December 16, 2016
Dear Faculty:
It's a December winter here and the below zero chill this week confirms that we are well  into   our New England cold spell weather. Snow is coming this weekend and I don't   mind  it ,  but I do hate to drive long distances in the snow. I could walk to work if I had to as I  only have a 2 ½ mile commute, too. On another personal note, I am back to curling and  just loving it.
This December faculty letter is organized in the following way:
  1.      Overview of Faculty Meetings/Webinars
  2.      Academic Affairs News
  3.      IT Update
  4.      Messages from NGS Librarian, Program Chairs, and Academic Affairs
It is important to be informed about new policies and NGS news and we have found this 
letter to be a good approach to sharing information. As you are also aware, I am always 
eage r to speak to faculty and enjoy hearing stories about your teaching and work with us  here at NGS.

1.     Overview of Faculty Meetings/Webinars


This past month we held faculty meetings/webinars and it was a pleasure to have the 
Program Chairs and Academic Affairs connect with you.  During the combined Bachelor 
of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MS) faculty meeting and the Doctor of Business 
Administration (DBA) meeting we provided the following:
  • Positive news update from NEASC
  • Review of academic policies including Incompletes , Degree Program Requirements,
    Attendance Policies and other academic guidelines
  • Jenzabar upgrade walk through by Elaine Moore
  • Summary about the additional class time and the schedule for each program (This was reviewed during each webinar, sent by email to all of you, and was posted in November letter .)
  • Reminder to complete the required Faculty Handoff forms
  • Need to remind students to complete End of Course Evaluations
  • mba Ge A cademy License (through 2017) for Lean and Six Sigma Training
  • BSc and MS Lead Faculty Responsibilities
  • Specific to MS Faculty- the new 2017 MS Course Sequence
  • DBA Residency Statement requiring attendance
  • DBA Chair Handbook and DOC 902 reporting
The slides and recordings for the faculty meetings/webinars are in t he NGS Portal.
 Portal>Faculty>Resources>Links>Faculty Webinars

Please listen to the recording if you were not able to join us so that you are up to date on
everything in your degree program here at NGS.
2.     Academic Affairs News. 

Othe r news from Academic Affairs includes the work  with our Registrar, Jay Beirne, and his Assistant, Elisa Crooks. The requi rements for  rew arding  E xperiential Learning Credit/Prior Learning Assessment has been  strengthened , effective November, 2016. Applican ts for the BSc Program are now  required to submit a learning essay for each experiential learning experience. They  define and reflect on what was learned from the                      ex perience citing   s pecific examples of  applied learning. An internal rubric is used to evaluate the essay and request for credit.
Academic Affairs will be working with Program Chairs to plan webinars for faculty to engage  in discussion with other faculty members about their teaching as well as discussion about the  implementation of NGS academic policies. We also will be planning professional development  opportunities including  v ideos for best practices. If you want to reflect on your  o wn teaching and  read some articles, the online newsletter, Faculty Focus, has posted their top eleven teaching and  learning articles of 2 016 here .
3.     IT Update from our IT Director, Elaine Moore
  1.  Grade submission reminder: If you want any assistance with the new method to submit grades ( clicking on "Submit grades to Higher Reach"), feel free to reach out to me.
  2. A Remi nder to Check Your Audio Settings in GoToMeeting, some students were not able to hear  anyone other than the professor on the recordings. See below on how to check your settings.
Please make sure your GoToMeeting Preferences have the audio setting adjusted to record all  conversation   during the recording.
To check this, follow the instructions on the PDF located by clicking here.

 4.    Messages from NGS Librarian, Program Chairs, and Academic Affairs
From our Librarian, Cecilia Mullen (
Applying What You Learn:  Our NGS online databases have a considerable selection of articles which focus on the Six Sigma and DMAIC.  But there was one recent article that caught my eye.  Author Jim Smith states in his abstract:  "Quality professionals may be so busy using the DMAIC approach to improve business processes they may fail to see that their career is also a process. There are many things you can't control, but you certainly do have a lot of control over your professional life and career. No matter what stage of your career, the DMAIC process can help you move on to the next level."   This one page article is found in ABI/Inform Collection with a PDF of the full text.  The citation is below. 

Smith, Jim L. Quality55.5 (May 2016): 20.
From our BSc Program Chair, Dr. Patricia Murrin:
In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are working through each of the courses again to ensure content consistency and rigor. We will review any suggestions you've sent over the past year. Please revisit the course(s) you teach and let us know of any errors, omissions, text or case study suggestions. We'll be looking at what Gemba Academy can offer, and invite faculty to do the same; please send your suggestions to Patricia  ( should you recognize material that would supplement our program. 
As always, we invite you to share what works for you in the online classroom.  Steve Borchert (thank you Steve!) recently noted this "I plan to use the extra webinar time to create dialog on the threads. I select specific threads and we have a dialog on them.  Students will recall more of what I / we say than what I/we type, and it serves the purpose of creating value added engagement. I've done that recently and found it much more meaningful and value added for students."  
From our Master of Science Program Chair, Professor Jack Kovalcik:
Wow! That is the word that best summarizes our improvements in 2016. We look back at the significant improvements and updates made in the MS Course Curriculum , thanks to our dedicated faculty. We realigned the MS Course sequence with the DMAIC Methodology, Project Management Phases and Team Dynamics Phases. This will provide faculty and students with a smoother course flow for the Master's Business Project (MBP). In 2017, we will enrich the MS Course contents with the additional half hour added to our Webinars and supplement course materials, utilizing our agreement with Gemba Academy. Thank you, again ... we're a great team!
From our Doctor of Business Administration Program Chair, Dr. David Braga:
In 2017 the emphasis will be on giving our DBA classrooms a new and improved look with additional content. The emphasis for next year will be to fully embrace the dissertation DOC 902 course room and use the updated features in Jenabar to provide the DBA program with students metrics and the ability to track student dissertation progress.
From all of us in Academic Affairs:
NGS is not a traditional college and we are pleased that we offer degree programs on a continuing basis with cohorts starting 4-5 times throughout the year. Faculty will have a short holiday time and then be right back to teaching after the holidays. Thank you your dedication and commitment to our NGS students and our programs. We are delighted to have you as part of our faculty and it is always a pleasure to connect with you.
From all of us in Academic Affairs- Eileen Sullivan, Jay Beirne, Pippi Sawyer, Maura Burke, and Elisa Crooks-we wish you peace and joy this holiday season. Best to you and your families during this special time of the year. Enjoy your holidays and we will see you next year, too!

Eileen C. Sullivan, Ed.D.
Dean, Academic Affairs & Student Services
The National Graduate School of Quality Management
186 Jones Road  |  Falmouth, MA 02540
800.838.2580 ext. 121

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