December 2019
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Deferral Increases Could Be On the Way
We're dedicated to helping your employees save for retirement at Ohio DC. One of the ways we do that is to encourage our participants to take part in the SMarT Plan. It's an annual automatic increase plan and most employees like to use January as the time when they have those increases take place. From time to time, this catches unsuspecting employers off guard, so if you receive an unusually large January Change Report from us, that's likely the reason. Your employees and Ohio DC staff thank you for quickly making these changes.
Employer Recognition Resolutions Announced
Ohio DC's staff sees how hard our employers work every day to make sure your employees have the best resources available to them when saving for retirement. Whether you're inviting us in to conduct on site visits, distributing educational materials to your staff or conducting lunch and learn webinars, you keep them all engaged in their retirement planning. For this reason, each year we present some of our extraordinary employers with formal Recognition Resolutions from our Board of Trustees. If you would like to see the latest group of award winners, follow this link .
Share Deferred Compensation-Related Articles with Your Employees 

Ohio DC can provide monthly information on financial issues for your newsletter or Intranet. This month, we'd like to give you some helpful information about keeping personal and financial information safe:  Be Aware of Threats Posed by Cyber Criminals .

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Message from the Executive Director: Keith Overly
Keith Overly, Executive Director
Be Sure We Have Your Correct Pay Dates for 2020
You have the option to send your employee contribution information in via mail or the Ohio Business Gateway, but it's essential that we have your correct pay dates around year-end. If you're moving any of your pay dates between years because a 27th biweekly pay period, be sure to let us know. We need to match your pay records for tracking annual contribution totals. 

I f you or your employees would like to learn more about what Ohio DC has to offer you can visit our website at , or if you'd like to schedule a visit, give us a call at 877.644.6457 to speak with someone in our Service Center.