I always love hearing kids share with us what's going on in their little heads. Here is an adorable video where we get to experience the story of Christmas through the minds and hearts of little children. ENJOY!

We all get busy during the holiday season. Shopping, Holiday parties, work deadlines etc. So it's important to have strategies to keep us connected to what is most important. Our connection to our Soul.

3 Ways YOU can stay CENTERED
and SOUL-FILLED during the Holiday Season

1) 5 Minute Morning Mindful Moment
Taking even just 5 minutes every morning to calm your mind, breathe and find your center can do wonders to help you stay focused and Soul-Filled throughout your day. You can even do this while having your morning coffee or even in the car. Personally, I listen to calming music in the car that have lyrics that inspire and uplift me.

2) Leave early
If you have to be somewhere, leave plenty of time to get there. I find that if I leave early, and there happens to be a little traffic, I'm less likely to get stressed and frustrated at drivers around me. I can feel relaxed and focus on the joys of the holiday season. Actually, I love listening to holiday music in the car!

3) Extend Kindness
Go that extra mile to extend kindness to those around you. Being kind is a gift that keeps on giving to YOU! If you wake up feeling a little stressed or just "off your center", do little things throughout your day to make someone feel good. Grab a cup off coffee for a work friend. Send a morning I LOVE YOU, THINKING ABOUT YOU txt to someone special, or buy the person's coffee behind you at the drive through. Our Soul knows we are all connected, and that what we do to others DOES affect us. So be kind to yourself AND spread some kindness to others.

. There is still time to experience this magical evening!

Join myself, Kenneth Gartman, Christopher Hudson Myers and our special guest for an intimate holiday experience filled with BEAUTIFUL and FUN songs old and new:) You can reserve your table HERE
Watch a snippet our our rehearsal !!!! This is a little bit of our Irving Berlin medley. See you at the show! VIDEO
I am really excited to be performing an original Bobbie Horowitz song at her December "It's Just A Number" show! Bobbie is truly one of my FAVORITE people in the WORLD! If you are in NYC on Thursday, December 13th come join us! I have no doubt it will be a wonderful time.
I just recently finished reading this eye opening book written by the incredibly intelligent and insightful Jean Houston. Here's a bit from the back of the book. I HIGHLY recommend it if you or someone you know wants to awaken, step into their most highest selves and be of service during these times of great change.

"Answer the call to transform yourself and your world. The beloved story of The Wizard Of OZ has the power to reveal the Hero's Journey that awaits each of us. Through a mythic lens, discover how Dorothy's adventure in a magical land inspires our lives today, offering valuable tools to guide us through our challenging times. Where you will learn to thrive rather than merely survive".

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Connecting With Your Soul
Even with our crazy busy schedules, now more than ever, we still need to stay as connected as possible to our own calm, center. So I decided to create this short meditation in hopes that it may help you connect and still have time to tackle your TO DO LIST!

MY Story YouTube Video
Meeting composer David Friedman was a dream come true. Sometimes in life you are forced to "let go" and "surrender" HOW your dreams are going to happen. That is exactly what I did. To hear the WHOLE story, watch this YouTube video!!
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