weight off. 


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She Said


Given most people's dislike and, in some cases, fear of fat, it makes sense that weight loss is on the forefront of many of our patients' minds.  But as much as I understand our patients' feelings, focusing all of our energy on losing weight and fighting obesity by dieting restrictively and exercising excessively hasn't helped anyone reach and maintain their goals.



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Practice News
University Eating Disorder Awareness Walk


We are proud to be sponsoring the Hynes Recovery Service's University Eating Disorder Awareness Walk this spring!

This event will bring together not just the Boston area community, but also colleges and universities from all over New England to shine a light on the significant number of students that are struggling with body image and/or eating concerns.

The walk is not until May 4th, but it is never too early to mark our calendars.  Look for more walk-related announcements as the date gets closer. 
Recipe of the Month
Courtesy of Angela Whitford-Downing, Owner and Founder of Lovin' the Oven Personal Chef Service!

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

* 1 avocado

* 1 tsp vanilla  


Read More 

Zaftigs, Brookline 
Since opening up in Brookline's Coolidge Corner in 1997, Zaftigs has received numerous awards and recognition for its impressive menu of comfort food favorites . . . Read More
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